October 9th, 2011

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Hopefully in before the deadline.

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Things I'd like: Femslash! My favorite femslash pairings are Elizabeth/Kate, Elizabeth/Teyla (or a threesome of Elizabeth, Kate, and Teyla), and Laura/Teyla. I would prefer if you could walk the fine line between fluff, which I'm not fond of, and incredibly depressing character death fic, which I'm also not fond of. (Given that SGA canon and I broke up around the end of season three, I think you can see why I would prefer a lack of character death.)

I love AUs, alternate timelines, and a whole bunch of crack in my fic (fpreg, amtdi, forced to be married, wing fic, a whole bunch of fun times there, right?). I love femslash and women being friends. What I love most are women who drive the story, who have their own agency and whose actions involve them saving themselves. I enjoy NC-17, though I don't have to have it. I'm not averse to writing crossovers either!

Things I wouldn't like: Sheppard/McKay. There's nothing wrong with it, but I'm not a fan. I also don't want character death or angst without a happy ending, nor do I want fluff. Also, please, no holiday-themed fic.

What I can do: I write femslash and gen, and all focused on the female characters. I prefer femslash to het or to gen. I can do AU stories, alternate timelines, but I can't do anything canon-based after the end of season three. My favorite characters to write are Elizabeth, Kate, Teyla, Laura and Jennifer, and I also like to write Ronon, John, and Lorne.

What I can't do: I have absolutely no desire to write m/m or m/f for this exchange. Please assign me something femslashy or gen and woman-centric.

Pinch hitter?: Sounds like fun!
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*squeaking in* Pretty please. I'm citing Hawaii time.

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Things I'd like: I'd love a story featuring John/Teyla, but not necessarily a ship fic in itself. I like stories where the focus isn't necessarily the "romance" or getting together but one where you see their relationship evolve organically through what they're doing together (and with other people): whether that be solving a case, or doing quieter everyday activities on Atlantis. If you've read the Legacy series, The Lost is an excellent example of this: John and Teyla are involved in a mission together, and there's lots of interaction and subtext, but the focus is on solving a different primary goal, one that is not romantic in nature. Their relationship features mainly because of how John and Teyla must work together to carry out this goal. (I adore the scenes in the cave, in the infirmary and then Teyla's room (squee!), and the ending scene on the pier. Awww. So much win!)

My main rule of thumb is to play to your strengths as a writer. Be creative in using your particular expertise as a springboard, and write the genre you like. I'm flexible! For an idea of the range of stories I enjoy: I like plotty team adventure fic, but I also like vignettes centered around a particular theme. I like epic action, but I also like non-flashy slice-of-life. For your sanity, I suggest choosing one or two particular angles, and sticking to those, hehe. :) The main "requirement" is for the story to have a narrative pulse. I like the characters being active and assertive in taking charge of their circumstances, rather than being passive. Everything else is really execution. If you execute really well, go for whatever strikes your fancy! I really honestly mean this; follow your brilliance. Don't let my suggestions confine you. Besides the basics and "what I don't like," everything is up for grabs.

Optional food for thought: I love having a sense of place and setting. A few choice details is all you need. As for character aspects, I like smart John a whole lot, and I love kickbutt Teyla (whether that's in negotiation or in battle). I really enjoy humorous, light John, but if you travel the way of angst (which I deal in too), then I find his sense of personal responsibility striking. He truly cares for the well-being of his team, and he'll go through the fire to get them back, but it's also good to remind John that he doesn't have to bear the weight of the world alone. I see Teyla as a rock; I love her calm steadiness and her ability to see what people really mean and are not saying. She also has this wry humor that's so hard to capture, but if you do, you are beyond awesome. If you're able to incorporate other characters, I love team and unlikely friendships. I adore John and Ronon friendship. Oh, you bet Ronon knows, and he has a nifty way of being wise when the team needs it. Also: if all plot bunnies fail you, music is always win.

Things I wouldn't like: My main nitpick is heavy exposition or too much telling; I like writers who respect the readers' intelligence. I dislike anything that throws a reader out of the narrative: glaringly off details, too much reflection with no action (don't have John stand around for five paragraphs thinking about his emotions and this or that. Get him out of his head and have him interact with the world around him, or with other characters), and plot holes (sadly, my suspension of disbelief has limits). Too much pining. Out-of-character dialogue. Super crack!fic (slight AU is fine, alt!verse is fine, but less deviation from canon is probably safer). Unhappy endings. Depressing all the way through. Ogling the characters. The characters as less intelligent than they are. Cotton candy fluff. Also: no swearing or sex, please.

What I can do: I am most comfortable with John/Teyla and Teyla-centric gen. My past work is mostly character studies, vignettes, and standalone scenes, but I am currently delving into more plotty, epic territory. If you need me, I can also take a stab at character-centric gen for John or Ronon, and friendship fic. Any time frame in canon, I've seen all five seasons of SGA and read the Legacy series thus far.

What I can't do: John paired with someone besides Teyla. Slash. Whump. Crack!fic. Anything above a PG-13 rating. I'm sure there's more, but these limits cover a lot of ground.

Pinch hitter?: Possibly, but I fear my ambition exceeds my capacity.