May 10th, 2011

mcshep smoldering

Hey all! Newbie here, so I hope I do this right?

Things I like: Sheppard/McKay slash, or Weir/McKay het, I pretty much like Rodney with just about anyone, but those two are my top favorites,  mpreg, insecure!Rodney, Protective!John, insecure or protective!Elizabeth, Protective!Rodney, I'd love to read a mcshweir threesome fic where aliens make all three of them do it. Liz and Rodney both end up pregnant with John's kids and he finds out and is extreamly protective of them. I just adore a protective John.
Things I don't like: Sheppard/Weir without a side of McKay, Carter/McKay, crossovers outside of SG-1, evil!John or evil!Rodney but if an alien artifact is affecting them I'll make an acception.

What I can do: Sheppard/McKay, Weir/McKay, Beckett/Weir, anything except the following below

What I can't do: Sheppard/Weir without a side of McKay, slash other than Sheppard/McKay, evil!John, evil!Rodney

Pinch hitter: No.