October 31st, 2007

David Hewlett and BorgTeddy
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sneaking in just before the deadline

LiveJournal: 2of7.livejournal.com
E-mail: two_of_seven@hotmail.com
Things I'd like:  McKay/Sheppard h/c with preferably lots of McKay whump. It can be dark and angsty as long as there is a happy ending. It can be on Atlantis (I´ve seen all the episodes, so the can be set in S4) or AU. Preferably first time, but established is fine too.

Things I wouldn't like:  permanent character death, an unhappy ending, f/f

What I can do:  McKay/Sheppard, gen, AU, crack.

What I can't do: f/f, het, pwp, threesomes, moresomes, NC 17, non con, bdsm

Pinch hitter?:  No.

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Secret Santa 2007 – Wishlist

LiveJournal: reulann

Email: reulann(at)snarkspace(dot)com

Things I’d like: Santa dearest, please give to me:

Above all, McShep, as long as it’s a nice, believable John/Rodney story, I’m pretty easy to please. I love first times, or the beginnings of a relationship where everything is still a bit new and uncertain. It absolutely has to have a happy ending!

Angst or h/c in between are fine. Romance is good as long as it’s not too sugary. Jealous!John is always nice, but not necessary. I would prefer a sensual story (touches, whispered endearments while in hiding, the guys taking their time with each other…) over graphic sex, though it can be NC-17. Plot would be appreciated. A seasonal plot would be especially nice, but isn’t necessary.

If you can add Zelenka, Ronon, Teyla or Sam in a supporting role (helping to hide the relationship, simple friendship and support), all the better, but it’s not necessary. And, pretty please, let the guys behave as grown ups and not like adolescent schoolgirls. Sentient Atlantis is always nice. I’m fine with AU, Earth based or just another adventure in the Pegasus galaxy, your choice ; )

Things I wouldn’t like:

No permanent death of major characters (as long as they come back to life somehow, I’m okay with it), non-con, BDSM, heavy Bondage, mpreg, genderswitch. No threesomes and moresomes, no permanent break-ups, no partner betrayal (mention of a former relationship or a recently ended affair is fine), no permanent maiming, no transforming into mystical creatures, no crack-fic, no unhappy ending, no bumbling or ‘weeping willow Rodney’, because my Rodney doesn’t give up and cry, he goes and fixes things ; )

Please, no Sam bashing either, I happen to like the character. If you don’t like her, don’t include her in the story.

What I can do: Obviously everything I would like for myself.

I can also write mild bondage (i.e. handcuffs or silk ties, blindfolds).

I can write John/Rodney/Sam Carter (as long as it’s a ‘comfort for Sam’ scenario and the boys include her somehow, or if she is the factor that makes them realize what they feel for each other while they are spending the night together), I can also write Rodney/Ronon, or Rodney/Teyla, or Rodney/Sam, if necessary. I’m not sure I could write a good John with anybody else story, but I’m willing to try if needed.

Pinch hitter: It looks as if I will have most of November and the beginning of December free, so yes.

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LiveJournal: temaris

Email: temaris at livejournal dot com

Things I’d like: McKay/Sheppard; team. Keller. Something with a happy, or at least hopeful, ending. Slash or gen :-)

Things I wouldn’t like: Mpreg, kids, people weeping, heavy or lifestyle bdsm, domestic discipline, permanent character death or mutilation. Please, no het. No scat or golden showers.

What I can do: Pretty much anything slash-wise. Not character death or DD. Also willing to expand to threesomes/moresomes with het content.

Pinch hitter: Um. Maybe *g*