September 23rd, 2011

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Santa's coming :)

LJ: mandykaysfic

E-mail: mandyfyn @ hotmail dot com

Things I'd like: John/Rodney, Lorne/Parrish, Lorne/Cadman, the girls' team, Sheppard's team, Lorne's team, threesomes, foursomes, Jeannie, appearances by minor characters. Any rating is fine.
Canon or AU, Earth or Pegasus - it's all good. Humour, fluff, kids, mpreg, tentacles, wings, Ancient tech, holidays, Pegasus customs, presents, parties. A happy ending please.

Things I wouldn't like: permanent character death unless it's a canon death, non-con, domestic abuse, hardcore kink, verbal humiliation.

What I can do: Anything above that I'd like. I'll have a go at most things except what's below.

What I can't do: Cam Mitchell or Zelenka as a main character, BDSM, humiliation, medical power exchange

Pinch hitter?: Maybe.
SGA/VOY: Doc wrong show

Deck the halls...

LiveJournal: meekosan

Things I'd like: Preferred pairings include John/Teyla or crossover with NCIS (John/Ziva). Neither is exclusive and gen is certainly welcome. GEN character friendships that I would like to see include Rodney & Aiden, Teyla & Aiden, Rodney & Ronon. A couple bunnies: I'm interested in seeing the team on Earth for Christmas (maybe Teyla & Ronon's first true Earth holiday). Holiday themes, finding Ford and bringing him back into the family. Maybe Rodney &/or Ronon trying to babysit Torren for Teyla would be cute. Genres I like are gen, het, fluff, romance, humor, adventure, porn with plot, alternate universe, kinks. The only slash pairing I would be interested in is Cam/John and even if that could be kept mild.
Things I wouldn't like: Absolutely on my DNW is character hate, John/Rodney, John/Weir, John/anyone else that isn't Teyla or Ziva. No character death.
What I can do: I'm a het writer with preferences for John/Teyla. It's hard to do slash and at best I can make it very subtle implied stuff. I refuse to do McShep. Gen/Teamfic is also on the plus side. Graphics. I have a love for graphics lately. Lots of headers that you can see on my website that I did most recently.
What I can't do: I will not write explicit slash or anything McShep.

Pinch hitter?: Not likely but depending on timing/prompts/bunnies I may be able to.
McKay - Xmas 2008
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Where did the year go?

*shamelessly copied and pasted from last year...with a few changes :)*

LiveJournal: tarlanx

E-mail: tarlanx[@]blueyonder[]

Things I'd like: I prefer slash! PG to NC17. Rodney is my favorite character so I'd prefer a Rodney-centric story. Pairings I like are...John/Rodney, Jack/Rodney, Daniel/Rodney. I like angst, hurt/comfort, drama, action/adventure, and humor but I would definitely prefer the story to have a plot and a happy ending. I like episode tags, I LOVE AUs (canon or non-canon), especially apocalypse/science fiction/fantasy/special powers type AUs. they deal with the world as they know it coming to an end.

Things I wouldn't like: Kink, BDSM, Dom/s, deathfic for John or Rodney (unless non-permanent--zombies count as permanent!), genderswap, het (except as a past mention), PWP. I don't mind Keller in the story as long as she's not with Rodney.

What I can do: Slash (PG to NC-17). I prefer to write Rodney-centric stories--John/Rodney, Jack/Rodney, Daniel/Rodney but would have a go at any other Rodney/OMC. I can write canon or non-canon AU, and will crossover or write fusions with other shows as long as I am familiar with that show! I prefer to write stories with a plot.

What I can't do: Kink, BDSM, Dom/s, deathfic for John or Rodney (unless non-permanent--zombies count as permanent!), genderswap, het (except as a past mention), PWP.

Pinch hitter?: Possibly but depends on how busy I am at the time.

...just can't resist!

LiveJournal: mikes_grrl
E-mail: mikes.grrrl at gmail dot com
Things I'd like: Either McShep or, yes, Woolsey/Telya. I really love fic focused on the pairing but grounded within the bigger picture of the team/expedition. I'd really love some bug!John going on, if incorporated as part of some serious character development. Love love LOVE first-time stories. I also enjoy stories that involve personal change/growth more than PWP, and I'm a huge fan of angst but it has to have a happy ending (or at least a happy-for-now type of ending). If I get Woolsey/Teyla I'd love to see something about Woolsey care-taking Torren, and Woolsey and Teyla relating as leaders of their respective peoples, that kind of thing. For McShep I'd like something centered around Atlantis (feel free to make her an AI) rather than offworld. I'm totally cool with any and all variations of secondary pairings or past pairings; I'm also okay with opening up the main pairings to threesomes (Woolsey/Telya/Ronon?) but you'd have to sell it as a serious relationship, not a one-off. If you want a prompt, here: "The day everything changed." Zelenka as a strong supporting character wins double-plus-good points! My not-so-secret weakness: pet!fic!
Things I wouldn't like: dark!fic, death!fic, mpreg, PWP, character bashing, non-con, AUs, crossovers, genderswap, betrayal, extreme BDSM, love-at-first-sight (just, NO).
What I can do: Het or slash, pretty much any pairing or threesome, I can make it work. Would love me a chance to write bug!John! I can do AUs, although not my first choice to write, and I have high kink/fetish threshold (up to and including non-con). If it's weird, I can make it sexy; if it's disturbing, I can make it believable. Also, I love writing plotty stories.
What I can't do: dark!fic, death!fic, mpreg, femmeslash. Also, nothing involving SG-1 characters, mostly because I just don't know that show at all.
Pinch hitter?: Alas, no, this semester is already eating my brain.

Xmas John 10

Christmas is coming.... :)

LiveJournal: aqualegia

E-mail: [at] gmail [dot] com

Things I'd like: My favourite character is John but I'm also very fond of Rodney. John/Rodney, gen, slash, pre-slash/friendship, first time or established relationship. Must have happy ending and prefer both John and Rodney using their brains. Plot (not PWP). Mission fic, Team genfic.

Things I wouldn't like: BDSM, het, kink, deathfic, disabling injuries, non-con, dub-con, betrayal, cheating, genderswap, D/S, PWP.

What I can do: John/Rodney, gen, slash, pre-slash/friendship, first time or established relationship. Happy ending or at least not sad. I like to write both John and Rodney using their brains. Plot (not PWP). Mission fic, Team genfic.

What I can't do: BDSM, het, kink, deathfic, disabling injuries, non-con, dub-con, betrayal, cheating, genderswap, D/S, PWP.

Pinch hitter?: No. I'm not a fast enough writer.

Swept up in the Christmas Spirt

Live Journal: Squeakyoflight

email: squeakylightfoot AT gmail DOT com

What I would like: I am a HUGE Lorne fan, so a story with him as the main character would totally float my Christmas boat. I really would like an angsty H/c first-time fic, and I love tropes like amnesiatic slave fic (if you're looking for a prompt) but it's not required if you have a plot bunnie for another angsty, H/c, first time fic instead.

My favourite Lorne is the uber-responsible parental type who will do anything for his family - real, adopted, or Atlantian. I love both het and slash stories with Lorne, and my OTPs are Lorne/Emmagan, Lorne/Keller, or Lorne/Heightmeyer or Lorne/Mitchell or Lorne/Campbell. However, I am open to Lorne/McKay and Lorne/any other guy (like Sheppard, Parrish or even Kavanaugh) as long as it makes sense.

AUs and SG1 x-overs are awesome. (I think Lorne/Quinn would be very cool).

I really like my male characters to sound like men -- no matter whom they love. (No chanelling 14-yr-old girls please!)

What I wouldn't like: Lorne slashed with Beckett or Zelenka. They are great characters, but I just don't feel for the pairing. I do not like dub or non-con or PWP or really heavy-duty sex-scenes (you know, the ones that go on and on and on...) Because I'm hoping for a first time fic, I can't imaging Lorne and his girl or boyfriend pulling out the whips and chains either...

I don't like it when the hurt part of the H/c involves injury or illness that isn't medically accurate. It doesn't have to be super-detailed, just make physical sense. I've read too many fics where the person's 'high' fever is barely above normal body temperature, for example. And please don't make the injury/illness permanent.

I hate first or second-person POV fics. Just saying.

What I can write: Just about anything, including rare pairings and femslash as long as it includes a romantic relationship. Naturally I write a good Lorne, but I can write most of the other characters too. I'm pretty open :). I'm great with the whump and H/c too, and I'll always give you a happy ending.

What I can't write: Gen! People always fall in love in my fics. I can't pair Beckett up with anyone, and Zelenka can only date Weir, so I can't really slash him either. I'd rather not do a kink fic because I prefer plot over porn. I don't watch tv so there are very few x-overs I can do, but Torchwood and SG1 are definitely two of them. I might be able to fake Hawaii 5-O and Sanctuary.  I don't think I can write bug!John either.

Pinch Hitter? : No, sorry! This will be my only kick at the can.