October 1st, 2011

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Keeping it short this time

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E-mail: rachael at mediafans.org

Things I'd like:  My main interest is John/Rodney, though OT4 and teamfic makes me happy.  In cannon, I like hurt/comfort, angst and stories that focus on friendship in big ways or small.  For AUs, I like regency style romances, and Urban fantasy. Anything from gen to racy is fine, and some of my favorite things are fast paced dialog, off the wall premises, and first times.  

Things I wouldn't like:  Kinks that people probably wouldn't write for an exchange anyway unless they really knew  the recipient, public humiliation, and plots that require someone being stupid.

What I can do: I'm pretty okay with most of the characters, and I am happy to write gen, slash, and femslash. 

What I can't do: No Todd, no villains. Nothing that breaks up John and Rodney, or messes with the team. No het. I haven't written in a year, so I'm pretty rusty.  Nothing that requires a long plot.

Pinch hitter?: Not this year.

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Sheppard/McKay/Weir Threesome:Mpreg, Fempreg, OverProtective!John

I've posted this awhile ago, but I am posting it again now at the right time.

Things I like: Sheppard/McKay slash, or Weir/McKay het, I pretty much like Rodney with just about anyone, but those two are my top favorites,  mpreg, insecure!Rodney, Protective!John, insecure or protective!Elizabeth, Protective!Rodney, I'd love to read a mcshweir threesome fic where aliens make all three of them do it. Liz and Rodney both end up pregnant with John's kids and he finds out and is extreamly protective of them. I just adore a protective John.
Things I don't like: Sheppard/Weir without a side of McKay, Carter/McKay, crossovers outside of SG-1, evil!John or evil!Rodney but if an alien artifact or drug is affecting them I'll make an acception.

What I can do: Sheppard/McKay, Weir/McKay, Beckett/Weir, anything except the following below

What I can't do: Sheppard/Weir without a side of McKay, slash other than Sheppard/McKay, evil!John, evil!Rodney

Pinch hitter: No.

email: chantellierae@gmail.com