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Fic: Three Days, Three Guesses (McKay/Sheppard, NC-17)

Title: Three Days, Three Guesses
Author: misalady
Recipient: wickedwords
Pairing: John Sheppard/Rodney McKay
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Rodney's got a crush. He's giving John three chances to guess who it is.
Disclaimer: I don't own either Rodney McKay or John Sheppard. Nice as that would be, I don't. I don't make any money of this. I just have fun with them on paper.
Author's note: I'm really hoping that wickedwords likes this. I'm not sure if I got what she wanted, but I most definitely tried. Merry Christmas, wickedwords. This one's for you!


Technically, Rodney McKay wasn't a member of the military. So, he knew he didn't have to follow most of their rules. For instance, Rodney didn't have to go anywhere he didn't want to, technically. If he didn't go where he was told to go, he could quit. Technically. But some rules were so ingrained in the members of the military, that it wasn't just about "I don't have to". Those military guys meant business about certain things, Rodney knew, even on Atlantis, where most rules were fairly relaxed.

Thus it was that when Rodney found himself crushing on a member of the military, he knew he had to keep it to himself. He couldn't even tell the other scientists, because they were all big gossipers. Those that didn't do it on purpose often accidentally let things slip. Luckily, most of the scientists were too focused on doing whatever job was in front of them to really develop love interests or "crushes", so they never really talked about it.

The only real problem was that Rodney was a horrible liar. So, when one of the new transfers asked Rodney if there was anybody he was in interested in, even though Rodney said "no", the other scientist knew the answer was "yes". Within a couple of days, the whole science department was buzzing. Half of the department felt that it was their responsibility to find out who Rodney liked so they could go warn the poor girl.


"Come on, Rodney. You can tell me." This was Radek Zelenka's umpteenth-millionth time attempting to get Rodney to tell him. "I won't tell anybody."

Rodney was in the middle of working a difficult bit of code on the computer. Somewhat distract, he answered without looking up from his computer," Absolutely not."

"Please, Rodney. You are driving us all nuts. I won't tell anybody. I just need to know."

Rodney continued typing, barely even registering Zelenka's comments.




More typing. "Look. I appreciate what you're trying to do. But the answer is still no."

"But, Rodney, why? You know you can trust me."

"There are some things a man keeps to himself, even in the Pegasus galaxy. The last thing I need is to be cornered by a bunch of homophobic marines-" Dammit. Startled, Rodney mentally chided himself for not paying more attention while he was talking. Looking up from his laptop, he said, "Look, Zelenka. You can't tell anybody what I said. Ok? ZELENKA? This is serious. The marines that are all around us? US military, remember? You can't-"

"Rodney, calm down. Of course I won't tell anybody. But, Rodney..."


"Does your team know?"

"Of course not!"

"You should tell them."

"Absolutely not!"

"You should give people more credit. Sheppard's the only one of them that's military and I'd think you-"


"Do not worry, Rodney. But... you should trust them."

"I do. I just... I can't... no." Rodney's voice dropped to a whisper. "Especially not him."

"Sheppard is the one, then?" The distressed look on Rodney's face told Radek he was right. "Ah... yes. I am not so surprised. Of course I will not tell him. But you should." And with that, Zelenka left the lab.


John Sheppard once again "invited" Rodney to go on a jog at an "obscenely early hour", as Rodney told him five times in the space of ten minutes. "McKay. Shut up and get dressed."

Why, Rodney wondered, did John often invite himself into Rodney's room while he was sleeping just to wake him up? Why couldn't he just come in and... but no. Rodney couldn't let himself think about that with John in the room. "Erm... I need a shower before we leave."

"No, you don't. You'll just get sweaty again. You'll shower when you get back." And then John was digging through Rodney's dresser drawers. "Here, McKay. Get out of bed, put these on, and we'll run."

Rodney put the pants on under the blankets, while John looked at him funny the whole time. "Don't most people get dressed standing up?"

"Well," Rodney said, pulling his shirt on, "I had no pants on."

"Look, McKay. If you've got anything I haven't seen before, I promise to shoot it."

Rodney only half-laughed. He was pretty sure John was not kidding.

A little over half an hour later, Rodney found himself out on the pier, where John had brought a thermos of coffee. This meant, Rodney realized, that not only had John probably been running earlier, and was masochist enough to go on a second run, but that John had thought of him and decided they should have coffee. As this thought ran through Rodney's head, he couldn't help but think how if John wasn't military, that maybe this would be different. Maybe John would have actually asked him out for coffee, rather than dragged him out here on a run. God, Rodney hated running. He did like looking at John while they were running, though. Rodney was always a few paces behind John - not, of course, because he wanted to stare - well, he DID want to stare, but the real reason that Rodney was always a few paces behind was because he was a bit slower than John. It had nearly cost him on a couple of the early missions, but his running speed had improved some. Enough that John only pulled him out on a run once or twice a week rather than every day. And the "view" was almost worth it. Not quite, but almost. Of course, even if John weren't military, it wouldn't mean anything. Everybody knew John had a way with women and-



"Did you even hear anything I just said?"

"Of course." Rodney blushed bright red.

"No, you didn't. I know that look."

"What look?"

"The 'pretend to be listening' look."

"Sorry. I was a bit... distracted."

"Yeah, I'll say."

"Like you've never gotten distracted."

"Whatever, McKay. Anyway, as I was saying, I've had a few scientists bothering me about you and whoever it is you're hot on right now. None of them can figure it out."


"So... you gonna tell me who it is?"

"No way."

"What if I guess?"


"How about this? You let me guess. If I guess correctly, you tell me. If I'm wrong, I'll let you off the hook for morning runs for two weeks AND I'll give you my secret stash of chocolate bars. Give me three days, three guesses... one on each day. Starting today."

Rodney thought about this. How likely was John to guess? Not likely. After that whole Katie Brown fiasco, everybody assumed Rodney was straight. "Fine."

"Ok, then. I'll race you back to your room." John took off, with Rodney a few paces behind him.


That evening, Rodney sat down to dinner in the mess hall with John, Teyla, and Ronon. "So." Ronon said between bites,"McKay. Sheppard told us you've got a bet going on."

Rodney glared at John. "Hey, you didn't say not to tell anybody," John said with a grin.

"I didn't think you'd be broadcasting!"

"Well... I wasn't. I was going to just tell Teyla and Ronon. But..."

"But WHAT?"

"Well, I didn't realize somebody'd overheard us. And now..."

"And now WHAT?

John looked sheepish and almost apologetic.

"It would seem," Teyla said, "That a large number of people, both civilian and military, have begun betting to see whether John will be able to correctly determine who it is that you are interested in."

"That's just great. I hope you're happy, Sheppard."

"I didn't mean for it to go that far. But... I'm betting on myself."

"Fine. I guess I'll have to bet on myself."


"Fine then."

"So... I'm going to take my first guess."

"Ok, flyboy, be my guess."


"Well... no. I mean, don't get me wrong, she's very nice to look at, and she's probably one of the few people who can keep up with me mentally, but no. I wouldn't want to actually be in a relationship with her. So. One down, two to go."

"So this isn't just a small 'crush', then? It's got to be somebody who you're around somewhat regularly. That narrows it down somewhat."

Looking flustered, Rodney stands up. "If you'll excuse me, then, I've, uh... I've got stuff to do. In the lab. Bye." And Rodney nearly runs out of the mess.


The next day, there are no missions to go on. Everything is fairly quiet. Mostly paperwork. It gives John time to think. This is more than just a passing interest for John. He can't help it, really, but he's interested in find out who Rodney's interested in. A little too interested for his own good. And it's not really that John wants to tease Rodney. He will, of course, but this is more for his own benefit. John wants to know because John likes Rodney. A lot. More than he's supposed to admit, given the position he's in. John has a feeling that here on Atlantis, things would be a bit different... he's helped pick a significant number of people who have come through the gate and he's pretty sure that most of them are gay-friendly. He's got his suspicions that a couple are gay themselves, though, of course, he can't really ask. But, even so, Rodney likes women. And if John were to let Rodney know his real feelings? He's afraid he might lose the best friend that John's ever had.

So this is really about knowing who Rodney likes so that he can build a nice protective wall around whatever he needs to. Be the "good buddy" and not let Rodney see that anything's wrong. He's had to do it before and, sadly, he's sure, he'll have to do it again. He'll help them get together, then as little time around the happy couple as possible. But, then, oh god, an awful thought occurs to John: what if it's Teyla? That would make sense... they've been through a lot together and he's been closer to her than any other woman John can think of, with the possible exception of Jeanie.

And, so, John rushes into Rodney's lab, nearly knocking over a few scientists. "Teyla?"

"No. Wrong gender. I'm Rodney."

"Ha ha, McKay. Is it Teyla that you're interested in?"

And with that stunned look on Rodney's face, John's afraid he's right. It is Teyla. This is going to make his life a living hell.

Then, Rodney bursts out laughing. "Teyla? You really think I'm interested in Teyla? As attractive as she is, no. I mean... she's almost as much my sister as Jeanie is. But the look on your face? Priceless. I should have said yes. You look like you'll afraid I'm going to hurt her. As if. She'd floor me and beat me to within an inch of my life..."

But Rodney stops laughing when he sees the look on John's face. "What's wrong? Really. I'm not interested in Teyla, ok?"

John turns and heads out the door, mumbling under his breath, "It wasn't you I was worried about, McKay."

And that? That left Rodney extremely confused.


The next day, John needed to think. He needs to know who it is that Rodney has a crush on. So, he spends the day questioning everybody he can think of. Nobody knows anything. He'd wanted to talk to Zelenka, but every time John sees him, he's in the lab. With Rodney. And he obviously wouldn't say anything around Rodney. But, John thinks that if he can just get him alone... if anybody would know, it would have to be Zelenka.

So, he walked into the lab, and asked Zelenka if he could help him with a piece of equipment that is malfunctioning. "He's not going to tell you, Sheppard. I know you've been asking anyone and everyone, but the only person who knows anything is him. And Zelenka already promised not to say anything."

"You told HIM but you won't tell ME?"

"Well... he... he kind of guessed. Before you even asked."

Zelenka looked at Rodney. "You're really not going to tell him if he doesn't guess?"

"No. And neither are you."

Zelenka looked at Rodney, then at John, then back to Rodney. "This is ridiculous."

"You promised."

"Fine. Ok. I will get back to work."

John looked at Rodney. "I guess I'll be going, then, since I'm obviously not getting anything out of him under your watchful eye... see you later."

As soon as John left, Rodney started in on Zelenka. "What the hell was that about? He could have guessed."

"He will not guess, Rodney."

"He would have, if you'd kept talking."

"If that is what you wish to think, Rodney, I cannot change your mind. But I am sure your secret is safe."

"It had better be."

"But, Rodney, I think you should give him a chance. What would Sheppard care? You are not military. He is nice guy. You two are good friends. He would still like you. Maybe he likes you even more than you think..."

"No, Radek, John Sheppard is not gay. He is not even bisexual. And he is not going to know that I'm interested in guys. Nor is he going to know that I am interested in HIM. I couldn't-" Rodney's voice broke off. He looked at the door meaningfully and a couple of seconds later, John appeared again.

John had gotten halfway down the hall when he decided he was going to ask Rodney if he wanted to hang out later. As he approached the lab, he could hear two voices arguing. He stayed quiet - if it was important, he wouldn't interrupt.

"But, Rodney, I think you should give him a chance. What would Sheppard care? You are not military. He is nice guy. You two are good friends. He would still like you. Maybe he likes you even more than you think..."

"No, Radek, John Sheppard is not gay. He is not even bisexual. And he is not going to know that I'm interested in guys. Nor is he going to know that I am interested in HIM." At this, John's face lit up. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. He was so excited that he wanted to rush in and tell Rodney he knew, that he wanted him too, but... he couldn't. Not in public. There was too much risk. And the voices had stopped. Had they heard him? He had to think of something real fast. As he walked through the door, he got an idea.

"Hey, Rodney... I forgot to ask. Do you wanna do beer on the pier later? My treat. Hopefully, I'll be celebrating..."

"You're not winning this. You have no idea. So, sure. I'll take a celebratory beer."

"Ten o'clock sound good?"


"Ok. Gotta go. Need to figure this out."


At 9:30 pm, John grabbed the two six packs of beer that he'd been saving for a special occasion. This was a special occasion, after all. He grabbed a blanket, too, to spread out on the ground... he'd found out the hard way that the pier gets really cold after dark. When Rodney finally came out and sat down next to him, John had figured out what he was going to say. He was a bundle of nerves and hadn't felt this way in years.

"So? Who do you think she is?" Rodney asked him.

"Have a beer, McKay," John said, opening a beer and handing it to Rodney.

"Well?" Rodney took a sip, "Are you going to dodge the question or do I get to skip two weeks of running?"

John looked at Rodney and took a big gulp of beer. He knew what he'd heard earlier, but still... he was still nervous. "I thought about it all day and all night. I couldn't think of anybody, Rodney."

"Ha! I knew-"

"Let me finish. I couldn't think of anybody that was a woman, that is." Rodney looked stricken. "So, then, I thought of all the people you're around a lot. I don't think it's Ronon. I mean, you guys are friendly, but I just can't see the two of you together. Then I made a list of other guys you're around a lot. If it's a guy, then you're around Zelenka a lot. It could be Zelenka."

John looked at Rodney, who was struggling to regain his composure.

"I suppose you're repulsed by the thought of me liking guys?"

"No. I'm not repulsed."

"But I though you military guys all hated homosexuals..."

"Not all of us. And after all we've been through, how could you even think for one second that I'd act that way?"

"I... I don't know. I just... I thought... I don't know what I thought."

"But, either way, even if you thought that, it's not Zelenka, is it?" For a minute, John didn't think Rodney would answer him.

Then Rodney slowly shook his head, and whispered, "No. It's not Zelenka."

John looked at Rodney. For a minute, he was afraid to say it. He was afraid Rodney would run off, afraid that he'd heard wrong. John gathered up all of his courage and leaned over to whisper in Rodney's ear, "It's me, isn't it?"

The look on Rodney's face nearly broke John's heart. Rodney looked... lost. Afraid. Unsure. Maybe even on the verge of tears. Rodney bit on his bottom lip and slowly nodded, clearly afraid of what John would say.

John said nothing. Instead, he leaned in and kissed Rodney.

Rodney was so surprised that it took him a second to realize what was going on. Then, he started returning John's gentle kiss with a passionate one. John pulled back and looked at Rodney. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"I thought you'd hate me."

John blinked. "Really?"

"Well, you are in the military. And they kind of have a reputation. Plus, you like women, remember, Captain Kirk? Every single planet we go to, the women throw themselves on you like-" John silenced him with another kiss and slowly pushed Rodney so he was laying down on the pier, John on top. Rodney moaned as John started rubbing against him.

John slowly nibbled from Rodney's ear down his neck and then they were both moaning. John grabbed Rodney's hand and put it against his pants where his cock was straining tightly. "This is how I feel about you liking guys, Rodney. Now, you want to help me grab the beer and the blanket? We can finish this back at your room."

As soon as they got in his room, with the door safely locked behind them, John dropped to his knees and started pulling Rodney's pants down. Rodney stopped long enough to climb out of them and then moaned loudly as John's mouth closed around the head of his cock. "God, John... that feels so good." John flicked his tongue over the tip of cock before taking the complete length of his hardness deep in his mouth. Rodney ran his fingers through John's hair as John fucked Rodney's cock with his mouth. "God... John... Need..." John felt Rodney tense and John took Rodney as deep as he could as Rodney came. Rodney pulled John off of his knees, kissing him hard and deep, while fumbling with John's pants.

Rodney could hear John whimpering into his kiss, "Oh god, Rodney. Please... please..." and John was shoving his own pants down. As Rodney sunk to his knees, he saw John pumping his fist around his cock. Rodney reached out his tongue and lapped it over the sensitive slit at the tip of John's cock. "Fuck, Rodney. I'm... I need..." and Rodney pushed away John's hand so he could take John's cock in his mouth. He gently scraped his teeth along the sides, before bobbing up and down on John's cock. John let out a hiss followed by "Oh, god, Rodney... I'm gonna..." He came, repeating Rodney's name over and over again.


Later, when anybody asked who won the bet, the answer was easy: "We both did."

Tags: genre: slash, pairing: mckay/sheppard

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