October 21st, 2007


It's beginning to look a lot like Xmas

LiveJournal: sonotgoingthere

 madmandy1 [at] hotmail [dot] com

Things I'd like: Rodney/Lorne is preferred, Rodney/ someone male will be fine. Kinky, BDSM is preferred, or Dirty Talk. I love AU's but cannon is all good. Humourous and a bit romantic. Also, Porn. Hard R or NC-17 please. Something christmasy would be rockin.

Things I wouldn't like: Het, Following kink - scat, rape fic, age play, or water sports. Non-con is out. Threesome or moresomes are out. Femmslash.

What I can do: Rodney centric, up to hard R, character study, Slash, Kink.

What I can't do: Het, Gen, sappy romance, Rodney/Zelenka (just can't get Dr Z voice, shame really), Rape, non-con, Femmslash, threesomes or moresomes.

Pinch hitter?: I'm happy to do it but I'd need about three weeks to write something.
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Secret Santa Request

LiveJournal: jeyla4ever
E-mail: camitamamita@gmail.com
Things I'd like: John and Teyla for sure...Romantic, sensual, fast-paced, action packed and with the rest of the team on the side and angsty. It could be AU, but I'd much prefer it to be within the Stargate context.
Things I wouldn't like: No Slash. NO DEATH between John and Teyla. NO ABUSE, or PROFANITY and I don't really like smut, more romantic and sensually intensive but not cheap-like...gosh, I hope that makes sense!!!!
What I can do: John and Teyla, and team like fics with JT on the side.
What I can't do: Due to lack of experience, I only write pairing, exclusively JT; sorry! No smut, either.
Pinch hitter?: No, not yet! I need lots of time for writing.
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LiveJournal: katie_kibble
E-mail: kadams05 @ hotmail.co.uk
Things I'd like: Slash, very much slash, preferably Rodney/Sheppard or Rodney/Daniel (as in SG1). If it's NC-17 (which is good), then something with a bit of a plot. Romance/love is very much preferred, not just pure lust or a one off or a mistake.
Things I wouldn't like: I don't like non-con so much, no AU, nothing that is extremely non-cannon. And as I said above, not just a one night stand or anything.
What I can do: I'll try to write anything. I've only written slash as of yet, but that's just because that's all I've gotten around to writing.
What I can't do: I find it a bit difficult to write NC-17. I tried once, but it isn't that amazing.
Pinch hitter?: Yes, I'd try, but it might take a few weeks.
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yay fic request!

LiveJournal: aesc
E-mail: aesc36 @gmail.com
Things I'd like: Would be hugely, hugely grateful for McKay/Sheppard :> Other things that press my good buttons are team fic and/or OT4, and I will take any of the above in almost any manifestation: canon, AU, futurefic, angst (though my favorite is angst with happy ending), romance, porn...
Things I wouldn't like: Pleasepleaseplease no non-con, rape, or deathfic (do not like).
What I can do: I'm at my best with McKay/Sheppard and team fic. I can write pretty much anything I named above in "Things I Like."
What I can't do: Anything under "Things I wouldn't like."
Pinch hitter?: Not this year :( So sorry!