October 24th, 2007

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Things I'd like: McKay/Sheppard. I’m just going to blabber for awhile, feel free to take what you can use and leave the rest behind. I'm in the mood for a cut-off-from-Earth fic if that strikes your fancy. I wouldn't want anything too strange, just the eventual melting pot that would be inevitable given the diverse backgrounds represented. I have a preference for Rodney on top especially when he has to trick court John into a relationship or bed. I like it when relationships have issues like miscommunication, being found in a compromising situation that is actually fairly innocent, or the boys freaking out. However, in the spirit of the holidays, I would also like it to all work out in the end. I also like AUs both in space and earthside. Fusions are fine too, as long as I have a passing knowledge of the other fandom and you can check my profile/interests to find out. I love clichés, so if one of those fandom tropes catches your eye, run with it.

Things I wouldn't like: Any character bashing, matchmaking, and everyone being either homosexual or paired romantically with someone. I’m not really a big fan of first or second points of view. I don’t really like the idea of sentient!Atlantis. Kinks and D/s are fine if it fits in the story, but I’m not interested in the technical or highly detailed aspects of it at all. Prolonged three/moresomes. If it’s just to get the boys together initially, I’m all for it, but I don’t like when it gets established as long term.

What I can do: McKay/Sheppard any rating. Kinks are okay, but heavy BDSM is not. I'm Carter friendly, so if someone wanted McShep with some element of her in it, I could do that as long as it wasn’t a full blown threesome. I can do crack and humor, fluff and happy endings.

What I can't do: Anything that's not McKay/Sheppard. Incredibly plotty things. Angst.

Pinch hitter?: Yes, if it's McKay/Sheppard.
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Things I'd like: Slash, hurt/comfort, graphic sex, good characterization. McKay with Sheppard, Beckett, Zelenka or Ronon (or any combination thereof). Zelenka with McKay, Beckett, Ronon or Sheppard (or any combination thereof). Women as part of threesomes are fine (Teyla and Sam preferred). Genderswitch is fun. Fluff and angst are also quite nice. Happy endings.

Things I wouldn't like: Femslash with women who were always women. (Back to the genderswitch thing-- if they're usually men, fine.) Out of character without explanation. Declarations of True Love out of nowhere. Permanent major character death.

What I can do: I'm better at slash, but I can pull of het and femslash if needed. Major characters, pre-season 4.

What I can't do: I'm not good at writing the minor characters as the focus of the story. So Miko/Lorne? So out of my ability to do well. Also, I'm not able to set anything in Season 4.

Pinch hitter?: Okydokey.