September 21st, 2011

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Jumping on the Festive Bandwagon...

Oh, I'm crazy to do this! And yet....

LiveJournal: shaddyr

E-mail: shaddyr (at) yahoo (dot) ca

Things I'd like: Oh, I'm a McShep girl, through and through. I like so *many* things, it's hard to choose. Mostly, though, I'm happy when the boys are being themselves - Rodney, in all of his brilliant, snartastic glory, arrogant yet fragile; John, acting the part of the laissez–faire commander, hiding the fierce dedication and willingness to sacrifice everything for his city; both of them, in their own way, a unique study in contradictions.

I do like them spicy, I'm good with some kink, but I'd like my prezzie to be on the milder, more relaxed side. I don't mind some pain, angst or suffering, but there needs to be a resolution, preferably happy; perfection is not required.

Things I wouldn't like: Death fic. Pure crack fic. Underage. Massive angst.

What I can do: Humour and snark! McShep of any stripe; from innocent bromance, through light flirting/fade-to-black kissing right up to full on NC17 sex up against the wall. First times. I'm good with including team or other characters (I like Lorne, Zelenka and Cadman) but I can't do a big puppy pile, OT4-or-more; it would be casual involvement only.

What I can't do: Death fic. Seriously overwhelming angst, H/C or whump. Straight up, current McKeller. Serious, heavy kink.

Pinch hitter?: I wish I could say yes to this, but - no. I'm lame like that. Sorry.
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Greetings from a multishipper

LiveJournal: heeroluva


Things I'd like: any combination of Sheppard/Dex/Beckett/Zelenka/McKay/Lorne/Mitchell EXCEPT John/Rodney or Lorne/Mitchell on their own. If Teyla (or the team in general) makes an appearance (in a friendship role) that would be awesome too.

I prefer character/relationship driven stories as opposed to action drive (not to say it can't be there, just not the main focus. I like relationships that don’t following the normal pattern (ex. fuck buddies to friends to something more), relationships that aren’t perfect but work, poly relationships, exploration of sexuality (pansexuality, romantic asexuality, etc.), people that aren't strictly tops/bottoms during sex (a preference for one of the other is fine, but not a refusal to do the opposite role if the other person desires it), kink* mentoring/acceptance, h/c (I love the hurting… emotional, mental, physical… impotence, disabilities, gender issues, sexuality, age difference... it’s all good, and I particularly love the comforting. I don't have a problem with dark themes. Rape/torture is fine as long as there is plenty of recovery afterward.), aliens being aliens (culture, biology, psychology)... mostly applies to Ronon but could do something with the Ancients.

Also pre-season 3 or ambiguous timeframe is preferred. I LOVE bug!John or other transformations. I wouldn't mind a crossover with SG-1 (Jack/Daniel?) or any other series I'm familiar with (see profile). PWP is cool but I prefer some plot in there.

Things I wouldn't like: gen, het (unless it's background), John/Rodney or Lorne/Mitchell on their own (I'm fine with them being in a threesome/moresome with others), stupid!Ronon (he survived seven years on the run from the Wraith afterall!), love at first sight, infidelity, magic penis makes everyone’s problems go away, genderbending, seme/uke trope, scat, vomit, underage, graphic mpreg, necrophilia, vore, daddy!kink (or any ageplay), crack, fluffy humor, total AUs, character bashing, massive ooc-ness without explanation

What I can do: Slash, any combination of Sheppard/Dex/Beckett/Zelenka/McKay/Lorne/Mitchell EXCEPT John/Rodney or Lorne/Mitchell on their own, I'm not afraid of writing kink*, and enjoy writing h/c

What I can't do: Same as things I wouldn't like

Pinch hitter?: Maybe, feel free to ask

*Non-exhaustive list of kinks I like/can write: clothing kink (half dressed sex, sex where one person's naked and the other not, etc.), scars, lots of kissing, rough sex, light blood play, size kink, fisting, sounding, sex toys, exhibitionism/voyeurism, barebacking, stubble (beards), foreplay (drawn out), begging, nipple play, BDSM, d/s, rimming, sensation play, frottage, impotence, piercings/tattoos, fuck or die, AMTDI, prostitution, pushy bottoms, rape recovery, fucked out and messy, cum play, watersports, enemas
SGA - Rodney says no.

(no subject)

LiveJournal: omg_wtf_yeah (omg_wtf_yeah)


Things I'd like: John Sheppard/Rodney McKay only please (♥ McShep!!!). I like Team friendship, strong Ronon and Teyla presence, misunderstandings, comedy/banter, friends with benefits plots, John POV, AUs, canon verse, rewrites (I would squeal uncontrollably about a X-Files crossover with John/Rodney primary pairing, Mulder/Scully tensions)

Things I wouldn't like: John or Rodney paired with others, underage, heavy kink, character death, rapefic, permanent injury, genderswap, homophobic or really fucked-up!John, fic written in first or second person, permanent break-ups, John/Rodney/main characters permanently leaving Atlantis

What I can do: John/Rodney, Teyla femslash, Teyla/Ronon, Jeannie/Teyla, Jeannie/Ronon, Ronon/Radek, Lorne/Zelenka, Elizabeth/Lorne, Elizabeth/Ronon

What I can't do: John or Rodney paired with others, underage, heavy kink, character death, rapefic, permanent injury, genderswap, homophobic or really fucked-up!John, fic written in first or second person, permanent break-ups, John/Rodney/main characters permanently leaving Atlantis

Pinch hitter?: Sure thing.

Add me to the mix

LiveJournal: ladyamarra
E-mail: LadyAmarra (at)
Things I'd like: Rodney/John. Rodney being his usual charming self and John being John. Loving between the two. Established relationship or a first time, a little whumpage and maybe a alien priestess shaking up the mix. Jealous!Rodney.  Genderbender stories with one of them getting a girl for a while.

Things I wouldn't like: Character death. Mpreg.
What I can do: Slash (even kinky things) or Gen, generally I prefer to write John/Rodney but there are other pairings I can add to the mix.
What I can't do: Underage (urgh) And no Het pairings that involve John or Rodney
Pinch hitter?: Yes, but only if there is enough time left.

Christmas is coming!

LiveJournal: admiralandrea fic found at alf_fic
E-mail: admiralandrea @
Things I'd like: John/Rodney or John/Rodney/Ronon/Teyla, bottom!John, kink esp. spanking, happy fic
Things I wouldn't like: No angst, no death fic, no other pairings than the ones above
What I can do: John/Rodney, John/Rodney/Ronon/Teyla, bottom!John, kink
What I can't do: Angst or death fic
Pinch hitter?: Sorry, no.
mcshep what

I Think I Have One More In Me

LiveJournal: sian1359
E-mail: sian1359 at yahoo dot com

Things I'd like:  John Centric Slash and H/C with at least a tiny plot and a happy ending. I'd prefer him to be paired with Rodney though I'm not adverse to him with Ronon, Lorne, Mitchell or Teyla (as part of an OT4 only). Action/Adventure Team Gen is okay too. If AU, I'd prefer a cop/procedural type setting with all the regular players around, or something in an urban fantasy. If canon, I'd prefer the city is in Pegasus. Like physical h/c more than angst, though I don't want John incapcitated the whole story with everyone just reacting around his body, and a side-dish of angst is fine. Something simple like a broken wrist, twisted knee or dislocated shoulder would be just as good as a gunshot or whatever -- no concussions, though, please. Sam being in charge would be the cherry on top (ie: season 4 in canon). Vala being involved would also be fun.

Things I wouldn't like: Genderswap, heavy kink, mpreg, simply porn, character assassinations, military bashing.

What I can do: I'd prefer to do McShep or team this year.

What I can't do: Heavy kink, genderswap ... pretty much the things I woudn't like. Het. Ignoring Rodney if it's a John story.

Pinch hitter? I'll be lucky not to finish this one last minute.
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Is it really that time already?!

LiveJournal: bluflamingo
E-mail: bluflamingofic @

Things I'd like:
-Keller/Vega fix-it fic where Vega doesn't die. Or AU where they live together with their dog
-Gen Sam and John friendship
-What do the secondary characters get up to together (Cadman, Lorne, Katie Brown, Nurse Marie, Dr Simpson, Keller, Vega's team)
-Vega's team bonding (preferably before she dies)
-Femslash involving any combination of Keller, Cadman, Brown, Vega, Carter, Teyla; if you need a prompt, how about midnight in the city
-Ford, Lorne and Ronon bonding

Things I wouldn't like:
-Mcshep (unrequited, in the past, hints of, actual pairing)
-X is only with Y because they can't be with Z
-Elizabeth/Carson/Rodney centric fic
-Character death/non-con including aliens make them do it/pregnancy (though existing kids are fine)

What I can do:
-Any combination of Lorne/Ronon/Mitchell/Sheppard/Ford
-Any combination of Keller/Carter/Katie Brown/Cadman/Vega/Teyla
-Gen/friendship involving any of those characters
-Any genre not listed in 'I can't do'

What I can't do:
-Elizbaeth/Rodney/Carson-centric fic
-Action/adventure, crackfic

Pinch hitter?: Probably
marvel boys

Most wonderful time of the year!

LiveJournal: scrollgirl
Email: scroll_of_aberjian @

Things I'd like: I would prefer an SG-1 crossover! My two preferred pairings are: John/Cameron Mitchell, John/Jack O'Neill. In slash, I prefer John on the bottom. Alternatively, you could write het: Ronon/Jennifer, John/Jennifer. If you write a pairing fic, I'd love for there to be some sex... or at least some groping and intense making-out! *g* I'm fine with most tropes, including dubcon or AMTDI. But no sex is also fine! I love gen/friendship stories involving John, Ronon, Teyla, Sam, and/or Jennifer (any combination). I also strongly believe the world needs more Teal'c & Vala & Ronon & Teyla friendship fic.

I like relationship fic, episode tags, and slice-of-life stories. But if you have a great idea for an action-adventure fic that explores non-Earth cultures (in Pegasus or in Milky Way), that would be awesome too. Any rating is fine, whether G or NC-17.

Things I wouldn't like: John/Rodney, of any sort. Rodney showing up or being discussed (a brief reference is fine). Elizabeth, Carson, or Daniel Jackson in a major role. Mentions of Jack/Sam or Jack/Daniel. John as slacker, pretty pretty princess, or psycho killer. Jeannie written as female!Rodney. Bashing of the SGC or Air Force. Bashing of the Ancients. References to SGU (I haven't watched it). Mpreg, "they all work at Starbucks" AUs (canon-ish AUs are fine), crackfic, whump, unrelenting angst/darkness, death or permanent injury.

What I can do: John/Cam, John/Ronon, Jack/John, Ronon/Jennifer, John/Jennifer, John/Jeannie. First times, established relationships, UST, kinky sex, dubcon for any of the above pairings. Gen for John, Ronon, Teyla, Sam, Jennifer, or Jeannie. Gender-switch for John. SG-1 crossovers. I can write episode tags and slice-of-life stories. I can write AUs, whether it's the quantum mirror type or a "they all work at Starbucks" AU. Any rating is fine.

What I can't do: Rodney, Carson, Elizabeth, or Woolsey as main characters. Mpreg, crackfic, whump, unrelenting angst/darkness, death or permanent injury. Plotty action-adventure. Hardcore BDSM (mild kink is fine).

Pinch hitter?: No, sorry.
marvel - purple barton

Honk if you love multishipping

LiveJournal: sabinelagrande
Things I'd like: As for pairings, my favorites are John/Rodney and Weir/Caldwell. I'm also open to AR-1 in any combination (or all of them!), anyone/Zelenka (particularly Ronon), Rodney/Katie, John/Caldwell, or John/Woolsey.

As far as characters go, John, Weir, and Caldwell are my favorites, so anything focusing on any of them is great. I love kinky fic, with or without sex, and particularly painplay, clothespins and clamps, impact play, and D/s; I particularly love Weir and John as bottoms/subs, but I wouldn't say no to bottom!Rodney. Dubcon is great, as is mind control induced noncon. AUs are great, too; some of my favorites are ones where the characters are (believably) evil, D/s AUs, and university AUs. I also just like slice of life Atlantis stories. AMTDI is a guilty pleasure. Bug!John is great, and anything that makes me laugh is excellent. Parodies and send-ups of well established tropes are almost guaranteed to make me crack up.

Also, I really love Ford, and I'd love to see him around. If it's a post-S1 story, no explanations needed. Just stick him in there. It'll be our little secret.

Things I wouldn't like: No character bashing or character death, period (yes, bashing Keller is still character bashing). No needles, rimming, watersports, or scat. I'd prefer not to receive gen or any pairing I didn't list above. If Keller is a main character, I don't want her and Rodney interested in each other (being friends is totally fine). No breakups, past or present, or infidelity. None of the characters from Whispers.

What I can do: I can do slash or het, no problem, excluding the pairings listed below. Kink is a speciality of mine. I write mostly porn, but I can do lower-rated stories as well. Humor is also a favorite to write, as is genderswap. I love writing bug!John.

What I can't do: I won't write needleplay, rimming, watersports, scat, deathfic, gen, or character bashing. I won't write John/Elizabeth, Lorne/Parrish, Rodney/Keller, or any of the characters from Whispers. I won't write unresolved angst, characters breaking up, or infidelity.

Pinch hitter?: Sorry, no. :(
Stargate- Alison: Profile

It's my favorite time of year!

LiveJournal: camshaft22
E-mail: leiamahanay [at] hotmail dot com
Things I'd like: John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell, Alison Porter/Laura Cadman, Alison Porter/David Parrish, Alison Porter/Dusty Mehra, Alison Porter/Any, David Parrish/Evan Lorne, and David Parrish/Ronon Dex. AU very much liked, a plot deeply adored.
Things I wouldn't like: John Sheppard/Rodney McKay.
What I can do: I can do both Slash and Het, but I'm much better at Slash, especially femslash. I can and love doing most kinks but bondage is one I do fairly well. I love writing AUs and crossovers. 
What I can't do:  I really can't seem to write Rodney McKay very well. Nothing against him but it usually ends up very OOC. I won't do Non-Con/AMTDI.
Pinch hitter?: Yes, if given enough time and depending on prompt.
  • gaffsie

Happy Hogswatch!

LiveJournal: gaffsie

Things I'd like: I'd love something John-centric set after EatG. I also have a huge weakness for first times and new discoveries. When it comes to shipping I'm open to most John pairings, but this year I have a real hankering for John/Vala. If that's too difficult, pairing him up with Ronon and/or Teyla is always a safe bet with me. I should also mention that while I adore John (and how!), I'd prefer it if there wasn't a one-sided focus on his feelings and needs. He should have something to offer his partner too. The same obviously goes for friendship stories.

I'd also enjoy gen about John reconnecting with Dave Sheppard, or some John/Nancy backstory. Or John/Holland! That would be cool too. Basically, if it's canon-compliant Sheppard backstory, I'm interested (extrapolating from what we know from canon is fantastic, making shit up because you prefer your own personal canon is not). I like angst as long as there's a reasonable happy (or at least hopeful) ending.

I also wouldn't mind seeing the theme of John Sheppard and fatherhood explored, but I have an extremely low tolerance for cutesy kidfic, so if this is something you feel like writing, tread carefully. As much as I love stories where he's a father, I'd rather read a wistful piece where John enjoys spending time with his friends' children even as he's resigned to never being a parent himself or when it's not an issue at all rather than one where he has an adorable and precocious child who's a math genius and speaks with a lisp. Just saying.

Things I wouldn't like: Carson, Elizabeth or Rodney as major characters, Rodney and Carson background pairings (the same goes for Lorne/Parrish, Lorne/Zelenka and Markham/Stackhouse), character bashing, whump for the sake of whump, weepiness, unhappy endings, slacker/surfer dude John, caveman!Ronon, yenta!Teyla, porn for the sake of porn, crack (but since this is Stargate we're talking about, there's admittedly a lot of leeway here), humiliation, AU scenarios (unless we're talking canon AUs, like the Vegas or Mensa verse), people acting like idiots for the sake of cheap angst (that means no breakups caused by stupid misunderstandings or someone being asked out as a dare and then finding out or anything else like that).

What I can do: Gen, het, slash, femslash (although I'm not sure I could do explicit femslash), fluff, angst, humor, kink, crack, AUs, tropes (I'm *awesome* with tropes) crossovers (when I know the source) - I'm pretty versatile. I've had most practice writing John, Ronon, Teyla, Jennifer, and Cameron Mitchell, but I'm definitely willing to try my hands at something different.

What I can't do: Anything Rodney, Carson, Elizabeth or Radek centric - I don't think I could do them justice. I've never written action/adventure stuff or whump so I'd probably not do well with that either. SG1 crossovers involving the original SG1 would be tricky since I've only watched a handful of episodes pre-season 9.

Pinch hitter?: I don't know.
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Sign up

LiveJournal: saffronhouse

E-mail: stillsoulcake at

Things I'd like: Slash or gen, Rodney or John-and-Rodney OR team-centric. Hurt/comfort always makes me happy, but so would anything with Jeanie's family, or Ronon and Teyla figuring out their way around planet earth, or Zelenka having an adventure off-world.

Things I wouldn't like: no death fic, please

What I can do: About anything, slash or gen, as long as Rodney is in the middle. I'm kind of pinched and narrow that way.

What I can't do: I'd rather not write het as the central relationship in the story.

Pinch hitter?: No -- too slow to pinch hit.

Be Gentle; It's My First Time!

First time participant, hope I'm not too ridiculous....

Livejournal: hoktauri My own fic is here.
Email: hok.tauri @ yahoo. com

Things I'd Like: EVERYTHING! With a happy ending! (Pun intended...;-) I'm pretty flexible, and I love to challenge myself as a reader. There are three must haves:

1.) Plot + Characters + Relationships = WIN. So if you have an episodic action-y plot, explorations of character motivations and history, and nuances of character dynamics (romantic or otherwise), then I will be one happy Jew this Christmas.
2.) McShep, b/c I'm a diehard John/Rodney slasher, so must either be central, present in the background, or unviolated (i.e., not in the story at all but neither paired with someone else), unless you take a pairing listed below. Or unless you can really *sell* the pairing. You have to make me believe it! :-D
3.) A writer who wants a challenge. I like to see unique ideas and rare plots/pairings/devices. Alternately, overused tropes with a new twist.

Some prompts/pairings to get the brain storming:
-Any romantic asexual pairing
-Jonas in Atlantis
-Weir on a Gate team
-Ford leading a Gate team
-Wraith history or mythology
-Sheppard/Todd or Sheppard/Michael
-Crossovers are nice but fusions are preferable, and nothing beats a well-done AU. Except a Royal Flush. That beats everything.
-Ensemble fic! The more character interactions, the better. Multiple POV's are a plus.
-I have a secret longing for a non-whump, aliens did NOT make them do it Mpreg w/ John. By "non-whump" I mean no "problematic" pregnancies, wherein Murphy's law is, well, law. Bonus points if you can do it without telling me about every doctor visit, cramp, or bout of morning sickness. Think about how Teyla handled *her* pregnancy and act accordingly. And I want a chosen pregnancy, not any of the forced impregnation of so many fics. If you choose to do this one... It has to be McShep, no exceptions.

(ETA: OMG FORD/MCKAY WHAT. I just read everything McFord on Wraithbait. HOW HAVE I NOT SEEN THIS PAIRING BEFORE?!?)

Things I Do Not Want: Leave the done, done, and overdone cliches at the chimney. I know people clean up after sex, but it kills the mood. Clinical lick-by-scratch descriptions of sex (screw-by-numbers) are overkill. Infirmary beds are small enough for one person, let alone two, so Zelenka should not be crawling on top of an injured Lorne. I don't need fifty different ways of reading that Rodney's eyes are blue. Et cetera.

Cliches aside, I'm so flexible I make a gymnast look like a freshly-pressed tux. However there are a couple of no-go's for me. Non-consensual sex involving minors, anything vampires (come on, we've got the Wraith), severe BDSM, and domestic abuse are off-limits. Other hard and fast Do Not Wants are kinks involving bodily excretions, AMTDI, and Dom!John/sub!Rodney.

Things I Can Do: I'm up for a challenge! I excel at character study, relationship building (even for characters who've never met), plot-driven action, poetry, dialogue, and ensemble fic. I love McShep and will write them doing anything. I've never done femslash, PWP/crack, or threesomes or moresomes, so those would be nice changes of scenery for me!

Things I Can't Do: Same as what I won't read, but if given the challenge, I will accept it. Except kinks involving bodily excretions.

Pinch Hitter: Hells, yes. I eat writing prompts for breakfast.
  • oceania

Count me in


What I like: McShep only, first time, pining, post series, Christmas, in Pegasus, sex, Nc-17, declarations of love, angst with happy endings, gift giving, John as bottom, hurt/comfort, happy endings

What I do not want: bdsm, mpreg, hating on Keller, character death, kink, alternate realities, non-con, abuse, violence, homophobia, multiples, sad endings,torture, rape, kink

What I can do: McShep in any fashion including almost all the things I said I wanted and didn't want. I'm open to what my giftee asks for.

What I can't do: death of McShep, mpreg.  Otherwise I am cool with whatever.

Pinch hitter: nope, I write too slowly.
  • mific

Yay - I'm in!

LiveJournal:  mific

E-mail: fizzp (at) mac (dot) com

Things I'd like: Mcshep, AR1 OT3 or OT4. Or almost anyone slashed with Sheppard. Prefer slash not het except in threesomes. Jennifer/Rodney/John is OK if it works out, not if it's angsty and unresolved. Love kink and BDSM. Femslash is okay esp. with Teyla or genderbent John or Rodney.
(ETA: reading other peoples' entries, I guess this is pretty minimalist, but I worry about being too prescriptive. So if you're happy to have a fairly open canvas on which to do your own thing, that's great. If on the other hand you'd like more specific prompting, leave me an anon comment and I'll try to oblige.)

Things I wouldn't like:  Deathfic, heavy angst or H/C with an unhappy ending, partner betrayal. Don't like extreme crack, but I love snark and humour. I like porn, but prefer when it explores the characters in some way. Not mad keen on Carson.

What I can do: All the above in the "things I'd like". Any rating. Happy to write almost all kinks. I can do various tropes and styles. Like crossovers/fusions but I'd have to know the other fandom.

What I can't do: Harlequin romance schmaltz, the things I wouldn't like as above.

Pinch hitter?: Yes, probably could do one.
Joe Shexy specs

Merry Christmas, Baby!

LiveJournal: rubygirl29


Things I'd like: John/Ronon or Cam/Evan. Or both pairs in one fic, (not a foursome) That would make me very happy. Light angst or h/c. Slash. or gen is fine. I'm good with explicit except as mentioned below. I have a total weakness (aka kink) for shower fic and for the guys taking care of each other. Team and friendship is always welcome. And holidays! Happiness is a shiny bauble. :-)

Things I wouldn't like: McShep. BDSM, Mpreg. Non-con or dub-com, kidfic (Torren is the exception). Deathfic.

What I can do: Slash or gen. I prefer to write John/Ronon or Cam/Evan, though Cam/John or John/Lorne aren't out of the question. I have on occasion done a John/Ronon/Lorne.

What I can't do: McShep. BDSM, Mpreg, dub-con or non-con. Not thrilled with pairings other than what I've stated. Nothing OOC. I stick pretty much to canon.

Pinch hitter?: In the event of someone not being able to complete their gift!fic, are you willing to be stand-in writer? No, I can't commit to being a Pinch Hitter.

Does anybody else look at other people's requests for ideas?

LJ: kisahawklin
email: kisahawklin at gmail dot com

Things I like: I'm a McShep girl at heart. They are my OTP in this fandom, though I do read, write, and enjoy both gen and other pairings (in no particular order: Teyla/Elizabeth, Teyla/Kate, Teyla/Ronon, Elizabeth/Ronon, Jennifer/Ronon, Radek/Ronon, Evan/Radek, John/Rodney/Jennifer, OT4, Chuck/Evan, Cadman/anyone... the list goes on). I love first times, I love AUs, I love crack and angst and darkfic and fluff. I love almost everything. I'd go for historical AUs or missionfic or kinky PWP or team gen (I know I just said McShep, but if you get stuck, TEAM!). I like all ratings, I like most genres, I like most kinks. If you're looking for more specific prompts, how about an Avengers or X-Men fusion, or stuck-on-an-alien-planet teamfic, or if you like dark, mind-controlled evil!Rodney (or evil!John) wreaking havoc on Atlantis? If you're looking for something more inclusive, then I love slice of life fic about parts of Atlantis we don't see on the show, or alien cultures (Teyla or Ronon backstory would be massive love). Robots, zombies, were-animals, rollerskating, bondage, dystopias, all my faves. Mostly, though, I want you to have a good time writing it. There should be no angst about the writing part – nothing that's included here is a 'must have' – if you enjoy writing it, I'm sure I'll enjoy reading it.

Things I don't like: Mpreg is not my cuppa, though I like kidfic. Scatplay is not my kink, and I'm a little leery of cock and ball torture (though perhaps you could be the one to sell it to me!), but I like most everything else I've read, kink-wise. Bashing of any character is not appreciated, and I'd prefer not to have Jennifer fridged to enable the McShep.

What I can do: McShep, John/Rodney/Jennifer, Evan/Radek, Radek/Ronon, Jennifer/Ronon, OT4, team or Atlantis gen (or anyone/Atlantis, heh), character study on any of the characters in the above pairings or most minor characters. AU, canonfic, everything from crack to humor to angst to darkfic, any rating, kink, or trope with the exception of 'what I can't do' below. I love making odd requests work.

What I can't do: Elizabeth, Carson, or Ford as a main character, sorry. Mpreg, scatplay, character bashing, SG-1 crossovers (writing only, because I haven't seen most of the show - I'm fine with SG-1 in the mix for my gift story).

Pinch hitter: Absolutely - and I'm perfectly willing to write all kinds of stuff for pinch hits (beyond the pairings I've listed here), so try me.