October 28th, 2007

Rizzoli and Isles
  • rysler


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Things I'd Like: Teyla/Ronon/Other. Any other, though I prefer Weir or McKay. OT4 or general team stories are awesome. New characters (Keller, Carter) are fine. I'd like off-world or Earth-based. Holiday-centric (ours or alien) is fine. Aliens made them do it is fabulous. I like humor, romance, adventure, whumping, hurt/comfort, darkfic, existential despair, and unresolved sexual tension. G to NC-17 fine. I also heart McShep and Ronon/Sheppard in all of the above motifs.
Things I Wouldn't Like: I don't like side pairings in the background. I prefer slash/femslash to het. No mpreg, character death, gender-switching, animal-changlings, age shifts, Carson, Cadman, Kavanagh, Heightmeyer, sentient!Atlantis, AU, scat, deathfic, replicators, replicated!heroes, or Wraith.
What I can do: Anything
What I can't do: Nothing.
Pinch hitter: Yup.