September 24th, 2011


DH = Designated Hitter

LiveJournal: campylobacter
E-mail: campyspornshack [at] gmail [dot] com
Things I'd like: I wish to pinch-hit, and spread good will to all fen.
Things I wouldn't like: Less than 48 hours to pinch-hit.

What I can do: BRING IT ON. Gen, rare pairing, het, M/M & F/F slash, character death, kink, MPreg, rape, crack, action/adventure, romance, multiples porn, priests, go-carts, bacon... you name it. Hell, I even love Kavanaugh.

What I can't do: child abuse kink or child molestation kink (Not as though anyone requests that, but JSYK.) Character or pairing bashing I can only do as crack/parody/satire. Crossovers with fandoms I'm not familiar with will be cracky & random.

Pinch hitter?: Yes, my RL work schedule is back to normal.
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