October 30th, 2007

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Things I'd like: I'd definitely like a McKay/Sheppard story. One set as recently as possible (i.e. including stuff that's happened in season 4). I find myself really liking Larrin, so if there's any way for her character to be included in the story (though not, I think, in the sex), that would be great. Possibly something where everyone's thrown together and McKay meets Larrin? And... shenanigans? I would also love to have John be a little jealous, but also a little teasing - any scene where John starts tormenting Rodney (either before or after the relationship starts) would be great.
Things I wouldn't like: To have any serious character deaths. Unless they come back to life, which would be cool.
What I can do: I'm more comfortable writing Earthside AUs, but I can try my hand at anything. I tend to write dialogue-heavy stuff (see Sister and Brother) with a more sarcastic sense of humor.
What I can't do: Anything involving romance with Carson. Sorry, just can't do it.
Pinch hitter?: If there's some way to work on a pinch-hit story *with* someone else, then sure - but I don't think I could write another story all on my lonesome.

In conclusion - thanks muchly!
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Here We Go

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Things I'd like: McKay/Sheppard, please, pre-slash & friendship is fine, too. I love team fic (though I'd still prefer it to be McShep). Angst or humor or angsty humor or humorous angst in any combination is fine. I'd like something kind of plotty and sci-fi if it can be arranged. I definitely prefer first-time, though established relationship is fine so long as the boys are not comfortable and settled at the start--I'd like their relationship to grow. I'm a sucker for time travel, alternate dimensions, quantum mirrors and the like. I love a good piece of alien tech that functions in an unexpected way. ("I told you not to touch that!") I also adore pining!John and jealous!John. If it's h/c, I tend to like RodneyWhump more than JohnWhump. AUs are okay, but no Mensaverse, please. Snark, wit, banter & affection= love.

Things I wouldn't like: John/Anyone but Rodney, unless it's a transitory thing (a temporary dalliance with an alien princess before John and Rodney get together or the like). Really dark/scary fic. Stories in which everyone is gay. OOC sappiness. Graphic torture. Heavy kink. OT4. Unhappy ending.

What I can do: McKay/Sheppard or gen with strong McKay/Sheppard friendship, or gen team. Any rating is fine. Angst or humor (you're likely to get both, frankly.)

What I can't do: Rape/Noncon, alien drugs, AUs. Mensaverse. OT4. Unhappy ending.

Pinch hitter?: Not this time. :(
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HYPERfocused's holiday hopes

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Things I'd like: slash, McKay/Sheppard is my usual, but I'm open to others and even threesomes, science, humor, h/c, affection without being ooc,AU (create a world where others can play, and I will be a happy fangirl!), crossovers (I'm open to fandoms but don't know anime type at all), playful kink (where they're just having fun, but it's not a lifestyle) well-fleshed slices of life; outsider POVs; stories written at least partially in other forms, such as letters (but please not entirely in netspeak or other teen lingo). Smut is good. Rimming is Love. Jewish content would be loved like matzoh ball soup.

Things I wouldn't like: scat/golden showers, seriously damaging kink, humiliation, het as primary pairing, mpreg, character assassination, any-two-guys smut (smut is fine, but I want to see recognizable characterization); partner betrayal, mpreg (though kidfic is okay)

What I can do: McKay/Sheppard, would try other slash pairings/threesomes. AU, crack, crossovers (depending on source, but try me).Better with character study than deep plot. Strengths in humor, description.

What I can't do: graphic het (really, I'd prefer not to do het as a main pairing), kink as lifestyle, non con, bdsm. I'm probably not the best choice for plotty fic based on non-recurring characters

Pinch hitter?: possibly
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