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Fic: Bound to Heart, Bound to Home (Gen, PG)

Title: Bound to Heart, Bound to Home
Author: calcitrix
Recipient: cat_77
Pairing: Mostly gen; hints of OT4 and background Lorne/Weir
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Historical AU; This is not dark, but it does not ignore issues of the early 1800s, such as war, land appropriation, and slavery.
Author's Notes: When I saw, "Team, maybe some OT4, please!" my brain did this funny thing and put them in the Northwest Territory right after the War of 1812. I did my best to stay true to history; Rodney's science is only half based in fact. Taking everyone out of the Pegasus Galaxy and fitting them into early American culture was a challenge, and I hope I did it justice.
I need to thank my wonderful beta for helping me through my hand-flapping and flailing and significantly decreasing the number of flaws in the story.
Summary: When Sheppard, McKay, Lorne, and Weir move to Illinois in 1815, they only expected the usual challenges of building a home and running a farm. Their household grows when they befriend Teyla and her people and adopt Ronon, on the run from his past. But it's a dangerous world, and only their quick wits, fast shooting, and Rodney's science can save the day.
Story length: Approx. 25,000 words

( Bound to Heart, Bound to Home )
Tags: genre: general

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