December 21st, 2005

SGA Secret Santa

Fic: Night Spirits

Title: Night Spirits
Author: eretria
Pairing: none / team, gen
Characters: Zelenka, team, Lorne, a dash of Weir
Rating: PG
Recipient: murron
Spoilers: through Critical Mass, with special nods to Epiphany and The Hive
Summary: "The area I come from, we have an ancient tale about nights like this"
Notes: Murron wanted: snow, warm clothing, hot beverages, off-world settings, food, team interaction, Sheppard's hands, Ancient or any other mythology, Zelenka-appearances, geeks in general, various states of undress, silent comfort, threatening lemons. Some were a stretch, but I think I've got most things shoehorned in.

Merry Christmas!

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