October 19th, 2007

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Things I'd like: Sheppard/McKay. I'm remarkably easy when it comes to them--an average old day on Atlantis, on an mission or adventure, visiting Earth, spending all day in bed, all are wonderful. Banter is chocolate and those little touches and actions that show affection are peanut butter. John displaying his smarts, Rodney his bravery, their interactions with the rest of Atlantis as the McShep show. Explicit is not needed, subtle can make my toes curl. I'm a fan of first times, with a believable build-up, but am not opposed to established relationships (especially if it's an outside character realizing they're a couple, and/or accidentally observing them as such.)

Team gen. Again, out on a mission or sitting around a dinner table talking about movies, I'm pretty easy. This team has an amazing dynamic, they've reached a point where they can make fun of one another. They eat breakfast together and talk about movies and bad dates and bicker and poke fun. I love that.

Radek and Lorne are more than welcome additions to the story. Keller, Carter an Caldwell will also not be frowned upon. Secondary pairings I am also a fan of Parrish/Lorne and Ronon/Teyla.

Things I wouldn't like: I have a fatal allergy to cheating and (permanent) break-ups. Non-con, OOCness, pairing Sheppard and McKay with anyone else (or adding someone(s) to that pair. So no three-or-moreseomes), romance is great, needing insulin...no. Also, no mpreg, genderfuck or transformation into animals.

What I can do: Slash= McKay/Sheppard, Parrish/Lorne. Gen. I'm willing to try my hand at het in this fandom (as long as it's not John or Rodney). Plotted, adventure, day-in-the-life.

What I can't do: In addition to things I wouldn't like, I would fail miserably at a heavily kinked request.

Pinch hitter?: Probably not.

Secret Santa Request

LiveJournal: eleveninches

E-mail: newtons.first.law @ gmail.com

Things I'd like: I prefer McKay/Sheppard and/or Ronon/Teyla, but I also like Ronon/Zelenka, Ronon/Elizabeth, Teyla/Elizabeth, Teyla/Keller, Teyla/Sam, Sam/Keller, Teyla/Michael, Teyla/Carson, Elizabeth/Lorne, Elizabeth/Zelenka, John/Sam, and of course, gen. I like crossovers with SG-1, plotty action/adventure, strange alien cultures, alien technology, evil Ancients, team friendship, supporting characters, first time, Replicators, breaking away/losing contact with Earth, What If?, cluelessness, Sheppard whumping, DADT and/or outings, jealousy, reworking cliches, and alternate ways to get to Atlantis. I would really like a lot of sci-fi in the story, rather than something straight-up romance, although a combination of sci-fi and romance would be great. I would also really, really love a happy ending.

Things I wouldn't like: John/Teyla, Rodney/Ronon, John/Ronon, Rodney/Zelenka, Rodney/Carson, Rodney/Cadman, Rodney/Lorne, John/Lorne, Lorne/Parrish, Teyla/Heightmeyer, threesomes(/moresomes), or OT4. If it crosses over with SG-1, I don't like Jack/Daniel. I really don't like deathfics, mpreg, crippling angst, character bashing, everyone is so mean and awful to wonderful Rodney zomg, aliens made them do it, BDSM, straight-before-I-met-you, genderswitch, emotional or physical abuse, permanent physical damage, and humiliation. I don't like cheating unless it ends in a pairing I favour, preferably McKay/Sheppard. I'm not huge on pre-series canon stories or really random AUs.

What I can do: I would really prefer McKay/Sheppard or femmeslash. I don't have any problem doing literally any pairing other than the ones mentioned in my "don't like" list, if it comes to it. Gen is also fine. I have a hard time with angst, so it's better if I'm assigned a humour or a light-hearted story. Plot's good too. Anything in my "like" list is doable for me, really.

What I can't do: I'm really terrible at either pure PWPs or introspective vignettes. Character death, heavy angst, darkfic, mpreg, BDSM, diabilities, serious non-con, sappy romance, marriage or kidfic, and random AUs.

Pinch hitter?: Sorry, I'm going to be way too busy.
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Keenir's Christmas List

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Things I'd like: (this is a grab bag of options) Miko!, Baal/canon female character, Operation Paperclip (either as reference or strategy), Rodney/Heightmeyer, Rodney/Cadman (angst) Rodney/Weir, AU/what-if, Hoffan culture, Genii culture, Kolya, Rodney/Perna, Perna, Teyla/Michael, Miko/Ronon, (Miko/Carson just seems so scary to me), what if long-term contact with Earth hadn't been re-established?, what sort of a peace treaty/truce would the Wraith accept?, what if the Genii hold on Atlantis hadn't failed?, who are the Athosians closest relatives?, if the Wraith were born of the Iratus Bugs picking up random groupings of human DNA...then what not-quite-Wraith are out there in Pegasus Galaxy?

Things I wouldn't like: Goa'uld-bashing, Kolya-bashing, Wraith-bashing, Ori-bashing, Teyla/Ronon, slash, noncon, small domestic animals.

What I can do: Het, Gen, culture creation, aliens, humanoids, worldbuilding, AU/what-if,

What I can't do: NC-17, R, slash, noncon,

Pinch hitter?: yes
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I bring gifts for all the boys and girls!

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Things I'd like: I'm a McShep, Kavanagh/Lorne, Ronon/Kavanagh slasher.

I adore so many characters on SGA so I'll like just about anything. Easy on Weir related topics though. She grates, I do like RepliWeir though.

I've been really enjoying the buddy relationship that Ronon/Rodney have been developing, so if you want to go non slashy that's something to explore.

Things I wouldn't like: no mpreg, or anything that will have the characters saying honey, baby or sweetie. *gag*

What I can't do: see my previous comment.

Pinch hitter?: I might be able to do that.
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Be Good to Me This Year, Santa

You know, I swore I wouldn't do this again. Not this this, just anything with a deadline. But I forgot my willpower in my other pants.

Livejournal: auburnnothenna

Email: auburnnothenna@gmail.com

Things I Would Like: Slash or gen, Sheppard and McKay paramount. Plot. The rest is just elements, not all necessary, in no particular order of importance: banter, affection, action, team interaction, the friendship between John and Teyla and Teyla and Rodney. Angst is great, though a happy/hopeful ending is a plus. AU is all right and I have a real yen to read something with time travel a la SG-1's 1969. I've got a soft spot for Vala Mal Doran and Teal'c. Amnesia, being marooned, characters going rogue or seeming to, independent Atlantis or life after Atlantis. Lonely or pining John.

Things I Wouldn't Like: I have a huge embarrassment squick, so please no humiliating any characters horribly, especially Rodney (the show does it enough), please no BDSM, mpreg, permanent maiming or disabilities for the main characters, no character bashing, wingfic, unicorns, animal transformation, genderswitch, kidfic, or aliens made them do it. I guess I should just say I'd like to pass on the crackfic this year.

Things I Can Write: Slash, gen, het (reluctantly). John and Rodney, John and Vala, threesomes, moresomes, OT4, plotty stuff, AU, angst, pining John, on Earth, on Atlantis, post-Atlantis, deathfic, humor, crossover with SG-1, first times, genderswitch.

Things I Can't Write: Can't write Mpreg, BDSM, permanent maiming, fluffy shmoop, Carson Beckett as protagonist, graphic torture, or serious hard science details that are the pivot point of the plot.

Pinch Hitter: Not this year.
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how good do I have to be?

LiveJournal: oparu
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Things I'd like: Sheppard/Weir, Rodney/Teyla, Keller/(surprise me). I love Elizabeth. She needs to be in the story. I don't care if it's gen, het or slash, I just need her to be present.
Things I wouldn't like: male/male slash without strong supporting female characters. (McShep with Elizabeth as the obstacle would make me upset, for example, but McShep with her being supportive or helpful would be okay)
What I can do: I've never written m/m slash, but I would be willing to try. I'm good at het. I can do f/f slash. I like writing smut. Babies, kidfic, mpreg, darkfic, crack...
What I can't do: I'm lousy at gen. Paringss sneak in on me. Hardcore m/m smut (lack of experience)
Pinch hitter?: Yes, I write fast. ;)
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Secret Santa Request

LiveJournal: seramercury
E-mail: dr_elizabeth_weir@yahoo.com
Things I'd like: Emotional Shep angst, major Shep wumpage, Shep past stories, Shep/Weir
Things I wouldn't like: No slash or smut
What I can do: Shep/Weir, angst, Shep POV, SG1 Crossovers
What I can't do: No slash or smut
Pinch hitter?: Possibly
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Santa Baby

Livejournal: bard_mercutio
Email: mercutio@europa.com

Things I Would Like: My must haves are Rodney and a happy ending. Everything else is optional.

In order of preference, my favorite pairings are McKay/Sheppard, McKay/Sheppard/various, Rodney/other slash and Rodney/other het.

Optional things, any of which would be cool to have, but by no means mandatory: Crack of any kind (AUs, crossovers, aliens-made-them-do-it, amnesia, superpowers, etc.), Dom/sub kink, hurt/comfort, witty banter, first time fic, smart!John, and did I mention Rodney McKay? ;>

Things I Wouldn't Like: Genderswitching Rodney to get femmeslash. Just, no. Pregnancy fic, male or otherwise. Out-of-character behavior that isn't explained by a plot device.

Things I Can Write: McKay, Sheppard, Teyla, Ronon, Beckett, Zelenka or any combination thereof. My specialty is crackfic and (::blushes::) fluff.

Things I Can't Write: Femmeslash. Female protagonist. Anything profound. I would have difficulty writing a fic that did not involve Rodney.

Pinch Hitter: I don't know how *good* the story would be, but yes.
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(no subject)

LiveJournal: Shepsangel@livejournal.com
Things I'd like: I would like anything McShep, preferably with one or both of the boys getting hurt in some way, either physically or emotionally. I've recently discovered that I have thing for Evil!John, so anything along those lines. I'm also partial to a bit of Rodney/Carson, or John/Carson.
Things I wouldn't like: NC-17. Nothing het either, sorry, but I just don't like het fic. Other than that, I'm easy. Anything goes.
What I can't do: Sorry, but I can't write NC-17, or het. I'm willing to give anything else a go.
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Holiday Dreamin'

LiveJournal: wickedwords

E-mail: Rachael at mediafans dot org

Things I'd like: John and Rodney are my guys, so I'd really like the story to center on them, but anyone else that you want to put in the background is fine. Slash is preferred, but gen is fine too. Variations on John and Rodney work great, so team stories or OT4 fic would work, as would the following threesomes: John/Rodney/Teyla, John/Rodney/Radek, John/Rodney/Ronon, John/Rodney/Elizabeth would all make me happy. I do like the other characters in Atlantis to have a life outside of canon, so if you could just mention Miko, Lorne, Radek or some of the other secondary characters in the story, that would be awesome.

I'm also up for team girl!power stories, where the women of Atlantis get to kick ass and rescue the guys, with Teyla as the team leader. So if you don't want to write slash or relationship stories, I would love this as gen adventure.

For genres, well, I'm a big Hurt/comfort fan, so if you want to write a gen friendship whump!John or whump!Rodney story instead of a combo slash-and-whumping story, I am totally okay with that. (Really okay with that.)

I like first times and AUs, from Alternate Stargate Programs to crack!fic and all places in between. I love steampunk and SF, so if you wanted to write a generation ship AU, this could be your chance. I'd like a little bit of a plot, if at all possible, but I'm also a fan of day-in-the-life types stories and character studies. Banter is great, and I like stories that have settings, rather than being stuck in blank white rooms. I like romance but I'm not big on schmoop, so try to limit that. Angst and I are old friends, so feel free to wallow in misery, but I'd prefer to keep away from noncon, pregnancy, death or permanent disability.

Write a story you like that tells something interesting about the characters, and I'll be pretty darn happy.

Things I wouldn't like: No permanent break-ups, please, explicit noncon (references okay), permanent disability or death. Public humiliation is right out, as is bashing any of the female characters. I like the girls as well as the boys.

What I can do: John/Rodney, Lorne/Radek, Lorne/Parrish, Lorne/Elizabeth, Carson/Ronon, Elizabeth/Ronon, Ronon/Radek, Ronon/Keller, Teyla/Elizabeth, Teyla/Sam, Teyla/Keller, Teyla/Carson. I'm pretty open to rare pairs (or threesomes or foursomes) that don't break up John and Rodney. I can write romance. I can write dark. I can write kink. Sometimes I write gen.

What I can't do: No explicit Het or Femslash, though I can write UST and implied. No Kolya or Kavanagh. No replicators. No wraith.

Pinch hitter?: No, not this year. I'm gonna be swamped.
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kinda long in places *facepalms*

LiveJournal: telesilla
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Apologies in advance, this got detailed.

Things I'd like: OT4 (John/Rodney/Ronon/Teyla) and pretty much any variation (twosome, threesome) thereof except for John/Teyla (don't ask me why, even I'm not sure why them by themselves doesn't work for me). Rodney/Radek or Ronon/Radek would also be just fine.

D/s and/or bdsm is great as long as the style fits the characters (for example, I have a hard time imagining John and Rodney doing something very formal), but I don't need it in a fic to be happy. I generally prefer to have some sex in fic not only because I like to read it, but because it's neglected by TPTB and because I like learning about character through their reactions to sex and intimacy.

One of the things I love most is when a fic manages a new or slightly different twist on an old, familiar cliché so if you want to go there, feel free. I'm also good with AUs as long as there's an effort made to make the characters sound and act like themselves. Also, one of my favorite genres is the "Atlantis cut off from Earth and forced to go it alone" thing.

Things I wouldn't like: Serious schmoop; I just can't see it for any of these people. Excessive whumping; I don't mind some whumping, but I'm really not wild about fics that read like the writer rubbed her hands together and said "how can I fuck the characters up today?" Bashing the female characters for no real reason. I can't emphasize this enough; I hate fic in which Elizabeth is a bitch or Kate Heightmeyer is suddenly terrible at her job and the only reason is to throw obstacles in the boys' way, and frankly, I got enough Sam bashing to last several lifetimes back when I read SG1 slash. Also, I have a pretty well-developed embarrassment squick (to the point where Rodney on the show occasionally makes me cringe) so please no bumbling Rodney.

Pairing wise: Elizabeth/John or Elizabeth/Rodney would seriously throw me out of the fic; I just can't see her with either of them. Also, while I adore(d) Carson, I read him as oddly asexual and really just can't get my brain around him and sex with...well anyone.

What I can do: Any of the pairings/moresomes in my wishlist. I write a lot of bdsm and kink in general, so I'm okay with that and can take it all the way up to NC-17, ratings wise. I'm happy to play around with the really common tropes (AMTDI and so on) including some of the more cracked out ones (wingfic, for example) and I'm fine with AUs.

What I can't do: Anything on my "wouldn't like list." Also I'm gonna have to say that I won't do sex change fic or MPREG not because I hate them, but because I'd have to go long to get either to work and I won't have the time.

Pinch hitter?: Sadly, no.

Jingle Bell! Jingle Bell! Jingle all the way...

Yay! Secret Santa!

LiveJournal: agriope23 
E-mail: agriope23@hotmail.com
Things I'd like: John/Teyla. Free reign, but I would like some romantic subtext.
Things I wouldn't like: No character death or darkfic, it is Christmas!
What I can do: John/Teyla (old habits!) Otherwise, I'll challenge myself and write anything but McShep and Shweir.
What I can't do: Slash, SG-1 crossovers and Carter-fics.
Pinch hitter?: Yes