September 22nd, 2011

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Things I'd like: McShep (you can take any road to get there but don’t kill them dead as in dead dead but you can kill them and bring them back from the dead but not zombie dead) happy ending or Gen (same as the McShep). If Gen, please close to team oriented as you can. John and Rodney are my favorite characters with Ronon in third. It can be AU (personally I think all fanfiction for the most part is AU). Could include Jeannie and the family coming to Atlantis for Christmas (Madison is at an age it can still be explained well enough that she won’t tell State Secrets, LOL) Or Thanksgiving (football) celebrated in a nice location (cabin up in the mountains with snow and such) fireplace and mistletoe. Or there could be angst with H/C…..

Things I wouldn't like: Please no McKeller unless the relationship and breakup is/was done off script. I'm pretty open as long as the ending is happy and with each other or with Gen the team his whole and together. No EXTREME kink, if I need to explain then it might come under the heading of extreme

What I can do: McShep or Gen. Willing to try some kink and such but keep in mind the newness might show in the story.

What I can't do: Slash anyone but McShep when it comes to John and Rodney. Het is not my strong suit in this fandom.

Pinch hitter?: Would depend on time needed to finish and the story request. Email me with the specifics and I might be able to help out if needed.


longest. prompt. ever. /o\

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Things I'd like: Gen is fine. If you want to explore issues of Pegasus culture, language, and traditions, that would be awesome. Pairings I like: I like John. I will be over the moon if I get John/Bill Lee (gen, pre-slash, slash, all good, just want geeky dorkery in aloha shirts *hums Roll a D6* -- if you only know Bill from SGA that's fine by me!). I ship John/Parrish, John/Woolsey, John/Ronon, John/Cam Mitchell, female!John/Sam Carter, John/Rodney, John/Vala; John/Teyla/Kanaan, John/Cam Mitchell/Vala, John/Rodney/Jennifer (the OT3 of my heart); OT4... Things I like: I love creative kinkfic with lots of negotiation, trying new things, pushing limits. I love characters who are asexual or queer or poly or trans or genderqueer or disabled and how they belong in the SG universe and in their relationships. I love complicated relationships, where the characters behave like adults. Before all this makes you cry: I love AUs, especially in canon ARs: Road Less Taken, Continuum, Mensa, Daedalus Variations, Vegas. What makes them different from canon? Apocafic always good. I love Conversion!John. Basically, I love ideas, so if none of that works for you, tell me more about something! The top 5 recipes in the Atlantis mess (why?), how to clean a puddlejumper, why the Ancients had short beds... what Ancient bathrooms are really like ("I think that's a bidet... nowait, tentacles!"). Or tell me about someone! I love Marie the nurse, the gate techs, Biro and other scientists -- tell me about Nancy or Jeannie -- ooh, tell me, tell me what happened to Chaya!

Things I wouldn't like: I am not really fond of Carson or Elizabeth. I don't like OTT woobification or miraclulous recoveries (go ahead and permanetly damage or kill the characters; I enjoy having my heart broken). No supernatural elements (no vampires, elves, zombies, please) and soulbonding (unless it's realistically fucked up). Please no crossovers with other TV shows or films (if your muse is demanding it, ask me first?). No cliches (lemon chicken shunning, prime not prime) unless you're confident your take is boldly different. No character or kink bashing.

What I can do: Gen, slash, femslash, het (prefer McKeller or John/someone). My fluff tends to be angsty, my happy endings more on the hopeful/wistful side. I can write ratings from G to NC17. I have seen all of SGA, most of SG1, and all of SGU. I can write kinkfic. I can write mpreg, fpreg, dubcon, noncon, kink, partner betrayal, character death, whump, underage (teen AUs, etc.) -- it's all good, if you love it I'll write it, bring it on.

What I can't do: I'm not the greatest at complex & intricate plotting, so perhaps no political or mystery thrillers, and I have no military background so no military fic, please. No character or kink bashing. I am not strong or experienced at writing Carson, Lorne, or Elizabeth. The shows/films/books I can crossover with are few, so preferably no crossovers outside of SG.

Pinch hitter?: Yes, possible, prefer post-deadline (which will be after exams for me)

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the YEAR!

Well, it's actually the second best Most Wonderful Time of the Year because I'm a mommy and back to school beats it by just four heads; my three sons and the Mister who is a teacher and so he goes back to school......Ugh, you get the idea. ;)

Here is my request, very simple.

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Things I'd like: John and Teyla pairing. Preferably post season 5 but I do like AU's. But nothing that's taking place before Season 5. I'd like something that resolves Teyla and Kanaan with a happy ending for John and Teyla. MUST HAVE HAPPY ENDING! I like really in-depth stories, rich in detail and character development. I can and love John and Teyla whump/angst, and any ratings. I do read R and M fics but it has to be done in good taste. If you're going to write a love scene, do it as part of the character development and not just for the sex. Something sweet, romantic, angsty with action, drama, and lots of emotions. love jealous John, love over protective John and love smart ass fiesty independent strong character Teyla. Must have a strong Teyla, yet with that tenderness and care that she's always displayed. I do love well develop stories that include the rest of the characters, but I want Teyla and John to be front and centered!

Things I wouldn't like: I don't want any threesome, or too dark fics. No John and Teyla death, of course....that wouldn't be a happy ending. ;)

What I can do: I would be best in doing artwork of any SGA character or scene. I can do wallpapers, banners/calendars, sigs, icons, posters. If I must do a fic, it can only be a John and Teyla centric fic of any rating.

What I can't do: I don't write slash/ or any other character centric fic but John and Teyla. I can include the other characters but these are the two that I write the most.

Pinch hitter?: Only for artwork
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First Time!

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Things I'd like: Right, yes. I like John Sheppard best of all, but I love pretty much everybody else on SG1/SGA. I like slash (John/Rodney or John/Cameron Mitchell preferred), but I also like gen, and het (John/Vala is a particular favorite of mine). I like hurt/comfort, but heavy on the comfort, please.
Things I wouldn't like: Um, mpreg, death!fic, and really angsty stuff. As long as there's a happy ending I can deal with angst. Not a huge fan of dub-con or non-con, and I'm not a huge fan of PWP, although I have no problem with NC-17 fic as long as there's a plot.
What I can do: I can write just about anything, although I lean towards John/Rodney or gen fic. I can do John/Vala (if anyone even thinks about that pairing other than me).
What I can't do: I probably can't do John/Elizabeth or McKay/Keller. I don't really like killing people off, and I don't really do mpreg.
Pinch hitter?: I work best under pressure, so yes! Count me in!
Big Damn Geek

Dear Santa, Define "good".

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Things I'd like: Oh, so many things. I do prefer slash. Favorite pairings include: Beckett/Sheppard, Zelenka/Sheppard, Zelenka/Lorne, Lorne/Parrish, Zelenka/Dex. Longshot pairings: Sheppard/Woolsey, Beckett/Caldwell, Chuck/anybody. I'm also cool with threesome versions of the aforementioned (excet ones that include Lorne and Sheppard). Favorite story things: Hurt/comfort, happy endings, bdsm, schmoopy fics.

Things I wouldn't like: McKay/Keller, in any context. No dub-con or non-con. No humiliation. McShep either as a secondary pairing or as a past pairing is fine, but I prefer for it to not be the main pairing or part of the main pairing.

What I can do: I prefer slash, but I can write het too. I'm also cool with writing threesomes

What I can't do: I can't write McKay/Keller. I'd highly prefer to not write McShep, unless absolutely necessary. I also won't write dub-con or non-con.

Pinch hitter?: Sure. I think I can do it.