September 26th, 2011

Mcshep kiss

It's that time again already!? Wow!

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things I'd like: NC-17 only please. Mcshep only please. Happy ending. Mpreg where John is pregnant. Maybe AMTDI where John and Rodney aren't together but get together afterward (when John finds out he's preggo. Or they room together because John is pregnant and Rodney reluctantly takes care of John and they fall for each other in the process.). Or John finds out he's pregnant and tries to hide it because he knows it's rodney's baby but he thinks Rodney would be mad (cause he doesn't want kids) but Rodney ends up being upset/hurt because John didn't tell him it was his and he missed out on the beginning of the pregnancy (John is sorry of course and they end up happy about the pregnancy together :) ) Maybe non-con where John finds out he's pg after and Rodney's worried that the baby is not his but John's rapist's. But Rodney stays with John and the go through it together because John is just as scared or more that the baby belongs to the rapist. I want John to be all about the baby and taking care of the pregnancy. Some pregnant sex (after John is showing quite a bit) would be made of win! I'd like both John and Rodney to be in the actual story for the entire length. If Rodney has to leave on a mission and John worries a lot, that would be fine, but I don't want either of them to run to earth and come back at the end. It can be D/s but not dark... Something like Keira Marcos ties that bind or Xanthe's coming home verse. 
Carson Beckett as the doctor!!
AU is fine.

things I wouldn't like: death fic! Anything less than NC-17. No het!! No femme-slash unless it's a mention, but no in depth sex scenes. No John/ anybody but Rodney, no Rodney/anybody but John. Mentions of past relationships are okay. No Keller (different people write her differently and I'd rather not take the chance). Gender-switch!

what I can do: rating G to NC-17. Slash. Mcshep (I've been trying my hand at other pairings like Lorne/Parrish but I can't promise how good it'll be...) I can do AU but you'll need to give me a prompt (one I may or may not use :) it is a gift after all). non-con, first time, established relationship. AMTDI. basically everything I asked for I can do.

what I can't do: het, femme-slash, gen. mission fic (because I suck at missions!) death fic (cause it makes me sad...) all the stuff I don't want I pretty much can't do. I can't do Keller because it always kind of comes out a bit bashey... I don't like Keller! No gender-switch!

pinch hitter?: no, I'll barely get my own story done and edited on time. Sorry :( but I'll keep you updated if I get done early. 

I swore I wouldnt do this again! Ho Hum ...

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Things I'd like: Chuck paired with anybody, McKay/Lorne, Mackay/Beckett, Mckay/Zelenka any slash paring with Caldwell or Woolsey. Crossovers with, Ncis, Star Trek Reboot, Wearhouse 13, Highlander- Ducan MacLeod or Methos (I'm not expecting everything but it just give you a good choice!:-) ) Anything up to and including NC-17. Au's are also accptable if you feel so inclined. Oh yes - MUST have a happy ending but can be angsty getting there.
Things I wouldn't like: Major Character whumping, main character death, inflicting pain for the sake of it, BDSM where pain is inflicted, Character assasination for the sake of it,
What I can do: I prefer to write slash but will do het as a background rel, I will write about bondage and spanking, I am very happy to do Chuck/Woolsey, Chuck/Sheppard, or Chuck with anyone but Ronon.
What I can't do: Heavy BDSM, Exteme Violence, any paring with Ronon, McShep, Weir, will not bash characters for the sake of it.
Pinch hitter?: No sorry