October 2nd, 2011

call me ray

Wonderful, it's that time again.....I'm in!!!

Who am I:

my email:
scarlettfever2007@yahoo dot com

What would I like:
John and Rodney slash, and after that I don't mind as long as there is a John and a Rodney, (or any Hewlegan version thereof) So AUs and Crossovers are all great. I don't mind if John and Rodney are with other people at the start of the story as long as they end up together.

But to give you some specific ideas I love pre-slash stories full of UST that is eventually resolved. I love stories of how they get together and stay together. And stories of how they get together, are slipt up by circumstances or misunderstandings or other plotty fate stuff, but then get back together again in the end, because there has to be a happy ending, that some version of John and Rodney are together, or will be, even if there are tears spilled along the way.

I love all the ususal vanilla and mild to moderate kinky stuff that John and Rodney seem to get up to, so anything including NC17 is fine... in fact have at it with the smutty-ness!!! (so a little spanking and caning, some pinching and biting and roughish sex is fine. But I don't enjoy extreme BD/SM, torture, humilliation or abuse between them unless it's like mindcontrol stuff making one of them hurt the other because of outside influence, snakes mind control drugs ect. . And of course John suffers so beautifylly at the hands of others, so H/C is absolutely welcome even if there is some permanent injury, as long as Rodney is there to help him along. Or Vice versa of course with Rodney hurt and John the comforter.. Angst is wonderful too. I love stories that have a twist in the tale. Even stories where it appears they have died, just as long as in the end it was a mistake or another version of John or there's a sarcophagus or Ancient tech or ascension and descension so it ends happily.

I love it when Rodney has a cat, or a cat-like-thing, or when John gets turned into Rodney's Cat-like-thing (although someone already did that didn't they) . I love the Vegas AU.

What can I do:
Pretty much the same things on my "what I like" list are the things I can write. Give me as much detail as you want or as little, or even a picture prompt if that is something you'd like.

Ptich Hitter:
Possibly, it is going to depend on how well I do with my own story as to whether I could have a go at a ptich hit or not..