October 7th, 2011

David Hewlett and BorgTeddy
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Something old, something new


email: two_of_seven  at  hotmail dot com

Things I'd like:
Rodney is my favourite character, so a Rodney centric story would make me very happy.
I would still love, love, love to get a Pretender Fusion story with Rodney as a pretender.
Other options are:
An AU (except for Mensa 'verse and Vegas 'verse)
Or an episode tag for The Pegasus Project, Miller's Crossing, or the Shrine.
I also love tropes such as Mpreg!Rodney, animal transformation.
Dark/angst, h/c stories with hurt!Rodney are made of win.
What ever story you will be writing, I do want it to have a happy ending.

Things I wouldn't like: Death!fic, unhappy endings,crossovers/mentions of or fusions with SGU, Mensa 'verse and Vegas
'verse AU's, permanant injury, a heavy emphasis on Carson or Keller, first or second POV fics,  gen

What I can do: McKay/Sheppard, pre-slash, gen, crack, AU (except Mensa 'verse and Vegas 'verse AU's)

What I can't do: NC-17, non-con, het, pwp, SGU, SG-1, pairings that aren't McKay/Sheppard, genderswitch, threesomes/moresomes, Mensa 'verse and Vegas 'verse AU's

Pinchhitter?: No.
Wistful John
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(no subject)

LiveJournal: ozsaur
E-mail: ausar @ netdoor.com
Things I'd like: John/Rodney or Team/OT4, I like both gen and slash, and if you write porny OT4 I would prefer that Teyla gets as much attention as the guys. Actually, I love Teyla and a Team story where she has a prominent role would be awesome. If you write gen only, I love plotty adventure stories, and the Team dealing with strange new aliens, or encountering a new Pegasus culture would be a lot of fun! I'm also fond of domestic type stories where John/Rodney or the Team enjoys some downtime together.

I love AUs, especially the canon ones. Any story from the Mensa!Verse, Vegas!Verse, The Road Not Taken, Daedalus Variations would make me very happy!

So my big wish, the one I really don't expect, but I can't help but ask for: Hewligan. I love most Hewligan pairings, but my favorite is Brendan/Emmett, Boa vs Python/Thoughtcrimes. A story where they meet for the first time is always good. Anything where either of them introduces the other to the important people in their lives (BETTY! LOL or Freya) would be cute.

Finally! The biggest wish of all: Ferocious Planet/Morlocks! Colonel Sam Synn/Dr. James Radnor. One is from another universe, the other from another time. They were made for each other! *g*

Things I wouldn't like: Some whump is fine, but I can't take extreme graphic violence and/or permanent injury. No amnesia or brain damage. No rape or noncon. No death of the main characters. I'm fine with Carson or Keller in the background doing their jobs, but please, not a prominent role. No break up stories with Rodney and Jennifer. No infidelity or partner betrayal. No under age -- 16 is my limit. Humor that humiliates any character. No extreme kinks. No character bashing of any kind.

What I can do: John/Rodney, Team/OT4, though my OT4 will probably be pretty mild. I can do plot, but with the deadline, it might not be extremely complicated. I can do gen.. I can do all kinds of relationship stories -- friendship only, first times, established relationship. My porn tends to be detailed. I can do some of the lighter kinks, but I lean toward fun/fluff. I can do hurt/comfort and many of the most popular cliches/tropes (marriage of convenience, huddling together for warmth etc.) I can write some Hewligan pairings, particularly Brendan/Emmett.

What I can't do: I can't write Elizabeth, Carson, Radek, Lorne, or Jennifer in a prominent role. I can't write extreme kinks like scat or emetophilia. I can't do anything on my Things I wouldn't like list. I can't write crossovers with SG-1 or SGU.

Pinch hitter?: Sorry, no.
marshall scribbles

(no subject)

LiveJournal: pipisafoat
E-mail: pipisafoat @ gmail . com

Things I'd like: I want a somewhat plotty fic that also has McShep. And Lorne and/or Zelenka (paired with each other or other people or nobody) being awesome. Or Chuck. Or, really, people being awesome. Or, y'know, whatever. I'm easy. If you're stuck, you can write me a cracky McShep in which they are marshmallows. (seriously, if it doesn't exist yet, it's exactly the kind of fluff that needs to exist.)
Or if you don't like any of those ideas, I like nonbinary characters, I like sexual-minorities, I like Rodney saving the day in unexpected ways and/or accidentally, and I love sub!John like there is no tomorrow. (Especially when combined with any or all of the other things in this list. I think really I just like everything. You'll be fine.)

Things I wouldn't like: There is nothing I won't read. And there's also nothing I can't be sold on. If you write it well enough, I'll believe it could happen, even if before I was like "psh, no way."
That said, I don't love character-bashing. I don't like Kavanaugh, but he's not evil incarnate. (Unless you make him be that. But you have to make someone clearly evil in the story before you can just treat them like they're evil.)

What I can do: In theory, I can do anything! I have before. But If you're looking for gender variance, I'm your pip. If you're looking for odd kinks, I'm your pip. If you're just looking for someone to throw words at a page and hope for the best, I'm definitely your pip.

What I can't do: Femslash is difficult for me to write, even when not terribly explicit. (Okay, any female-centric piece is hard.) I can do a good background female character, but they fall apart under close scrutiny. Most of the time. Sometimes I get lucky!

Pinch hitter?: Probably!
Ruric - moonwolf
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Nothing if not consistent

Livejournal: ruric

E-mail: ruric dot amhari at gmail dot com

Things I'd like: John/Ronon. I will be forever hung up on character dynamics, backstory and I'm a total sucker for outsider fic and anything that involves communication issues between two characters (whether that's good communication or communication getting screwed up/misinterpreted). It might help to know that CJ Cherryh's Foreigner novels are my favourite series ever - if you've never heard of them don't worry! Ronon backstory linked to episodes or John backstory linked to episodes, future fic which looks at where they go after Altantis and OT4 fic is also awesome. Ronon's history in the Satedan army and his relationships with Tyre, Ara and Rakai (and Melena) are things I keep returning to as are John and David Sheppard's relationship (I'm still hung up on the dynamics between John/Ronon and David). As a minor side-pairing also interested in Lorne/Colby (from Numb3rs)! Possibility of Crossovers external to the show (e.g. Hawaii Five-0, Leverage, Numb3rs) as long as John & Ronon remain central.

I will greedily pounce on angst, h/c, dark fic, curtain fic, dub-con, non-con, happy endings, humour, first time fic, established relationships, UST, action/adventure, plotty stories, PWPs, AU's within the context of the show and crossovers with other SG shows. Preference for slash or threesomes/moresomes but as long as Ronon is cental to the story I'll be happy.

Things I wouldn't like: genderswap, underage, kidfic, mpreg, total crackfic, hardcore BDSM or D/S. No radical AUs (they're all surfers *G*) or deathfic. Dumb!John or dumb!Ronon. No character bashing. No deathfic or permanent injury (I like it but not for Xmas!)

What I can do: primarily slash with the emphasis on John/Ronon but I'd take a shot at most slash pairings. Character wise I'd be happiest writing John, Ronon, Lorne, Carson, Teyla. Not sure I can write snappy enough dialogue for Rodney (but would be willing to try) and also can write Jack & Daniel. I tend to focus on character interplay so long densely plotted stories are not a huge strength. AUs within the context of the show and episode related fic. Could do Ronon centred genfic.

What I can't do: Femmeslash, BDSM, D/S, kid fic, mpreg, crack fic, genderswap, heavy kinks, epic long and sensely plotted stories (I don't write fast eough!)

Pinch hitter? Unlikely as I have a few Xmas stories due but if you have a Ronon centric fic in trouble give me a yell!