October 27th, 2007

  • lillyjk

ooh! stories!

E-mail: lillyjk@gmail.com
Things I'd like: McKay/Sheppard is my preferred pairing but I like McKay/Lorne, or heck maybe even some McKay/Ronon. If the pairing is not McShep, I'd still like some McShep UST thrown in - and can I just say that jealousJohn is an all-occasion YES YES YES. I'd like Rodney to be a very pushy bottom. I love the idea of Rodney having to act as a servant/slave/bondsman to Sheppard. Humor is great, spanking is appreciated and Rodney being left speechless is an extra special bonus. Maybe a little kiss and make up angry!sex to go along with the jealous John. I'm not adverse to AUs, but I'd prefer the boys to get busy in the Pegasus Galaxy. Kink is welcome but not required.
Things I wouldn't like: No het please. And no super emotional tearful Rodney or the like. Shmoop is fine as long as it's not sugary sweet.
What I can do: I will write any slash at any rating as long as it doesn't include Wraith!slash or Kavanagh. I'll take a crack at threesomes or foursomes, and het doesn't bother me if it's mixed in with the slash. I can write light kink and powerplay fic. I'm pretty good at humor or angst - come on peeps - it's Christmas - I want happy shiny boys!
What I can't do: No Kavanagh or deathfic, otherwise I'm open to the possibilities
Pinch hitter?: can't do it this year, sorry