October 22nd, 2007


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Things I'd like: John/Rodney please! Ideally, first time with some angst followed by a happy ending (nothing too slushy, but I do like the boys to end up toghether and in love...). Oh, and some porn would definitely be good too ;)
Things I wouldn't like: Please no John and/or Rodney with anyone else (includinging threesomes), cheating, or death.
What I can do: So far I've only written John/Rodney, so that's really the only thing I'd feel comfortable writing. I could also probably do gen at a push, but wouldn't be confident with het or femslash. Oh, and I like writing NC-17 fics and also prefer writing fics with a plot and a happy ending.
What I can't do: Hmm, I think this is covered above above - Not het or femslash I afraid. I also don't think I could slash John or Rodney with anyone else but each other, so no threesomes or OT4s... Also, don't think I could write readable bdsm or kink.
Pinch hitter?:  No
On the Distant Horizon

Guess I'll give this a try . . .

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Things I'd like: Gen, please! Team!fics are love. I adore h/c. Shepwhump is well and good, but I also enjoy Rodney and Carson whumping. I have a particular hankering for Lorne and Zelenka whump, though, so if you can work whump for both (or all of these!) characters, it would be smashing! I've also got a soft spot for Chuck the gate technician. Angst - of the "is my friend going to die???" kind - is great, but I'd like a happy ending, too. Realistic friendship, though - I like the boys as much "in character" as possible (aka no maudlin McKay, please!). On the flip side, I LOVE OOC stuff IF it is due to: drugged/hypnotized/mind-controlled/alien possession - you get the picture. :-) The angst of "I was (am being) forced to hurt my friends/my friend doesn't know what he's doing!" is my favorite. Any season is fair game - I like Ronon, but you could set it in season 1, too.

Things I wouldn't like: Slash or ship (unless it's "established," like McKatie - heehee), NC-17 (no sexual situations at all, please) AU (but I'm okay with, say, quantum mirror type stuff, as long as our "real" people are there, too - but still, please, NO SLASH, even in the AU), OOC stuff (like maudlin McKay), huge character backgrounds that have little basis in canon (but it's okay for minor characters), deathfics, gender-switching stuff, timeline alterations at the discretion of author (e.g., Carson still in season 4 - I absolutely love him, but I'd rather it was as canon as possible), futurefics, OCs (aka Mary Sues), extensive SG-1 references and backgrounds (Atlantis is just better, IMHO ;-), is this list long enough for you yet?

What I can do: I'm pretty much a newbie to writing fanfic, but I can do everything I listed in the "What I'd like" section. I can also do straight angst, deathfics, fluff and introspective character studies.

What I can't do: Absolutely no NC-17 or any sexual situations. No shipping, no slash. Some people share my sense of humor, but not all, so it's safer if I go for drama rather than trying to be funny.

Pinch hitter?: No - let's see if I can actually do ONE, first . . .

- Pansy Chubb (aka LilRicki)