October 17th, 2007

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Secret Santa 2007

This is the sign up post for people without LJs. If you don't have a LiveJournal and would like to participate, please leave your request here as a reply to this post.

If you do have a LiveJournal, then please make your request a new post.
Stargate - Weir Fanfic

2007 Secret Santa

LiveJournal: autumndandelion

E-mail: dearjoanwallace@gmail.com

Things I'd like: McKay-centristic fics, McWeir, action and adventure, and hurt/comfort are my favourites. I also like McKay/Teyla, Weir/Daniel, friendship stories between McKay and any other member of the expedition, teamy fics - I'd love a holiday-themed fic or one that fits into the Christmas spirit.

Things I wouldn't like: Slash, smut, au, death fics

What I can do: gen or het

What I can't do: slash, smut

Pinch hitter?: no thanks
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(no subject)

LiveJournal: lavvyan
E-mail: lavvyan[at]web[dot]de
Things I'd like: McKay/Sheppard slash with a happy ending, please (can be as sad, dramatic and angsty as you like, as long as you make it okay in the end. Please.). AUs are always cool, but not necessary. I'd love some snarky First Time story, doesn't have to be NC-17, just in character, please.
Things I wouldn't like: Unhappy ending, the guys behaving like children, kinky stuff involving scat and the likes. *coughs*
What I can do: I write McKay/Sheppard slash. I'm good at angst and crack, and I'll write you a death!fic as well as something truly schmoopy, whatever you want. If all else fails, I suppose I can also write gen.
What I can't do: I suck at het, I'm afraid, and I'm not too good at porn, though I'll write it, if I have to. I also won't write amnesia fic.
Pinch hitter?: Yes.
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(no subject)

LiveJournal: dkwilliams
E-mail: diana @ slashcity.com
Things I'd like: McKay/Sheppard, please, although I don't mind just about any other pairing as a side-dish (except if you go SG-1, Jack belongs with Daniel). Slash or pre-slash. I like kink, gender-swapping, mpreg, hurt/comfort, but I also like vanilla, team-stories, cut-off-from-Earth, AUs, and just about anything else.
Things I wouldn't like: Non-con and rape. Hurt with no-comfort. Deathfic. Lemon-chicken-post-Doranda (I like them, but only when I'm looking for them). Characters turning into cute little animals, or into teen-age girls, or excessive schmoop. Three and more-somes. Character bashing, even if it's Carter.
What I can do: Slash or pre-slash, McKay and Sheppard. I'm pretty much up for any kind of story, and any kind of content.
What I can't do: Same as in the list above - non-con, etc. I don't want to write threesomes or more, I like my McShep undiluted.
Pinch hitter?: No, don't think I can commit to that.
yes, john/rodney
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I have succumbed to temptation... well, to pimpage

LiveJournal: leyenn
E-mail: leyenn @ gmail.com
Things I'd like: McKay/Sheppard as an established relationship prior to going to Atlantis. Bonus points for fitting it into canon as much as possible, cherry on top for someone/everyone/Atlantis finding out about their relationship. I love angst and an eventual happy ending.
Things I wouldn't like: Character death, character bashing, crack fic, heavy kink.
What I can do: Sheppard/McKay, Teyla, Weir, Carter should anyone actually want her. ;) Slash/het/femslash/gen, everything is pretty much equal. Can definitely write all the way fron gen to NC-17. Happy writing crossovers and SG-1 up to the end of season eight. Can write AUs, too.
What I can't do: Heavy kink, non-con, or character death. I haven't seen anything post-season eight of SG-1 or post-season two of Atlantis, but I'm spoiled to high heaven and I'm happy to work with that.
Pinch hitter?: Sorry, no.
SGA - christmas 2
  • tielan

secret santa request

LiveJournal: tielan
E-mail: tielan@livejournal.com
Things I'd like: John/Teyla with plot, Teyla gen, team gen. But I'd really, really, really like something John/Teyla - at the least, I'd like John/Teyla angles or a John&Teyla focus.
Things I wouldn't like: McShep, Shweir, Teyla/Ronon
What I can do: John/Teyla, Teyla/anyone-but-Ronon, gen, team, OT4, John/Ronon, Ronon/Rodney, Ronon/Elizabeth, Rodney/Carson, Carson/Cadman, Sam Carter
What I can't do: McShep, Shweir, Teyla/Ronon, I'd rather not write Elizabeth right now.
Pinch hitter?: Yes.

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stk. bare

okay. let's do this. *gulp*

LiveJournal: timeblind
E-mail: iheartkeys [at] livejournal [dot] com
Things I'd Like: John/Teyla (friendship or romance), Rodney/Teyla (friendship or romance), Ronon/Keller, Lorne/Cadman, Team gen, Rodney gen, Rodney & Ronon friendship, AUs are cool too, angst, fluff, deathfic, Crossovers are fun too (with Supernatural or Harry Potter)
Things I Wouldn't Like: slash, non-con, kink, apocafic
What I Can Do: John/Teyla, Rodney/Teyla (friendship or romance), Rodney & Ronon friendship, John & Rodney friendship, Team gen, Rodney gen, AUs, angst... crossovers (Supernatural or Harry Potter)... Basically anything to do with John, Teyla, Rodney, Ronon (individually or paired off but not slashed) I can do... probably Keller and Carter fics too... I don't mind a challenge.
What I Can't Do: slash, non-con, apocafic, Heightmeyer-centric, Zelenka-centric
Pinch Hitter: Sure~

"Things I'd Like" and "What I Can Do" are pretty much interchangeable. I write what I like... Hah.
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(no subject)

LiveJournal: sonadorita
E-mail: sonadorita@gmx.de
Things I'd like: McKay/Sheppard, please, pre-slash & friendship is fine, too. I'm open to almost everything, so if you feel like writing a death!fic or a story in which John turns into a ZPM, go ahead, as long as it's McKay/Sheppard (and none of the things listed up below are included) :)
Things I wouldn't like: Het, rape, minor sex.
What I can do: I'm best at McKay/Sheppard, but I could write f/f pairings, too, as long as they don't include Carter. I will also write crack!fic and dark (or death) fic if requested.
What I can't do: Het, stories focusing on Carter or minor characters, and I'm not very good at gen.
Pinch hitter?: I'm afraid not, sorry.
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LiveJournal: bluflamingo
E-mail: echidna120@hotmail.com
Things I'd like: Slash or gen/friendship, preferably featuring Sheppard. Friendship, team-ness (it's a word!), exploring Atlantis, teasing. Or something about the women on Atlantis, particularly the women in season 4, the differences in Atlantis for them given where they're coming from (femslash is fine- good, even!). Teyla giving Keller stick fighting lessons. Or something about Sheppard and the military characters we've seen (Lorne, Cadman, the ones from the first season who disappeared never to be seen again).
Things I wouldn't like: Beyond the generally given (rape, death, torture), no pairings with Beckett, preferably no explicit het. No humiliation of anyone, or pregnancy.
What I can do: Slash/femslash or gen/friendship. Pretty much any rating. Any characters or pairings other than listed below, including minor characters.
What I can't do: Het. Anything focussing on Ronon, Elizabeth or Carson, or pairings featuring any of those three. Pregnancy.
Pinch hitter?: Sure

(no subject)

LiveJournal: miscellanny
E-mail: annysthetized(at)gmail.com
Things I'd like: McKay/Sheppard or anything Zelenka-centric; I'd really like something with a happy ending, that's pretty much my only requirement.
Things I wouldn't like: Deathfic, noncon, weeping, heavy kink.
What I can do: Slash (McShep for preference) or gen, generally up to R rating. Not so good at the major porn. ...and I facepalm at the unintentional pun.
What I can't do: Heavy kink, PWP, threesomes/fourgies. :D
Pinch hitter?: Sure.
SGA McShep all I want

Joining in please

Livejournal: bluespirit_star
email: bluespirit @ blue-spirit.co.uk

Things I'd like: McKay/Sheppard only please. I ♥ them so much. *g* I like the boys to genuinely like each other & have fun being with each other. I'd like a happy ending please with the boys in love & together (it is Christmas!) I don't mind some mild angst along the way but with a happy ending. I like established relationships or first times & hurt/comfort is always good. I like Atlantis located stories or Earthside or total AUs. It doesn't have to be set at Christmas, though it's fine if it is.

Things I wouldn't like: No unhappy endings or death fic please. I don't want the boys to cheat on each other. No hardcore kink, though a more dominant John is okay. No really out there crack, no mockery/humiliation of the boys (I have a low embarrassment threshold). I'd prefer the boys to be about the age we see them in the show i.e. not as teenagers, etc. No gender swapping or het. I prefer if a story is written from one point of view, though not in the first person please (alternating povs between scenes is fine.) Sorry - don't mean to sound like a grinch! *g*

What I can do: I write McKay/Sheppard slash. I can write romance, humour, hurt/comfort, mild angst, AUs & Atlantis-based, first times or established relationship - & pretty much all ratings, though I think I'm better at fade-to-black so would prefer not to write explicit sex.

What I can't do: Gen, het or femme slash. I can only write the McKay/Sheppard pairing. I can't write death fic or extreme hurt, rape, etc. I don't know the SG-1 characters very well so would have difficulty if they were requested as secondary characters.

Pinch hitter?: I can try.

I'm really looking forward to participating & thank you to the mods & everyone involved.
GEN - summer cliffs

(no subject)

Oh SGA, I stray to other fandoms, but I'll always come back to you. At least once a year. Around Christmas time.

E-mail: kat_lair at hotmail dot com
Things I'd like: I'll give you some options, feel free to pick and mix. McKay/Beckett, McKay/Zelenka, Dex/Sheppard, Lorne/Zelenka, Lorne/Parrish. If none of these are doable then Gen please or something with minor characters. I love day-in-the-life fics, first time, UST, flirting, oblivious!love, geeky references, happy endings, humour. AUs are ok, but only with McKay/Beckett or McKay/Zelenka pairings.
Things I wouldn't like: No pairings except the ones listed above (unless they are minor character pairings in the background). No mpreg, pwp (graphic sex is fine as long as there is a plot to go with it), deathfic, three- or moresomes, or cross-overs.
What I can do: All pairings in "Things I'd like", Gen and character centric fics with almost anyone, Teyla/Ronon. Can also do BDSM, most other kinks, threesomes. Darkfic and non-con. Will try femmeslash. All ratings, all genres (except ones listed below)
What I can't do: McKay/Sheppard, deathfic, Het (unless Teyla/Ronon), mpreg, crack, cross-overs.
Pinch hitter?: Nope, sorry.
Sherlock_S&J HotB

I'm in!

LiveJournal: lantean_drift
E-mail: lantean_drift @ livejournal . com

Things I'd like: Only McShep, please. I love H/C, angst  and first times with happy endings. I'd like a story line, porn is great but I like a plot too. *g*  I like my boys to genuinely like each other and to be close before the relationship is established. AUs and Earthside are fine and obviously I love the city too.

Things I wouldn't like: No death fic, no kink, no unhappy endings, no 'older' John and Rodney.

What I can do: I can only do McShep or at a push Ronon/Rodney/John. I'll happily write anything up to and including NC-17.

What I can't do: I don't do kink, I don't do 'old' John and Rodney. I don't do het, gen or femme - I'm a big dirty slasher and proud of it. 

Pinch hitter?: Sure, if you need me I'm there. 
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Signing up!

LiveJournal: zinfic
E-mail: zinnith (at) hotmail (dot) com
Things I'd like: Now that I finally have my two favourite girls in the same place, I would really really like some Sam/Teyla, please. If femslash is not your cup of tea, gen Rodney or John/Rodney or gen team is fine too. And I want a happy ending! 
Things I wouldn't like: I'm not really a fan of Elizabeth... also no non-con, BDSM or John or Rodney paired with anyone else than each other.  
What I can do: Most hings I've written so far has been John/Rodney and I'm not really comfortable writing my boys in any other pairings, but other than that, open for pretty much anything. Gen, het, slash, femslash, I like a challenge!
What I can't do: Again, Elizabeth. I just can't get the hang of her. John/Rodney paired with anyone else than each other, though friendship is fine. And again, no non-con or BDSM.  
Pinch hitter?: Sorry, but no. I have NaNo in November so I'm gonna be beat as it is.

SGA Santa 2007

LiveJournal: <lj user="roguish_angel">
E-mail: celede_05@yahoo.com.au
Things I'd like: Sheppard/Teyla is OTP!! ;-) I like Rodney/Teyla/John and OT4 too, as long as it's not Mackay/Sheppard with the others thrown in. Also I like gen with a Sheppard/Teyla slant
Things I wouldn't like: Anything to do with Weir, Mackay/Sheppard
What I can do: I do Sheppard/Teyla pretty well, can give gen a try and would be keen to give Ronon/Keller a go!
What I can't do: WEIR, writing slash is not my thing either
Pinch hitter?: Sorry, not likely
love is a bitch

sign me up...

LiveJournal: callmerizzo

E-mail: slackerina at gmail dot com

Things I'd like: McKay/Sheppard slash, please! I'm pretty easy to please within the confines of that pairing. Canon or AU, established or first-time, dark or fluffy, from crackfic to deathfic -- it's all good, as long as the relationship between McKay and Sheppard is the focus. Rodney being smart and snarky makes me happy. John kicking ass makes me swoon. Angst and H/C make me drool profusely, but I'd equally adore a good light romantic comedy or even just a romp in the sheets. John secretly lusting after Oblivious!Rodney is always awesome. Jealousy -- can't go wrong there!

Things I wouldn't like: Mpreg, gender-switching, turning the boys into animals or children. I'm not much into kink unless there's a specific reason for it (e.g., if aliens made them do it). No het unless it's relevant to the John/Rodney story, and please, no pairings involving Weir. I'd also prefer that the story NOT be in first-person POV.

What I can do: McKay/Sheppard, slash or pre-slash, all ratings. I can pretty much offer anything in my "likes" list.

What I can't do: No het or F/F. No threesomes or moresomes (I suck at the choreography). Plotty stories with lots of action really aren't my strength. And I don't watch SG-1, so I only know the SG1 characters based on their appearances on SGA.

Pinch hitter?: As much as I would love to say yes, I write so slow that it would be totally irresponsible of me to offer. But it's possible that if I finish my story before the deadline I might offer then.
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Can I please have...

LiveJournal: cupidsbow
E-mail: cupidsbower at gmail.com

Things I'd like: McKay/Sheppard. I'm a real sucker for John and Rodney *liking* each other a whole lot, so either a friendship romance (gen or pre-slash) or a slash romance (any rating) would be lovely. I'm actually in a plotty mood too, so I'd rather a story with a bit of action/adventure or mystery. I don't mind what genre it is, so mission/city-exploration/earthside or AU are all fine, but I'd like a happy ending.

Things I wouldn't like: I'm not fond of non-con, and I'd prefer it wasn't a death fic.

What I can do: Slash, McKay/Sheppard by preference.
What I can't do: Non-con, death.

Pinch hitter?: Sorry, no.