September 25th, 2011

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Christmas is only three months away??

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Things I'd like:

the really big stuff: My ideal wish, every year, is a John/Teyla + everyone EPIC STORY OF EPICNESS with an action-adventure focus and a whole lotta shit going down. It would involve a cast of thousands and all those cultures in Pegasus that we've come to love hate love (I did mention EPIC STORY OF EPICNESS, didn't I?). Oh, and Teyla would be the Hero of the story.

the big stuff: However, in the absence of plotbunnies, time, inspiration, Ancient devices capable of producing said fic, and/or any of the above, I'd be happy with a Teyla-centric, a John/Teyla non-romantic, and/or a team-fic with Teyla as major player. (Those categories don't have to exclude each other, either.)

the small stuff: Definitely include the team! I love stories where Ronon is written as though Sateda had a culture of its own before it was destroyed by the Wraith, and stories that have John behave like an adult man who learned to keep himself bottled up all those years and is only just becoming accustomed to allowing himself to believe that people aren't going to drop him for being emotionally screwed up - but still the kind of guy who held out the hand of friendship to the Athosians when everyone else was willing to write them off as 'hunter-gatherer primitives'. I like stories that use Rodney like szechuan pepper: adding a little zing without overdosing.

I like all the Atlantis women and I like them to have agency. I like hints of female friendships where the two women don't understand each other fully or hang in each other's pockets but are still there for each other. I like seeing women who are not traditionally 'feminine' - or who transgress the societal and literary expectations of a 'female character' or 'heroine'. Any additional characters are fine - casts of thousands are great fun when interacting - I like all the characters, but my favourite above and beyond all the others is Teyla.

If you want to write Wraith, I like the version of Wraith society as laid out in the SGA Legacy series by Melissa Scott, Jo Graham, and Amy Griswold: an Elizabethan-style court of Queen and her subject males. And I don't mind Teyla/Kanaan so long as it's in the past - something like "they worked out that they hadn't gotten together before for a reason and agree to co-parent Torren in a civil and civilised manner" works for me.

AUs are fine, action/adventure is fine, hurt/comfort is fine, peril and BDSM (Teyla/John in a D/s relationship - ZOMG) and fluff are fine!

Things I wouldn't like: John/Rodney or John/Elizabeth. Teyla and/or Ronon acting stupid (this includes asking questions about basic things of Earth culture by the end of the series, like "what is a tabloid reporter?") or not knowing what to do in Pegasus when a crisis happens. Fluffy romantic stuff. (On the other hand, guns and weapons and dire danger and tearing each others' clothes off in boltholes = WIN. Nothing says 'love' like defending back-to-back in a tight corner.)

What I can do: I can write Teyla-centric or John/Teyla or OT4 or team. I can write any gen (but I would prefer something that included Teyla), any het (especially Teyla-centric het) except John/Elizabeth, Teyla/Ronon, or Teyla/Kanaan. I can write femmeslash, and will write any slash except John/Rodney. I'm good with female characters as well as the male ones; I can do action/adventure, hurt/comfort, porn, or fluff. Humour is touch-and-go, but I'll do my best.

What I can't do: I've pretty much listed the pairing exclusions above: John/Rodney, Teyla/Ronon, John/Elizabeth, Teyla/Kanaan. And I don't want to write hatefic, character death, or anything that excludes Teyla.

Pinch hitter?: Maybe, if needed.
gen sing out

Secret Santa 2011

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Things I'd like: Friendship-oriented Team fic, please. No pairings. I'd love to read a Ronon-centric story that takes place just after his arrival on Atlantis (everything through his filter! *chininhands*); a story focusing on Teyla during 'Suspicion,' say, or during 'Be All My Sins Remember'd'; an AU where Ford and Ronon are both on the team (five's better than four!); a team adventure or Ancient discovery would be great, too. I prefer stories that take them outside of Atlantis. I would really adore a repli!Team story, however you want to work it. If you need to allude to past relationships, I'm fine with that, so long as it's not the focus, and with a minimum of pining/angsting.

Other things I will always love include college AUs, unreliable narrators, suspense, and spooky tales.

Things I wouldn't like: Original characters who are only introduced to play the part of love interests. Pairings. Songfic, schmoop, kidfic, mpreg, character bashing, genderswitch, deathfic, or unrequited wangst. Sentient Atlantis as deus ex machina. Serious whump.

What I can do: Gen, het, slash, kink, crack, with ratings from G to X, canon or AU, and pretty much any character who appears in more than a handful of eps. I'm mostly open to characters and pairings.

What I can't do: Songfic, schmoop, kidfic, mpreg, genderswitch. I've never seen SG-1 or SGU. Carson/anyone, Jennifer/John, and Lorne/Parrish. Rarepairs.

Pinch hitter?: No, sorry.

P.S. Requesting a requests: c: aiden ford tag, please. Thank you!

SGA: McShep
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(no subject)

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Things I'd like: The classic tropes: telepathy, wing!fic, X-made-them-do it, etc.; fluff, h/c, angst with a happy ending. First times. McShep, Carson/Radek, Teyla/Ronon, Jeannie, team!fic, Ronon on the team (i.e., stories set after “Runner”), oblivious and/or pining characters. Matchmaking. Rodney confronted with children. A Zelenka perfectly capable of holding his own against Rodney. Bottom!Rodney. Sex in the Jumper.
Things I wouldn't like: John or Rodney paired with anyone but each other (unless they end up together), no non-con, rape, underage, watersports, scat, mpreg, genderswap.
What I can do: I’m new to the fandom. I’ve written McShep, Radek, Carson, and I’m willing to write Ronon and Teyla. Would prefer no Keller/Rodney. I mainly write slash.
What I can't do: I won’t write John or Rodney with anyone but each other. Prefer not to write het, but I can do it. None of the other things I’ve listed in dislikes.
Pinch hitter?: No. I have too many plot bunnies as it is.
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Count me in!

Shamelessly stealing a lot of this from last year's request...

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Things I'd like: I am a John girl, so I have a bias for stories where he is a focus. My primary pairing is John/Rodney, but I can also go for John with: Ronon, Teyla, or Zelenka -- either romantic or friendship. Doesn't need to be explicit, but I do like a sense of the characters caring about each other. I'm also open to an unexpected pairing (slash or het) or friendship story for John, although I'd prefer not to see him paired romantically with: Lorne, Beckett, Weir, Caldwell, Kavanaugh, Kolya, or anyone from SG1 or SGU as I haven't seen those.

Not specific requests but FYI: I love seeing the characters being competent/smart in their professional roles, action/adventure, humor, alien or Ancient hijinks, canon or Earth-based AUs, cyberpunk, SF, robots, and other fun stuff like that. I'm fine with canon or other secondary pairings (so long as John gets someone too!) I like all of Atlantis's leaders. Explorations of Athosian or Satedan culture would also be cool by me.

Things I wouldn't like: Any character bashed/demonized, Rodney characterization where he's insulting/yelling nonstop and making people cry, cheating/partner betrayal, schmoopy/sappy romance. Also, please no permanent major character damage or a totally bleak final outcome, though angst, darkness and doubt are fine. Anything on my "can't do" list.

What I can do: John/Rodney, can also try John/Ronon, or gen or pairings (slash or het) featuring any characters in my "like" listing. I'll give rarepair a shot. Canon or AU. I do write all ratings, but if someone requires a story to be smutty, I'm not sure I can guarantee it.

What I can't do: Non-con, mpreg, heavy whump, bdsm or specific kinks (I don't think I could do it justice), SG-1 or SGU canon.

Pinch hitter?: Probably not, sorry!
SGA: Baby dreams

It's beginning to look a lot like sga_santa time!

Who came up with the idea of copying last year's request? Cause I love it!

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Things I'd like: ::points to icon:: McShep! I like domestic, established, romantic, first times, kid!fic, schmoop, pretty much anything with a happy ending is good by me. I also love team-as-family. And tropes! Tropes are fun. NC-17 is great, but I'd prefer the schmoop to a pwp. I like AU's (especially retold fairy tales) but I do prefer Atlantis stories (with or without fairy tale elements). Lorne/Parrish and Jack/Daniel (SG-1) being included are excellent as well. I prefer bottom!John if your muse leads you that way.

Things I wouldn't like: Character death, genderflip, mpreg, infidelity, incest, BDSM, heavy kink, heavy angst - mild angst to make the ending sweeter is fine. Crossovers of the non-SG1 variety. If you do a crossover please no pairing Jack or Daniel with anyone but each other.

What I can do: Slash - McShep, Jack/Daniel, Lorne/Parrish - or gen. I can write het or femmeslash as a background pair as long as it doesn't violate McShep or Jack/Daniel. NC-17, fluff, humor, first time, established.

What I can't do: Pretty much anything on my 'things I wouldn't like' list. Action/adventure, character bashing.

Pinch hitter?: Maybe? When's the due date?