October 23rd, 2007

My Entry :D

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Things I'd like: McShep. Team!Fic. Rodney/Teyla. Any combination thereof :D Angst is good. As is fluff, AU's are okay as long as Atlantis is included and Death fic is brilliant. Inclusion of Lorne, Radek & Puddlejumpers gives you HUMUNGOUS POINTS.
Things I wouldn't like: Het of any kind (Unless it's Rodney/Teyla, obviously). {Even if it's just a side!pairing}. Rape, D/s. Dubious Consent. Happy Endings [:D] AU's that take you away from the Atlantis setting.
What I can do: I can write either McShep or Rodney/Teyla [These two I am better at]. Team fic is good [best], too. I will write Rodney/Radek if I have to, but any other het is out of the question and I will not write John/Anyone but Rodney.
What I can't do: Pretty much anything I put in the 'Things I wouldn't like:' category.
Pinch hitter?: Sure!
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Things I'd like:Character wise, I love them all but I'd prefer to read something that focuses on John, Lorne, or Rodney as the POV character. As for pairings, I'm pretty fond on John/Rodney (prefered), John/Lorne, John/Mitchell(from SG1), Rodney/Teyla.

Geners: I love my angst and dark!fics. I have no problems with future!fics (just not too future), hurt/comfort, in-depth character studies, "Atlantis cut off from Earth", day-in-the-life.firts times, established relationships, 'snap shots', sketches, apoca!fic. Shepwhump, Rodneywhump. Smart!John, Mensa-AUs where John isn't military (but part of the science division), but Rod is still a scientist (with the mensa au, I'd have to say that John/Rod is my prefered choice as well).

I also dearly love stories that don't come with a perfectly happy ending. Life isn't perfect and life in Pegasus (in Atlantis especially) is even less so. I like stories that end in a this-is-the-best-we-can-ask-for-and-I'm-honestly-okay-with-that kind of mood. I don't know why, they just feel a little more realistic to me.

Things I wouldn't like:
Carson or Ronon in a slash relationship (with each other or other people) on the side or as a focus. Character-bashing. I love them all, even the real creeps in the bunch (and no Sam bashing, please. I read enough of that when they annouced the casting changes). Heavy kinks, 'aliens-made-them-do-it', serious OOCness (unless it can be plausibly explained with plot). Strictly PWPs (I would really appreciate plot, even if it's just a little plot line, something really simple even). Fluff! No Fluff! Major character deaths (without a good reason and for a point). Non-con/Rape, mpreg, genderbenders, body-swaps.

What I can do:
Pretty much anything in my 'Things I'd like'. POV characters: John, Rodney, Lorne. Pairings: John/Rodney, John/Lorne, John/Mitchell(from SG1). Rodney and Teyla together, though I can't promise that it will be really very romantic, but I am more than willing to try if you are willing to accept gen in exchange if I can't. Angst, Dark!fic, future!fic, hurt/comfort, character studies, "atlantis cut off from earth", day-in-the-life, first times, established relationships, apoca!fic, as well as, rape (moderatly graphic), character death, 'alines-made-them-do-it', PWP, body-swaps. 

What I can't do:
Stories from Carson, Ronon, or Teyla's POV (I can never grasp their voice for some reason). Ronon or Carson in a slash relationship (together or with others), John/Elizabeth, John/Teyla (romantic). Non-con/dub.-con (I can't draw a line between concentual and rape, so please don't ask). Character-bashing. Fluff - I couldn't write it to save my life, sort of like carrying a tune in a bucket really. 

Pinch Hit:
No, I'm sorry, I work retail. I'm sure I can get one done, doubt I would be able to get two without mixing them up.


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