October 18th, 2007

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LiveJournal: tropes
E-mail: muffinbutt[at]gmail[dot]com
Things I'd like: McShep, amnesia, epistolary sections suffused with longing or something, mild angst, happy ending, h/c, AUs are fine, some Rodney/Teyla leading to McShep is fine, aliens/ancient tech made us do it is also a fun theme, a focus on character and emotion, this is getting long.
Things I wouldn't like: No threesomes/group sex, non-con, unfortunate descriptors for genitalia
What I can do: McShep character pieces -- please don't ask me to plot. It ends badly.
What I can't do: I'm uncomfortable with writing kinks.
Pinch hitter?: Can't commit to it, no.
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Why not?

Livejournal: with_apostrophe
Email: With_apostrophe@livejournal.com
Things I'd Like: Gen, team centric/features each of the four equally, AU (partial or total), humour, friendship, mention of animals, Earth or Atlantis, [any combination of those as long as it's gen] 
Things I Wouldn't Like: Death-fic, sad ending, sentient Atlantis, non-stated openly in canon ships
What I Can Do: gen, centres on any character, gen AU either partial or total (how rare!), humour, friendship, crack fic, crossover with SG-1 {as long as I don't have to write too much of Cam)
Things I Can't Do: Romantic ships and everything that goes with that, post-Trinity/Sunday fic, action
Pinch Hitter: With my writing speeds? Not a good idea!
  • ticklie

I'm in

Livejournal: ticklie
Email: elodiehelena [at] yahoo [dot] com.
Things I'd Like: John/Teyla (either ship or friendship), Rodney/Teyla friendship, team gen.
Things I Wouldn't Like: Earth-based fic, John/Rodney, noncon, kink, pwp.
What I Can Do: John/Teyla, Elizabeth/Teyla friendship, Teyla-centric, plotty fic, team gen, apocafic, crossover with SG-1.
Things I Can't Do: slash, smut, Rodney-centric, anything with Carson in it, noncon.
Pinch Hitter: Sure.





(no subject)

Livejournal: jadesfire

Email: jadesfire2808[at]yahoo.co.uk

Things I'd like: Plot, banter, any character. I love AU and crack!fic, but mostly I like adventure stories.

Things I wouldn't like: NC-17, PWP, BDSM and similar.

What I can do: Gen, adventure, plotty stories, crack, character studies, a whole heap of crossover fandoms, crack!fic and anything that involves tons of research.

What I can't do: Slash (although UST's not a problem), smut, strong h/c, AU.

Pinch hitter? Almost certainly not, but would be willing to be asked.

(no subject)

Livejournal: strlingdragnfly
Email: sterlingdragonfly [at] hotmail [dot] com.
Things I'd Like: A main course of McShep, with side dishes of Zelenka/Lorne and Teyla/Ronan.
Things I Wouldn't Like: John and/or Rodney ending up with anyone else, non-con, kink, pwp, death fics
What I Can Do: McShep, gen team fic
Things I Can't Do: kink, non-con
Pinch Hitter: Probably not.
  • zafra

Secret Santa Request

E-mail: spikeaddicted@yahoo.com
Things I'd like: Rodney/Sheppard, Lorne/Sheppard or gen team fic - NC-17 is always appreciated
Things I wouldn't like: Het fic as main pairing, MPREG
What I can do: I am most comfortable with slash or general fiction, G-NC/17 is fine
What I can't do: I won't do MPREG or non-Atlantis AU's/Historical stuff
Pinch hitter?: Probably not, but you can ask then - available time changes

Secret Santa Request

LiveJournal: amathela | amidalashari (fic journal)
E-mail: amathela@gmail.com
Things I'd like: John/Teyla - preferably plotty, team-centric, but anything John/Teyla is awesome. Alternatively, John and Teyla-focused genfic (with bonus subtext) or Lorne/Teyla. AUs and fluff are fine; smut isn't necessary, but if you want to include it, go ahead.
Things I wouldn't like: I'd prefer not too many non-canon background pairings, but if you really want to include them, that's okay. Not too much angst/death/dark!fic; no pairing John with anyone other than Teyla.
What I can do: I'd prefer to write John/Teyla or Lorne/Teyla. I can also write genfic (preferably John and/or Teyla-centric, or team fic).
What I can't do: Slash, Elizabeth-centric fic, SG-1 crossovers.
Pinch hitter?: Yes
  • mdime02

Sign me up!

LiveJournal: mdime02
E-mail: mdime02@hotmail.com

Things I'd like: McKay/Sheppard if possible, gen or team if not.  I'm open to angst, drama, humor, romance, cliches, introspective character studies, action/adventure-based...deathfic is permissible, if necessary (not the boys, please!); earthside fic and AUs also welcome, though I request that any AUs still be tied to Stargate, ie, no Wild West or Ye Olde England, but something that still involves the Stargate program and Atlantis; pre-series is okay; plots are fun but not essential; if writing McShep, both first time and established relationships are great; anything from S1 to current episodes is welcome (and episode related fics are a lot of fun!); crazy Ancient tech and crazy aliens are okay (but not aliens-made-them-do-it...not that I don't enjoy that, but it's been done a lot); I love the snark, love when our team kicks ass and takes names, love when one or both of the boys is just utterly, completely clueless, love when smart Sheppard saves the day (with the help of super-smart Rodney, of course!).
Things I wouldn't like: note the above, as well as: no mpreg, no non-con and/or rape, no kink (beyond very light bondage), no three-or-more-somes, no infidelity.
What I can do: I would strongly prefer either McKay/Sheppard or gen, though other slash pairings and het (though I'm rather unpracticed at het in this fandom, I'll give it a try!  Also, if het, anything but John/Teyla) can be done; Angst, drama, romance, cliches, fluffy, dark...pretty open.
What I can't do: I will not write non-con/rape or kink (beyond very light bondage), won't write three-or-more-somes, can't write femslash, and probably won't go above an R rating.
Pinch hitter?: sure
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but really I'm a soppy romatic at heart....

LiveJournal: busaikko
E-mail: busaikkobaby atmark yahoo dotcom

Things I'd like: I like McShep. I like Ronon/Zelenka. I like light romantic comedy, AUs, dark dagger-in-your-heart endings, hurt/comfort, disability fic, Don't Ask/Don't Tell fic. *cackles* Intelligent uses of foreign languages and alien cultures are a huge turn on (*cough*R/Z*cough*). Again, I like bleak, devastating, even haunting stuff, but fluff also floats my boat. Alternatively, gen Wraith-fic (Wraith culture, language, morals, ethics; Do Wraith have names?; just who *are* the Wraith, anyway?). If you are completely insane, you can write me Wraith-fic with a side of Ronon/Zelenka romantic comedy, with a killer ending. I will worship you, possibly stalk you, definitely fangirl madly. I don't mind character death, by the way, or torture or rape or Armageddon; however, I prefer to focus on the overcoming aspects and not the details (because it's the character's inner strength that I get off on, not the pain).

Things I wouldn't like: I have a low, low tolerance for sap (cute nicknames, copious 'I love you's, navel-gazing). Crying squicks me, as does humiliation. I don't like het. I don't like miracles (sight restores itself suddenly in the last 4 paragraphs!). Um... don't like vampires or zombies or supernatural stuff, but who needs it? -- we got Wraith! Also, don't want holiday-centric fic or holiday-related plot devices (mistletoe, stockings, etc.) -- it's not you, it's me, I live in a more-or-less Shinto household, so.

What I can do: I can write slash; am most comfortable with McShep. Though Ronon/Zelenka might be fun.... I'd love to write Jeannie Miller, gen or AU or F/F, whatever; I also wouldn't mind trying Miko. Despite the dark horrors of my soul (see above), I can and often do write light-hearted romantic humour. I can write familyfic, hurt/comfort, AU, NC17, deathfic, disability fic, would be willing to write noncon, willing to write realistic genderswap fic. I can also write slash fic without sex for underaged participants or those who don't want it.

What I can't do: I cannot write het for the life of me, nor BDSM nor heavy kink nor groupsex nor incest. I'm not real good at darkfic (my belief in the happily ever after keeps bleeding through), nor do I write gore well. No MPreg, please. Also! I have only seen S1 and S4, and a few eps of S2 and 3, so I have big canon limitations, esp. with some characters (who is this Lorne of whom you speak?).

Pinch hitter?: go on, pinch me *g*
  • ceitie

Secret Santa Request

Livejournal: ceitie
Email: kea337@hotmail.com
Things I'd like: Gen with a focus on the team, McKay/Sheppard, or Team OT4 please! I'd like there to be some kind of plot, but it can be either light and funny or dark and angsty or anything in between. If you're going the angst route, I'm requesting that there be at least a semi-happy ending. Rating can be anywhere from G to NC-17, as you like.
Things I wouldn't like: AU, PWP, BDSM or other heavy kinks, deathfic, pure het, partner betrayal, kidfic.
What I Can Do:Gen, as well as almost any het, slash or femslash pairing. I'll write dark or light, plot or character, G up to NC-17, threesomes and moresomes, whatever.
What I Can't Do: Sheppard/Weir, Carson-centric stories, heavy kinks, mpreg.
Pinch Hitter?: No, sorry. I'm a ridiculously slow writer.