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Title: Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
Author: sholio
Recipient: argosy
Pairing: McKay/Keller
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 33,000 *koff*
Warning: Contains some relatively mild horror-movie-esque imagery and creepiness
Spoilers: Set post-Enemy at the Gate, potential spoilers for all aired episodes.
Disclaimer: Not mine, do not own.
Author's Notes: Thank you to astridv for the excellent (and fast!) beta.

Summary: John is dealing with his teammates' love lives just like any other emotional issue: by ignoring the situation and hoping it goes away. But when a mission gone wrong traps John, Rodney and Jennifer a thousand feet beneath New Lantea's ocean -- injured and out of touch with Atlantis, with the clock running down and a mysterious enemy in pursuit -- they're either going to have to work out their differences ... or die trying.

( Devil and the Deep Blue Sea )


Jan. 2nd, 2010 01:35 am (UTC)
Wonderful story! I hadn't thought about it much until I read your story but, like Rodney and John, Jennifer really isn't that sharp with the people skills. You work John's failed marriage very neatly into his current predicament, and we never do see him comfortable around another couple. He gets along just fine in certain circumstances, and he and Rodney can play race cars until the cows come home, but yes, I think you've really got his number for the moment things get more complicated.

I love what you do with Jennifer most of all. I did like her and hate to see her demonized; she makes mistakes, but her missteps make sense as a very young, smart, bookish person tries to find her feet in a place that calls on physical skills and physical courage she never needed before she left our galaxy. She can read Rodney, but doesn't do very well with Sheppard (which is no surprise, because it's hard to read someone who can't read himself some of the time). Still, of the three of them she's the most stable emotionally, so she has to be the one to try to work things out!

I also love Teyla's cameo (it's not so much all Earth people who are crazy, Teyla, as the ones who would go to Atlantis), the reminders of Zelenka even when he isn't present, and the brain coral. I'll never visit aquariums the same way again!
Feb. 12th, 2010 02:28 am (UTC)
Thank you very much! I really enjoyed working on the complex interpersonal dynamics in this story; I was nervous about the reception that it would get, knowing that readers would be mapping their own interpretations onto the characters, so I was very happy (and relieved!) that it seemed to go over well.

(it's not so much all Earth people who are crazy, Teyla, as the ones who would go to Atlantis)

LOL! So very true.


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