October 10th, 2011

Can't believe I almost missed the cut-off date...

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Things I'd like: Anything that focuses on John. I like John with virtually any male pairing, although my favorites are John/Rodney, John/Cam, and John/Lorne. John/Ronon and John/crossover also work :) I love angst, so long as John gets his happy ending, but I especially love when it's internalized angst that he just deals with matter-of-factly. I also love anything that deals with how John might still feel about losing his men in Afghanistan. Also loved: bamf!John kicking major ass, people underestimating John and having him surprise them, John breaking out his mensa math skills. I'd love to see a crossover with Inception, somehow. And last but not least, I'm definitely open to AU's. I absolutely love BDSM-verse fics, but I also adore regular Joe-type fics where John and love interest have occupations like bookstore owner, professor, researcher, CEO, what have you. 
Things I wouldn't like: I'm not really a fan of John het. I also really dislike woobie!John or John too out of character. Also, I'm of the belief that there is no way John has gone this far in life and not realized he's gay or at least bi, so no first-time John or Rodney-turns-him-gay, please; I love when they can still be stoic men, but obviously feel strong affection for one another. Anything too far out of the realm of believability for these guys or where I have to suspend my disbelief? 
What I can do: I generally do much better writing slash, and focusing on John, Lorne, or Cam. I wouldn't mind trying my hat at Ronon, although I don't think I could do Rodney's POV justice, honestly. I can write angst, romance, humor, or action. AU, crossover, slice-of-life, I'm fairly open.
What I can't do: I'm fairly certain I'd be horrible at het smut, but I do love me some slash smut. I'm not a huge fan of Jennifer so I don't think I could write a fic where she's the primarily character. Apocalypse-type fics aren't really my forte either.
Pinch hitter?: So long as I'm not buried under work, certainly.
  • temaris

Mornin' :)

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Things I'd like: Happy endings :D no permanent breakage please :). McKay/Sheppard; Teyla, Keller, Sam Carter kicking arse and taking names without the guys bumbling along. Teamfic :) AUs, fusions, adventures, first times, established relationships, pwps. People taking responsibility for the consequences of their actions, for saving their own necks and not being helpless. Smart is hot :)
Things I wouldn't like: No non-con, please, no mpreg or kids. No Beckett. I'd prefer to not have McKay/Keller, but no Keller bashing either, thankee.
What I can do: can write slash & femslash as long as Beckett's not involved; het as long as Sheppard or McKay aren't one of the het pairing. Will write au, kink, xover (as long as I know the second fandom).
What I can't do: Can't write Beckett, non-con, scat, mpreg, kids, unhappy endings.
Pinch hitter: I don't think so, sorry.
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Sneaking in under the deadline?

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Things I'd like: Team gen is pretty much my favorite thing ever, but I also enjoy team OT4, John/Rodney, John/Teyla, John/Ronon, Teyla/Jennifer, Teyla/Sam, Jennifer/Alicia Vega, and Jennifer/Sam. I like stories with happy endings, fluffy domesticness, and action/adventure. Mild hurt.comfort is fun, as are stories involving imprisonment, daring rescues and cunning plans. I like for the Pegasus galaxy to seem like a real place with real people in it, and I like stories that have pairings to not completely ignore all the other characters but the pairing couple.

Things I wouldn't like: No deathfics, kidfics (unless it's canon kids like Madison and Torren), or partner betrayal please. Some angst is okay but an overload of it makes me a sad panda. I don't really want fics that have Atlantis stuck permanently on Earth.

What I can do: Anything, as long as it involves the main characters of the show (not peripheral characters such as Chuck or Stackhouse).

What I can't do: I'd rather not write stories centered entirely on secondary characters, or from the POV of the Wraith, or any pairing involving Woolsey.

Pinch hitter?: No, sorry. I'm terrible with deadlines.