January 4th, 2011

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  • alyse

Attention: All Members

Dear all

Claire and I have been running SG:A Santa for six years now, and while it's occasionally been hard work, we've always appreciated the generosity of spirit and sheer joy that people bring to the exchange, from the people who participate, to those who pinch hit and those who don't write but who take the time to leave feedback for our authors. You've always made it fun and always been positive and upbeat about the exchange, treating each other with respect and kindness (at least publically :)). We sincerely appreciate the fact that you've all been full of the Christmas spirit, even if the present that you got under the tree wasn't exactly what you wanted Santa to bring, and we love you all ♥.

Unfortunately, there is always one rotten apple who tries to spoil it for everyone.

For the first time ever, Claire and I have just had to ban someone for their behaviour. And not just from sga_santa. No, they're banned from everything we run in the history of forever. (Never let it be said we are not righteously vengeful when the situation calls for it.)

Trolling other authors taking part in the exchange is both seriously uncool and utterly unacceptable. Doing it the way this person did? Spectacularly stupid.*

This message has been brought to you by Al and Claire, who are older and have more insurance**.

And now I'll return you to your regularly scheduled broadcasts.

* we're talking Darwin Award levels of stupid here, people

** bonus points to the people who get the quote.