December 13th, 2011

pissed off monkey
  • alyse

Fair Warning...

Later tonight (or possibly tomorrow, depending on when Claire gets a chance to check her e-mail), I will start sending 'you have not sent us your story or requested an extension' frowny e-mails.

If you haven't done either of things (sent a story or requested and got an extension), then please send an e-mail to both of us either with your story or when you expect to have the story with us (which will hopefully be 'asap' as we start posting tomorrow).

(Hint: If you can't find your original assignment mail, and therefore don't know our 'real' e-mail addresses, then sekritly and just between you and me, you can send it to alyseci5 at something called and moonlettuce at something called As LJ is having ongoing DDoS problems, the LJ email forwarding isn't always working.)

If you haven't had a reply to your e-mail, whether that's a submission or request for extension, we haven't got it! Unless you've only just sent it - in which case work and sleep will have got in the way, and we will reply tonight - please try sending it again to those e-mail addresses.

Don't make me crack out the flying monkeys, people, especially as judging from the current state of the Spreadsheet o' Doom, I'm going to be sending a lot of e-mails.

::frowny face::