September 20th, 2011

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I'm all in!

It really is "the most wonderful time of the year"!



Things I'd like: John/Rodney is my OTP, not gonna lie! But, I'm open. If my author has a plan, a yearning to write another pairing? Who am I to interfer? All I really, really need for true happiness is a truly happy ending!

Things I wouldn't like: I'm not a fan of least heavy kink. I don't like bashing or character assasinations. I'm not a fan of threesomes or moresomes...but I've been swayed in the past! No main character death, please.

What I can/can't do: I can do slash or het. I'm familiar with SGA, SG-1 but not Universe. I can do any rating tho I must warn my porn is never very porny. I'm old...I can't help it. I learned last year not to volunteer for threesomes or moresomes. No heavy kink or humiliation. I've done death fic but people! It's Christmas!

Pinch hitter?: Sure. This is the one challenge I look forward to all year!
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I've never done this before...

(There's only so many times you can use that line in life! ::grin::)

LiveJournal: squidgiepdx


Things I'd like: I'm a true John/Rodney slash fan all the way, though because of some people (::cough:: ::cough:: clwilson2006) I'm also a pretty good Lorne/Parrish fan.  It's gotta be slash, not gen (sorry!).  I love a good romantic tale, first times, and the boys being awkward (i.e. themselves).  I'm also a sucker for kidfic.  Threesomes are sometimes good - but not John/Rodney/OMC.  I like my threesomes of the Pornex variety (Parrish/Lorne/Dex).

Things I wouldn't like: I'm not a Keller fan - sorry!  Also, no death fic, no permanant injury.

What I can do: I am 95% slash.  I've only written a couple gen/het stories in my life, so truly I just want to write slash.  John/Rodney or Lorne/Parrish, or even threesomes.

What I can't do: I'd much rather not write het at all, or even gen.  Or write John/Rodney/OMC threesomes.  No deathfic or genderswap.

Pinch hitter?: Absolutely!

The power of (legally procribed) meds compells me...


lj: aadarshinah

Things I'd (not) like: John/Rodney in any form you like, and if Laura Cadman or the various members of SG1 could make a (non-threesome or moresome) appearance, that would be fantastic, but, please no real kinks, and no pairings of John or Rodney with anyone else unless it's as a plot device to get to McShep

What I can('t) do: I'll write really anything, but will only 1) write John/Rodney together, without anyone else unless it's to get to McShep (see above), or 2) PWP

Pinch hitter?: Er, sure, but same rules as above apply

I love this time of year!

All hail the mods! \o/

LiveJournal: goddess47

E-mail: computergoddess47 at

Things I'd like: John/Rodney -- most any way I can get them. Bonus for Team in any form. Some angst on the way to a happy ending is good; adventure; something with Jumpers; almost any AU; John gets that PhD; Harlequin; mpreg; saving Pegasus/Earth from the Wraith; mission gone right; going back to Earth together (visit or to stay).

Things I wouldn't like: Pure het or anything that pairs John or Rodney with anyone else unless it's on it's way to McShep; deathfic is too sad this time of year (unless it ends up happy somehow!); under age;

What I can do: Mostly slash, primarily McShep but I can write something that looks gen-ish and anything involving Team.

What I can't do: Pure het, John/Rodney with anyone else

Pinch hitter?: Maybe. Depends on where my fic is and how RL is going. Feel free to ask!

Sign me up!

LiveJournal: danceswithgary


Things I'd like: McKay/Sheppard (slash) or Team (gen) in adventure and/or exploration and/or hurt/comfort with happy ending. Angst and drama is fine as long as it all works out in the end. Additional slash or het background pairings are fine.

Things I wouldn't like: Permanent death of McKay or Sheppard (temporary okay), non-con, partner betrayal, McKay or Sheppard in another pairing (references to previous relationships okay), mpreg, genderswitch, character bashing

What I can do: McKay/Sheppard slash

What I can't do: Het, slash pairings outside McKay/Sheppard, permanent death of McKay/Sheppard or rest of team, genderswitch, mpreg, non-con, partner betrayal, NC-17

Pinch hitter?: Possibly, if I manage to finish my assignment and it fits the can/can't lists
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Wheeee! SGA Santa Time!

E-mail: telesilla (at) gmail (dot) com

Things I'd like: Pairings: John/Rodney, John/Rodney/Ronon, John/Rodney/Ronon/Teyla, John/Ronon, Rodney/Ronon, Rodney/Teyla, or Jennifer/John/Rodney (if you write this last one, I'd really like all of them to be together at the end of the fic).

I'm a big fan of AUs; steampunk, urban fantasy or Vegas based AUs in particular will make me incredibly happy and some combination of those three would be awesome! Other kinds of AUs are good too including canon type AU's like cut off from/abandoned by Earth stories, or Conversion based fics where John's still part bug. I'm always happy with fic that examines Pegasus cultures. And of course, I like kink and porn, but I'd rather you were comfortable than not, so don't feel obliged to get kinky/porny.. If you do write kink, I like D/s, painplay of all kinds, dubcon and tentacles (dubcon tentacles are so made of win). Showing the characters negotiate is always a plus, as is one character introducing the other to a new kink. I don't mind angst, but I like some emotional pay off and a happy ending after heavy angst.

Things I wouldn't like: I utterly loathe character bashing, so please none of that, particularly bashing canon partners in order to write a different pairing. I don't like WNGWJLEO, or slash in which one of the characters acts like every bad female stereotype you've ever seen. No deathfic, please.

What I can do: I'll write all of the pairings I list aboce. I'm good with kink and porn and kinky porn of all kinds. I'll write AUs or canon based fic or canon based AUs.

What I can't do: Pairings other than the ones I list above. I don't write gen and I won't do deathfic. I have a hard time writing heavy-duty angst and I won't do character whumping/bashing.

Pinch hitter?: Probably not.
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LiveJournal: altyronsmaker

E-mail: altyronsmaker at yahoo dot com

Things I'd like: I'm a John/Rodney shipper, but I'm not limiting anyone. I like slash, het, gen. I love sentient Atlantis stories. I like email/letter type stories. If my author wants to bring the guys back to Earth, that's cool too. Stories with Jeannie are fun to read. AUs are awesome! I love Caldwell/Weir, Lorne Zelenka, Teyla, Ronon. Keller when she's not connected to Rodney romantically. Team fic. You know what? Whatever you bring to the table (so long as it doesn't contain the things I don't like) I'll read and thoroughly enjoy! What I'd like to read is something with some angst but with a definitive happy ending. Something meaty and plotty, with some sweetness infused. :)

Things I wouldn't like: partner betrayal/cheating, death!fic, non-con, kink (I'm not into spanking or bondage or BDSM, sub/dom or role play stuff. I've tried it, read it, didn't like it. So I'd appreciate it if the person who gets my request not include it in their fic.) and scary gory stuff. Yikes. I'm highly suggestible and had nightmares last year after readin the 'worms' story for mcshep match. Great writing, but SCARY!!! ETA: I don't like Ronon and Teyla to be left out or used only marginally in the stories. :(

What I can do: I can do gen, het, slash, character pieces, first times.

What I can't do: Not so keen on Todd fic. Not a big John/Elizabeth writer - I don't buy them as a couple. If you're looking for super accurate sciencey stuff, ya might want to check further down the list, because most of that stuff goes over my head. Non-con, kink fic, death fic - not something I'm comfortable with writing. ETA: I have next to no knowledge of SG-1, so I can't write those guys, apologies :(.

Pinch hitter?: not this year, alas. :(
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It's the Happiest Time of the Year!

LiveJournal: ldyanne
E-mail: rneeo(at)
Things I'd like: Team fic is my favorite thing, with the team out exploring the Pegasus Galaxy (as I'm sure they're still doing), fic featuring John and/or Rodney would also be loved and petted.  Love Pegasus-based fic or AUs, I'm pretty good with almost anything (although I do prefer happy endings).
Things I wouldn't like: McShep is my OTP, so I'd like John, Rodney or the team to be the focus of the story.  I don't want deathfic or heavy themes.
What I can do:  I can write gen fic or McShep, but that's the only pairing I write.  Otherwise, I like to write action/adventure, h/c, friendship, AUs
What I can't do: Death fic or anything too heavy.  No pairings except McShep, no het.
Pinch hitter?: Sorry, not this year

Ho! Ho! Ho!...Making my list!

LiveJournal: stella_pegasi


Things I'd like: One of the few Gen only fangirls, Sheppard centric…love action/adventure, hurt/comfort, humor, friendship. Love stories that are set on Atlantis, but love the ones off world as well. Sheppard's my favorite, Rodney, Radek, Carson, Lorne, Ronon, Carter, Woolsey. Don't mind a crossover with SG-1. AU would be ok but like either scifi or fantasy AU's. Whump is good….not picky about the story as long as Shep is a hero and there is a happy, or at least, satisfying ending.

Things I wouldn't like: No deathfics, no slash, het, or NC-17 (not opposed to it just don't like it for these characters.), no permanent injuries. Not a big fan of Teyla or Elizabeth, so don't mind if they are not in the fic, but ok if they are.

What I can do: I write action/adventure, h/c, friendship, humor, character studies. Love mixing SG-1 into the mix, especially Mitchell. Will also write AU's.

What I can't do: No slash, het, NC-17, no deathfics.

Pinch hitter?: I doubt if I can….I have signed up for too many of these already.
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Yay signups!

LiveJournal: smallearthcat

E-mail: vamplover82[at]gmail[dot]com

Things I'd like: John/Rodney? I mean, that's definitely what I love best, though I could also go for gen fic centered around either one of them. I prefer canon-based stuff, first time fic, fluff, and definitely a happy ending.

Things I wouldn't like: Dark fic or too much angst, permanent character death, non con, BDSM, partner betrayal, pairings other than John/Rodney that aren't in the background.

What I can do: Can do John/Rodney slash or gen fic about either of them.

What I can't do: Pretty much the same things I don't like in a fic.

Pinch hitter?: Yeah, probably. You can certainly ask.
SGA: Santa Hermiod

SGA Secret Santa 2011

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

::ahem:: Sorry, wrong fandom.

Anyway, I was sitting here thinking to myself about life, the universe and everything* and I thought Self, you're getting restless. Life doesn't have as much meaning any more and you're suffering from a terrible case of ennui. So, off I trotted to Google (only metaphorically, of course, since I was sitting at the computer and there was no actual trotting involved at all) and googled "cure for terrible case of ennui." We'll ignore the first option, since I'm pretty sure it's immoral, illegal and physically impossible. Also, it would be a 'mare to source a llama at this time of night.

But the second option? Well, apparently, the best sure for a terrible case of ennui is to use a picture of a small grey naked alien wearing a festive hat in some way.

Well, Self, I thought, you just happen to have one of those to hand. Of course, I couldn't just randomly post a picture of a small grey naked alien wearing a festive hat for no reason. That would just be daft. Which meant, I had to have a reason. So, I continued to think. Self, I thought again, what possible reason could you have that would necessitate the use of a picture a small grey naked alien wearing a festive hat?

And then it came to me.

Which is a tl;dr way of saying SGA Secret Santa 2011 is open for business *\o/*

Bring us your gen, your het, your slash.

Bring us your OTPs, your threesomes, your forgies, your puppypiles in the middle of the gateroom.

Bring us John and Teyla and Rodney and Ronon.

Bring us Wraith and Asurans and Asgard and Genii.

Bring us John, in love with his entire team and realising the only choice he has to make is what flavour lube to use. Bring us Richard and Jennifer, neither realising what the other is thinking until they both reach out. Bring us Sam, who never understood what an awesomely porntastic place Atlantis was until she got there and realised that the Friday Night Free-For-All wasn't a pot luck dinner.

Bring us the stories that long to be told, the ones that rest on the lips of Evan, of Teyla, of Richard.

Bring us your requests, bring us enough fic to see us all the way through the festive season and out the other side.

The relevant dates:

Sign-ups are between now and Sunday October 9th. All the requests will then be jumbled up and sent back out by October 16th (gives us time to match everyone up).

Responses to gift requests are to be sent to one of the moderators (moonlettuce or alyse) on or before December 10th.

Between December 14th and December 23rd all gift!fics will be posted for your delight and delectation.

To join the exchange, simply sign up to the community and post a request with the following information:

Things I'd like: You can request as many things as you'd like in here. That doesn't mean you'll get them all, but there's no harm in asking. If you'd like a specific pairing, or character, then speak now or forever hold thy peace :-)
Things I wouldn't like: If there's anything you wouldn't like to receive (pairing, character, etc) then here's the place to mention it.
What I can do: Are you a slash only person? Do you only write a specific character or pairing?
What I can't do: If there's anything you feel you can't do, then please say so here. If you can't write NC-17 fic, or have no desire to write het / slash, or a specific pairing or character then please say so.
Pinch hitter?: In the event of someone not being able to complete their gift!fic, are you willing to be stand-in writer?

Please post your request as a new post in the community.

For those people without LJs, the non-LJ sign-up post is here:

All stories should be a minimum of 1,000 words in length and everyone who signs up to receive a story will be expected to write one in return.

Please note, if you do not get a story to us in time we will organise a pinch hitter so that your recipient isn't left without a fic at the end of the fest. If we do this, do not whine at us, because all we will do is mock.

Other information can be found here. Any questions, just ask.

* Also known as X-Men: First Class Charles/Erik porn...
SGA: Santa Hermiod

Non-LJ Signup Post

This is the sign up post for people without LJs. If you don't have a LiveJournal and would like to participate, please leave your request here as a reply to this post.

Rules / dates to remember / request template are here.

If you do have a LiveJournal, then please make your request a new post.
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My favourite time of year (and not just cause it's football season)

LiveJournal: reddwarfer
E-mail: ajrimmerspaceadventurer at gmail dot com

(This is basically the same prompt I did last year. With a few changes.)

Things I'd like:
Pairing: John Sheppard/Rodney Mckay. (Either first time or established)
1. Conversion AU in which Bug!John never fully reverts...(I'd really like that)
2. Contemporary AUs.
3. Travel/time travel/bending of the space/time continuum.
4. Happy endings.
5. I'd like to see their friendships with other people as well as John/Rodney's relationship. (Radek and Rodney's friendship. John and Ronon's friendship. John and Rodney's friendship with Teyla...etc...)
6. Moving in with each other/marrying/bonding/etc.
7. Anything with an Alt John with canon John/Rodney.
8. Pheromones, mind-melds, instinct, base attraction as a means of getting together.

Kinks/Sex type things:
1. Consensual sex is a must. Not I will pressure you until you say yes. Not I will screw you til you say yes. A MUTUAL yes from start to finish, please.
2. I'd be perfectly delighted with Bug!John/Rodney sex. Really, really delighted.
3. I prefer John topping. (and John being possessive and handsy with Rodney)
4. I also love Rodney being an extremely enthusiastic bottom.
5. Biting. Lots of it. during sex. Scratching, too.
6. Spanking.
7. Rough sex.
8. Face fucking (yay fellatio) Or breathplay during fellatio.
9. Rimming/Felching
10. I'm fairly cool with most sex acts. Lube of some kind is good.

Things I wouldn't like:
1. Non-consensual sex. Rape. Attempted Rape. AMTDI
2. Any ship aside from John/Rodney. John and Rodney can have pasts, I just don't want it to be the focus. Mentions of side pairings for Teyla, Ronon or any secondary characters are fine.
3. McKeller. I don't want to read about their break up, either. I'm perfectly willing to take their breakup as read. Light references to their past relationship are fine. However, friendships with Jennifer are fine.
4. Partner betrayal, assumed or real.
5. Character bashing.
6. John and/or Rodney using each other for sex.
7. Sex without affection.
8. Rodney or John with internalized homophobia.
9. Gay for you/WNGWJILWEO scenarios.
10. Lemon chicken/Post-trinity fics.
11. Molson Canadian beer.
12. First/Second person.

What I can do: I'd prefer to write Rodney/John. I wouldn't mind writing Radek gen or Team fic. Any rating. Almost any kink. Anything on my yes list.

What I can't do: McKeller. Carson as a major character. John or Rodney with anyone but each other. Pairings that require knowledge of SG-1 or crossovers. Very rare pairs. Rape/Non-con. Partner Betrayal. Threesomes/Moresomes. Schmoop. Crackfic. I'd really prefer not to receive an extremely vague prompt (oh, god the writer's block. There's freedom in restrictions.), though I know it's up to you guys.

Pinch hitter?: Sure. Just ask.
Atlantis group

'Tis the season? Already???

But I haven't even gotten my Halloween candy yet! Oh well. If I must, I must.  :)

LiveJournal: linziday

E-mail: linziday2000 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Things I'd like:  Gen. Serious Rodney-centric h/c with team. Like, serious h/c. Make my stomach drop and my bottom lip quiver and my whole body slump in relief at the end. If that doesn't work for you, I'm pretty happy with anything gen that's Rodney-centric or teamy. Also, I'd like a kumquat. (I don't know why. I just felt like throwing that in. ;0)

Things I wouldn't like: Character death, torture, rape, explicit sex, dark/ambiguous ending.  

What I can do: Gen. All characters and character POVs (though I'm best with Rodney and John). I'm best with humor, angst, friendship, team, and h/c. I can do action and AUs, but they're not necessarily my strongest.  

What I can't do: Slash, het, explicit sex of any kind, rape, torture, mpreg. If you want completely accurate and very detailed medical stuff beyond what pops up on Google, I'm probably not your person.   

Pinch hitter?: No, sorry.

Jeannie's wonder


Livejournal: ladysorka

Email: ladysorka [at] gmail [dot] com

Things I'd like: What I'd really love this year is some John/Jennifer/Rodney, or alternately some Jeannie or Team-centric gen. If you decide to go the John/Jennifer/Rodney route, I'd really prefer that they end up together longterm.

Some things I like in fic are plot, team, family, friendship, love, banter, domesticity, Pegasus cultures, action, explosions, guns, war, people who kick ass and take names, people who are damn good at their jobs, "science", science fiction, and SG-1 crossovers. In shipfic, I also really enjoy kink, especially bdsm and public sex, but it's definitely not necessary.

I'd also really prefer a hopeful ending. It doesn't have to be a happy ending, and you can drag them through hell to get there, I'd just like to be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Things I wouldn't like: Character bashing or SGC bashing, amnesia, non-science fiction AUs, a heavy emphasis on Carson, background Jack/Daniel or Lorne/Parrish.

What I can do: Gen of pretty much all sorts, John/Rodney, SG-1 crossovers. If you need an esoteric het or femslash pairing covered, I might be able to do it, but it'd probably be safer to drop me a line and doublecheck.

What I can't do: Porn, graphic torture/whump, heavy angst, Carson fic, John/Cam, SGU crossovers. I don't think I could do Lorne or Woolsey justice.

Pinch hitter?: Possibly

Happy holidays!

E-mail: webqueenis30 at gmail dot com

Things I'd like: Anything Ronon! Ronon/Teyla, Ronon/Elizabeth, Ronon/John (special fondness here), Ronon/Lorne, Ronon/Rodney, Ronon/Amelia, Ronon/Jennifer. I also like OT4 and any of the Whispers gang (femslash all around there!). I love AUs or What If situations.

Things I wouldn't like: Caveman!Ronon.

What I can do: I can write gen or slash or het. Hurt/comfort and angst are okay. I'm GREAT at humor.

What I can't do: I'm not big on major squick or major porn. I've also discovered I'm not much of a McShep writer even though I have great respect for the pairing.

Pinch hitter?: It depends on what's going on at the time you need the fic.
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It's That Time Again! Yay!

LiveJournal: sexycazzy
Things I'd like: Anything to do with Lorne! I love Lorne/Parrish, Lorne/Sheppard, Lorne/Radek or crossover with Lorne/Mitchell. I also won't mind any form of any threesome/foursome with these pairings. I also like the lovely Scottish doctor, Carson. I like to pair him with McKay, Lorne or Sheppard. But no McShep in any form, please. Smut, romance & happy endings, post-series 5 are all my favourite fics to read. Esp. if Atlantis was a established colony, either cut off from Earth or keeping in contact with Earth but as allies, instead of Atlantis working for Earth/SGC/IOA. I also like D/s or BDSM universe stories.
Things I wouldn't like: Mpreg, death!fics, McShep
What I can do: slash, any pairing as above plus Sheppard/Mitchell, Rodney/Ronon, kink, D/s & BDSM, romance
What I can't do: het, death!fics, McShep, mpreg
Pinch hitter?: nope (has too many fics to write!)