September 28th, 2011


Here we go!

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Things I'd like: Slash please, rating doesn't matter (but R or NC17 would be nice ;)). McShep is an absolute must, just like a happy ending. I'd prefer it to be a first time story and it would be good if it took them a while to get together. Other than that, I'm a sucker for romance, AMTDI, ancient devices, bondfics, MPREG, alien!John or ancient!John, kidfic, familiyfic, BDSM, kink (not too kinky though), slavefics, any kind of transformation (who could possibly resist bug!John?), h/c, animalfic, pining, OT3, OT4. Love plotty fics, especially if they also focus on the team dynamic.

I also have a strong craving for a John/Rodney/femalefromEarth story (seems to be pretty rare), first-time (if possible for all three) with the woman not knowing about stargates, maybe also having the ATA gene and therefore a bond or connection to our boys.

Things I wouldn't like: No gen or het fics (unless it's only mentioned in their past or secondary characters or the kind of het/slash-mix I talked about above). No death or rape or dark fics. Not too much violence and bashing (in a h/c setting much much more comfort than hurt). No genderswap.

What I can do: I'm pretty much open to anything, as long as it's McShep (+ female or other male, if wished-for).

What I can't do: I can't do any other pairing than J/R and I wouldn't want to write about what I've listed under 'things I wouldn't like'. Besides, I think I'm not the right person for writing BDSM.

Pinch hitter?: Probably not, sorry.

Sky Deep Blue

Hurt!Rodney Please

LiveJournal: x_varda_x
E-mail: xxvardaxx at gmail dot com

Things I'd like: Gen or het UST Rodney centric whumpfic where he gets badly hurt. I like chest and/or abdominal injuries with lots of blood/broken bones. I also like it where he has to struggle back to the gate with someone or has to be kept alive to wait for help. Woobie Rodney is a plus, but not a requirement. Otherwise the method of whump is up to you: the fic can be based on Atlantis or offworld, can involve scary weather, scary beasties, scary natives etc (or all of them!), as low/high rated as you like
Things I wouldn't like: No slash (inc pining), established non canon pairings, AU/AR, permanent injury, long scenes without Rodney in them, anyone more badly injured than Rodney, sad ending, illness/disease

What I can do: Het UST or gen Rodney centric hurt/comfort. Het Rodney PWP and kink.
What I can't do: Slash, AU/AR, fics focusing on anyone other than Rodney, permanent injury
Pinch hitter?: Only if the request fits my 'what i can do' listing, so unlikely
Go Team!

I'll be your Huckleberry! (And by 'huckleberry', I mean 'pinch hitter')

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E-mail: simple.carbohydrates AT gmail DOT com

Things I'd like: To help out and make someone happy by stepping in to write if need be. But if at all possible I'd really love to have a week (or more) in which to do it.

What I can do: Pretty much anything! (With the exceptions of what's listed below.)

What I can't do: I'd really rather not write anything above R, kinks or PWPs. I'd rather not do deathfic, but if for some reason that's what would make the recipient really, really happy I'll pull out my knives and vials of poison. I won't write non- or even dub-con without some mitigating circumstances like drugs, do-it-or-die scenarios or alien possession. I also won't bash any of the characters, and I really wouldn't be happy writing a story where John and Rodney aren't at least good friends (though I can live with one or the other not appearing in the fic, as long as they're not maimed or dead). I could probably do a crossover with SG1, Torchwood and/or maybe even Hawaii 5-0, but to be honest I'd rather not. (But again, if the recipient's heart is set on it I'll do my best.)

Pinch hitter? Yes. :) But I'm pretty sure I'll only have time for one story.