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Things I'd like:
John/Rodney is my OTP so I'd like McShep please.
Am happy to have any other characters/pairings included. Prefer m/m Slash but happy to have het/femslash as additional or background pairing. Whatever your fave pairing is (as long as it doesn't split McShep) feel free to convert me!
My fave SGA characters are Teyla, Ronon, Zelenka, Lorne, Carson and Jennifer. I also love the SG1 cast if any of them would like to pop by! 
I like first time fics, oblivious or pining characters, misunderstandings, protective characters, jealousy, UST, contact with Jeannie (visit or email), Team friendship 
I like seeing John and Rodney being badass in their professional roles and love matchmaking team/colleagues
I'd prefer a getting together fic to an established relationship.
I do enjoy kidfic but prefer the 'accident with ancient tech route' rather than mpreg.
I LOVE humor in stories but also enjoy angst and drama as long as it all works out in the end.
Post Season 5 – w/ Atlantis back in Pegasus would be welcome (but not necessary).
Any rating will be fine, but would not complain about hot sex!

Things I wouldn't like: 
Permanent death of McKay or Sheppard (temporary okay),
McKay or Sheppard in another pairing (references to previous relationships okay),
I'd prefer no unhappy endings - angsty is fine as long as ending is happy. 
non-con, partner betrayal, mpreg, genderswitch, character bashing, threesomes or moresomes, extreme kink (esp: watersports, fisting)
any mention (past/present) of mitchell/sheppard - I was totally squicked by accidentally reading a story with this pairing and extreme Rodney bashing. To extent that I can't read anything with Mitchell included (though if you could cure me off my ridiculous mitchell phobia by including him as a matchmaker or snarky friend/frenemy of Rodney's but NOT a rival for John that would be awesome)

What I can do:
prefer McShep slash but am happy to have a go at most anything/anyone as long as I don't have to write John or Rodney in any other pairing . I like to write humor. I tend towards character driven fic rather than plotty adventures unless given a detailed prompt. I love prompts!

What I can't do:
Am happy to have a go at most anything/anyone as long as I don't have to write John or Rodney in any other pairing.  
Preferrably not items on things I wouldn't like list.

Pinch hitter?:
If needed. 
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LiveJournal: kimberlite
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Things I'd like: Sheppard-centric NC-17 slash. Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell, Sheppard/Ronon, Sheppard/Lorne or Sheppard/any combo of the three; Sheppard/Jack O'Neill, Sheppard/Mitchell/O'Neill, Sheppard/O'Neill/Daniel Jackson or Sheppard/Mitchell/O'Neill/Jackson; Sheppard/McKay/Ronon or OT4. I like the guys in character and behaving like men, angst over humor, first time over established relationship (or at least being able to see why/how they got together if it's established), power dynamics, AMTDI and the fallout, loyalty/sacrifice, warrior bonds, flyboys, kink, BDSM, consent issues/dub-con/enzyme!sex. I generally prefer bottom!Sheppard but with Mitchell I see them switching. I like it when Sheppard gets into situations where he's pushed to his limits for his team/friends but their strong emotional bond sees them through.

Things I wouldn't like: Schmoop, humor, crack, weepy men, extreme violence/graphic injury, character bashing, kid-fic, gen.

What I can do: Sheppard with any combination of Mitchell, Ronon, McKay, Lorne, O'Neill or Jackson. I'm not adverse to adding Vala, Sam, Cadman, Teyla, or Elizabeth into an m/m/f or m/m/m/f situation. I could also probably write Sheppard/Vala, Sheppard/Sam, Sheppard/Cadman or Sheppard/Todd. I prefer to write NC-17 (BDSM and kink are fine) but I'm also cool with branching out.

What I can't do: Gen, extreme violence/graphic injury, humor, schmoop, crack, long plot. No Kavanagh or Woolsey as part of a pairing, and I don't think I could do Radek justice.

Pinch hitter?: Probably not.
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  • mdime02

It's beginning to look a lot like...sga_santa!!!

Livejournal: mdime02 

E-mail: mdime02 [at] hotmail [dot] com
Things I’d like: Strongly prefer McKay/Sheppard but am okay with gen/teamfic (canon relationships allowed as background) – can be action/adventure/plot based or more relationship based – I love when the team kicks ass and takes names – I love when the team is team – I love the snark with its underlying affection – I love first times but I also love an established relationship, especially when John and Rodney are easy and natural, just comfortable together because they know they are BFFs and love each other like mad – AUs are awesome (see caveat below), hurt/comfort is love, angst makes the world go ‘round, a balance of serious and humor (as on the show) is great – I love when Atlantis is a bit more than they’ve shown us on the series, ie, John’s connection and special “relationship” with her or something focusing on cool Ancient tech – I love cut off from Earth scenarios (but not so much colony!Atlantis) – I enjoy a good Harlequin-style romp with misunderstandings and dramatic declarations – “a day in the life” or a day when the rest of the expedition gets to save the day is greatness – I love episode-related pieces and focusing on the details – my John is a well-respected, competent officer and does more than push paperwork off on Lorne and get chased by natives off-world (though he does those things, too) – my Rodney is respected despite his, shall we say, special personality and isn’t tolerated by the expedition solely because he can (and does) save them all – my Teyla is such the mom of the group, strong and graceful and kick-ass – and my Ronon is more than a savage who tears through the Marines in practice – my expedition, as a whole, feels that Atlantis is home and are fiercely loyal to their commanders and each other – they are smart and dedicated and family in all the ways that matter – I’ll take any commander (ie, a story set in any season, with Weir, Carter, or Woolsey at the helm…or the time post-Weir when Sheppard called the shots) – something more military focused (that shows how smart and awesome the Atlantis forces are) is great, too, and I love Lorne – happy ending strongly preferred – So many words just to say that basically, I’m easy. :) Pick something…pick a few somethings…run with whatever crazy idea pops into your head. 
Things I wouldn’t like: partner betrayal/infidelity, permanent heartbreak, more than mild kink, Sheppard with anyone but McKay, death of a major character (serious injuries okay), AUs based on either McKay and Mrs. Miller or Vegas (not that I don’t like them! just not in the mood), mpreg, non-consensual sex, Beckett as a major character, colony!Atlantis, apocafic, any mention whatsoever of SGU
What I can do: McKay/Sheppard, gen/teamfic/friendship, character study/focus on one of the characters, canon relationships (ie, Teyla/Kanaan, Jeannie/Kaleb, McKay/Keller – but not happily ever after for that last), minor characters (not shipped); action/adventure, AU, angst, romance, hurt/comfort, first time, established relationship, crossover (if I know it!), rated G to NC-17, fluff, deathfic, light kink (not much past mild D/s), ep-related, detail oriented, backstory, futurefic, off-world or in Atlantis
What I can’t do: Sheppard with anyone but McKay (except past John/Nancy), heavy kink, partner betrayal (unless with a reason that lets it end happily), I can do some humor but not in the “spit-take” “cracktastic” sense, no physics/math as critical to the storyline (my technobabble is weak)
Pinch hitter? Yes

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Couldn't resist!

LiveJournal: lilyfarfalla
E-mail: lilyfarfalla at gmail dot com

Things I'd like: John/Rodney would be my preference, but I'll take a teamy gen story if that's not your thing. I will also take a teamy John/Rodney story (OT4 can also be cool, if it's all evenly balanced.) Love the tension of a first time fic (obliviousness and longing FTW!), but I also like to see established relationship and a quieter sense of growing intimacy, of becoming real parnters. I love, in both kinds of stories, to see them be this crucial thing that was missing from their lives. (And I like it when that doesn't sound as corny as it just did!) Atlantis based canon or total AU (LOVE a good AU, but I love Atlantis and exploring the Pegasus galaxy and its cultures just as much, or some crazy sci-fi plot. I love love Atlantis being cut off from Earth, abandoned or by choice. Love seeing AU versions of how John and Rodney might have met before Atlantis. Other favorite tropes include: apocafic, not-really-unrequited love, pining/oblivousness, intoxicated confessions, huddling for warmth, sharing a bed, trapped in confined places, ancient devices, fairy tales of all stripes, awesome women, math and physics nerdiness (and honestly all kinds of nerdiness), harlequin romances (but where they save each other, rather than one = the girl and has to be saved.) ...and the list continues. If it's a story that you love, I'll probably like it too!

Things I wouldn't like: Character bashing, non or dub con, partner betrayal/infidelity, unhappy endings, Beckett as a major character, mpreg, anything SGU-related, a dumb Ronon/Teyla/any main character, really, genderswap, Mensa Rod instead of Rodney.

What I can do: John/Rodney or teamy gen! But also more character pieces on any of the team, or Elizabeth, Woolsey, Jennifer, other Lanteans, etc.

What I can't do: Character bashing, non or dub con, Carson as a major character, serious, heavy kink, John or Rodney in relationships with other people. (My won't write list is shorter than my don't want list.)

Pinch hitter?: No.