October 20th, 2007

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Santa baby, just slip a sable under the tree, for me...

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Things I'd like: I'd love John/Lorne most of all but if that's not possible, Elizabeth/Lorne or John/Rodney. I'd love to see some of the military life and how it meshes with life in Atlantis, problems they have to overcome, and a little plot would be awesome. Involving Sam, Cadman, and/or Keller would thrill me and UST and first times would give me unmeasured joy. I'm also a sucker for a happy (or mostly happy) ending.

Things I wouldn't like: Teyla-centric, Carson-centric, Zelenka-centric (it's fine if the characters are in there, I just don't want something from their POV). AUs not related to Atlantis. Character-bashing (I like them all). Kidfic. Mpreg. Genderswitch. Death-fic or permanent maiming/disabilities. Light and fluffy romance (though by all means, humorous is okay, just no excessive I love you's, sweatheart's, or hunybun's.)

What I can do: I'm open, though I have a hard time with Teyla, Carson and Zelenka. I just can't seem to do them justice. I can do slash, het, gen, team-fics. Science. Plot. Smut. Multi-person.

What I can't do: Pretty much what I listed above.

Pinch hitter?: Sadly no.

Is it that time of year already?

I'm going to regret this. I spent way too much time writing my Secret Santa story last year. But then again, I say that every year...

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Things I’d Like: Carson. I miss the good doctor. Can be gen, het, or slash. (If het, preferably Carson/Teyla. If slash, preferably Carson/John.) I’d like the story to be action- or drama-oriented. Nothing sappy, please. :-)
Things I Wouldn’t Like: Nothing explicit, please. (No NC-17.) And I’d like the story to be plot-oriented (no fluff, slush, or PWP). Believe it or not, I haven't seen any episodes from Season 4, so nothing beyond Season 3.
What I Can Do: I’m very comfortable writing “the boys,” but less so Teyla or Elizabeth. I can write either team-fic or fic concentrating on a few characters. I feel most comfortable writing gen, humor, angst, and/or hurt-comfort.
What I Can’t Do: Since I haven't seen any of the Season 4 episodes yet, I can't write anything about them. I also can't write het or slash very well, and I’m definitely not comfortable writing explicit sex scenes or anything else NC-17.
Pinch-hit: Sorry, not this year.
GEN - Nevermore Crow

You know it's getting close to Christmas

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Things I'd like: Slash. Preferred pairings would be: McKay/Zelenka, Lorne/Zelenka or McKay/Beckett. If it's a McKay pairing I do like an oblivious Rodney, love AU's, some plot would be nice, first time, touching/kisses. I ALSO don't mind a dark fics, angst or h/c.

Things I wouldn't like: No pairings except the ones listed above (although I normally love Mckay/Sheppard I'd like something different for a change.) No cross-overs, No mpreg, pwp (graphic sex is fine as long as there is a plot to go with it), deathfic, three- or moresomes, character bashing or genderswitch, sentient Atlantis, Team OT4

What I can do: Slash, the above pairings, angst, darkfic, non-con, ratings up to NC17, most kinks including bdsm, romance but not gushing, first time, AU, vampires

What I can't do: Cross-overs, het,mpreg, McKay/Sheppard, deathfic, character based gen fics, I can't write Ronon to save my life, SG1, femmeslash

Pinch hitter?: Sorry, no.
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