October 6th, 2011



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E-mail: papierangel at hotmail.com
Things I'd like: I like Rodney with
Radek, Ronon, and/or John, and Radek/Ronon. Romantic-comedy type stories tend to be my preference; light on plot, with a focus on how
the characters get together, preferably with a little misunderstanding mixed in there. But ultimately I'm pretty all-inclusive in my love of fic : ) UST is love. Favorite kinks and tropes include: not-really-unrequited love, wall!sex, dom/sub themes, dirty talk (the dirtier, the better!), disguise fics where the relationship starts before one or either of the characters knows who the other is, glory holes, dub-con, holiday-themed stories (mistletoe and secret santa!). I also enjoy seeing them back on earth, or AU stories, where we see Rodney or John's family or learn more about their childhood. pining/oblivousness, protective!character, Jealousy, and marking.

Things I wouldn't like: I'd really prefer not to receive established relationship fic., deathfic, bloodplay and scat are not my kinks, neither are plot-heavy or angst-heavy fics. I'd really prefer not to have a lot of carson in the fic, please.

What I can do: I'm going to say slash or gen only this year, until I feel I know the female characters better. I'm willing to write any rating, kink, or slash pairing involving Radek, Ronon, John, Rodney, or Woolsey. My work tends to be character focused rather than plot driven. I usually write either romantic-comedy type stories, or character or kink driven PWP.

What I can't do:  No het in the main pairing. I can't do all action-adventure/heavy-plot stories. Anything else is a-ok.

Pinch hitter?: Sorry, I don't write quickly enough to be able to pitch hit.