December 13th, 2007

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Gently Modly Reminder - coding your posts

First of all, thank you to everyone who has managed to submit their story, particularly those people who managed to get their stories in early. We really appreciate it and you're all on Santa's nice list and will receive fic in your stocking :)

We appreciated it even more if you managed to format your submission in such a way that we only need to copy and paste it into LJ. As moonlettuce requested in her last post, if you want to use italics, bold tags or similar in your story, please make sure that you code them up in a format suitable for livejournal. That means using html tags such as:

< i>italics</i>
< b>bold</b>
< u>underline</u>

only without the space in the first tag, obviously.

Unfortunately, quite a few people have been sending us stories in Word, with words italicised, bolded or underlined but with no html tags. This means that copying and pasting into LJ will result in this formatting being lost unless:

- Claire or I go through and put the tags in for you
- we convert the Word document into HTML and copy and paste that in, which is Bad and Wrong and kills kittens (or at least a lot of people's browsers)
- we use the rich text option on livejournal, which is also Bad and Wrong for similar reasons.

Since Claire and I only tend to the Bad and Wrong when it involves writing porn (because anything else we're not admitting to in public), this means that we've been going through and coding them up for you, but we simply aren't going to have time to do that from now on. It's now the 13th, and to date we've only received 32 out of 76 stories due (they were due by the 10th). We start posting tomorrow. Cue lots of flailing.

So I'm afraid that from today, anything that's received without html tags around any fancy schmancy formatting will have to be posted without any fancy schmancy formatting at all. Sorry.

In the same vein, given the rather large number of authors who have requested an extension, if you're one of them, please do your very best to make sure that your fic gets to us by the agreed extension date. If you do, we'll love you forever. In a non-Bad and Wrong way, obviously.

And if you're one of the three authors who hasn't provided us with either a story, or a request for an extension, please can you let us have one or the other as soon as possible. We have mailed you, so please check your e-mail as well, even if you think you're not one of them. Just in case the reindeers have eaten fic or plea en route.

Thank you.
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