October 5th, 2011

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I've got some time for writing this season..

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Things I'd like: McShep.  Any rating is fine. I love stories that flush out the universe more, and show how people deal with the clash of personal needs vs the good of the base. (I've been on a Bug!John kick recently, as an example of that theme)    AU is good, as long as they are adults. Vegas 'verse where Sheppard lives - love those.   Another option would be a solid fic that is about Sheppard's family and him working through that to get over all that pain. The Team pushing him to do that is a lot of fun. Happy ending please.

Things I wouldn't like: Dub-Con, Underage, Heavy Kink, mpreg, Crackfic

What I can do: Gen, Het or Slash (probably any pairing of john or rodney w/ a cannon character, and of course McShep) Anybody want an xmas fic about a nice sunny tropical ocean? I could do that. Any Ep-related fic. And anything on the 'things i'd like' list.

What I can't do: I don't think i'd be able to write Femslash, John/Elizabeth (I just don't get that one) Anything on my 'wouldn't like' list.

Pinch hitter?: upon submitting of my story I will answer, but probably not.