October 26th, 2007


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You have no idea how ****** difficult this has been to do!!!!

LiveJournal: http://flubber2kool.livejournal.com
E-mail: flubber2kool@yahoo.com OR flubber2kool@mail2chocolate.com
Things I'd like : Zalenka based fic, Zalenka in a relationship/friendship, relationship can be slash/het/3some ect, happy ending but can be after some whumping. Oh yes and imtimate realations(these do not have to be NC17 if the author doesnt want to.)
Things I wouldn't like: Non-con, Fem Slash, violent whumping, any graphic pain inducing, an unhappy ending.
What I can do: Will be willing to try anything that invloves the main characters, NC17, Slash/het/friendship/3somes ect. Will do AU.
What I cant do: Fem slash (I just cant write it!!!), BDSM, gratuatus physical violence, anything that involves minor characters eg Miko, Bates, non con.
Pinch Hitter - sorry not this year. I will not have a computer so will have to scrounge computer time.
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Elizabeth wants a pony

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LiveJournal: audreysmagic
E-mail: audreysmagic@yahoo.com
Things I'd like: Rodney/Radek or Radek/Elizabeth, general geekiness, Radek whumping (mild to heavy, your call), snarkiness, awkward declarations of love
Things I wouldn't like: Radek/Ronon, Radek/Sheppard, excessive torture, rape
What I can do: Any pairing with Radek except Teyla or Ronon, Rodney/Carson, Rodney/Radek/Carson, Teyla/Ronon, any genre except those noted below, AU, genderswitch of Radek or Rodney (hey, if anyone wants it, I'm game. :))
What I can't do: Sheppard/Weir, rape, McShep, NC-17, Radek/Teyla, Radek/Ronon, excessive torture
Pinch hitter?: sure

kassrachel, reporting for duty!

Hi all!

Livejournal: kassrachel

E-mail: kassrachel (at) gmail (dot) com

Things I'd like: I'm pretty enamored of John/Rodney, so a John/Rodney story would make me really happy. I have a soft spot for first time stories, though established-relationship stories are also grand. I dig banter, wit, snark, affection, John being smarter than he usually lets on, Rodney being braver than he usually lets on, trust, leaps of faith, happy endings.

Alternately, I could also be happy with a story that features the whole team; I love John and Rodney and Teyla and Ronon, and it makes me happy to see them hanging out together. (I like OT4 stories as well as gen stories, by the way.) I like Zelenka and Keller and Sam, too, so -- involve whoever makes you happy! I love stories that show me how these characters have found a home they never expected in Atlantis and in one another.

Things I wouldn't like: Character-bashing in any form. Sad endings. Non-con. Betrayal or death. People being mean to one another. The universe exploding (unless our characters were able to save it at the last minute, hooray!)

What I can do: I think I'm best at writing John/Rodney. Pretty much anything I listed above under "things I'd like" is a thing I can probably manage to do. :-)

What I can't do: Pretty much anything I listed above under "things I wouldn't like." *g*

Pinch hitter? Sorry, folks, not this year.

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LiveJournal: threnodyjones

E-mail: threnodyj\at\earthlink\dot\net

Things I'd like: I love AU's and non-AU's alike. If you're willing to do an AU, then John/Rodney; if not an AU, a serious (as in a real) Rodney/Ronon for slash or a credible Rodney/Teyla or Rodney/Cadman or Rodney/Vala for het. Something with substance/weight would be lovely.

Things I wouldn't like: Please no: fluff, BDSM, D/S, out of character people, marriage, mpreg, humiliation, genderswitch, bashing.

What I can do: Death, angst, happy, sad, optimistic, pessimistic, slash, het, plot, h/c, G-R ratings.

What I can't do: No fluff; BDSM; D/S; femslash; mpreg; Weir or Beckett as main romantic characters; I'd prefer no non-con because I won't have the time to properly write it; I'm horrible at humor and crack and humiliation and schmoop, so those are probably no-go's.

Pinch hitter?: No, I'm sorry.