October 25th, 2007

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Who am I? Rowan

LiveJournal: http://seticat.livejournal.com/

E-mail: seticat@comcast.net

Things I'd like: Pretty much anything with Radek or Ronan as the main character. Gen, slash and het are fine - cross-overs with SG-1 only please?

Things I wouldn't like: killing people off, really 'stretch of the imigination' het or slash [keep Chuck out of this, please?]

What I can do: I'm fairly good with the main characters [folks like Peter Drofin, not so much]. I write gen and slash a lot better than het, but I'm willing to give it a try.

What I can't do: I don't do graphic slash or het - I do a lot of things by implication. Relationships with Wraith are *not* in my writing universe.

Pinch hitter?: In the event of someone not being able to complete their gift!fic, are you willing to be stand-in writer? - I'm willing to talk about it.

(no subject)

LiveJournal: kimberlite
E-mail: kimberlite at cox dot net

Things I'd like: OT4 or OT3 (Sheppard/McKay/Ronon), Sheppard/Ronon (warrior bond), Sheppard/Lorne, Sheppard/Ronon/Lorne, Sheppard/Mitchell, Sheppard/Lorne/Mitchell (flyboy hazing/rituals), Sheppard/Caldwell (D/s with sub!Sheppard), Sheppard/Evil!Sheppard. Are you sensing a trend? I'm also good with adding McKay to the mix as I generally see Sheppard/McKay as the bedrock pairing but I also like the other guys (and fic with those pairings is rarer so I'm asking). I like the guys in character and behaving like men, angst over humor, first time over established relationship (or at least being able to see why/how they got together if it's established), smut/NC-17, kink, BDSM, dub-con/enzyme!sex, AMTDI and the fallout, pon farr, loyalty/sacrifice, power dynamics, banter. I like it when Sheppard gets into situations where he's pushed to his limits for his team/friends but their strong emotional bond sees them through.

Things I wouldn't like: Schmoop, humor, weepy men, violence/graphic injury, character bashing, kid-fic, gen.

What I can do: Sheppard with any combination of McKay, Ronon or Lorne. I'm not adverse to adding Teyla, Cadman or Elizabeth into a m/m/f or m/m/m/f situation. I tend to write NC-17 (often BDSM and kink) but I'm also cool with branching out.

What I can't do: Gen, violence, humor, schmoop, long plot. No Kavanagh, and I don't think I could do Radek justice.

Pinch hitter?: Probably not, but it's okay to ask.