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Title: Never Quite What You Expect
Author: propinquitine
Recipient: monanotlisa
Pairing: John/Rodney
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~7400
Author's Notes: I threw a number of monanotlisa's requests at the wall, and "twisted cliches", "banter", and "humor" stuck the fastest. Hope you enjoy it!
Major thanks to M. and winkingstar as always for cheerleading and betaing down to the wire.
Summary: The problem with most of the ways it could happen is that the scenarios aren't nearly awkward enough.

Never Quite What You ExpectCollapse )


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Jan. 4th, 2010 01:01 am (UTC)
Loved this! Reality is a harsh mistress but in this case makes for a hilarious read.
Jan. 11th, 2010 01:47 am (UTC)
Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it. :-)
Jan. 6th, 2010 11:30 pm (UTC)
Great story. I like the juxtaposition of John's fantasies with what ends up happening here, and how he is called on it later for hoping that the situations would do the heavy lifting for him. Just reacting to some comments above, I wouldn't say that it's contrasting fan tropes with "reality," but it's refreshing in trying to forge new paths for these two to take, and very much believable that John would have some of the same fantasies as we fans do, and I think the structure really works. Also liked how we found out just how upset John was when Teyla sat down and saw his face, and this line too: "But for that to be true, you would've realized well before you joined the military and would have basically had to . . . to . . . be horribly repressing yourself all this time, oh my god, it is true."
Jan. 11th, 2010 02:01 am (UTC)
Thank you so much! I agree -- there's nothing necessarily more realistic about these scenarios (and I definitely fall prey to the trope of John being almost too awkward to function), but it was fun to work against the kind of built-in momentum that the classic getting-together situations have. I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Jan. 9th, 2010 10:03 am (UTC)
This is just fantastic! I am really a fan of slow, understated, down-to-earth romance, and I love love love how you sidestep all the cliches, from aliens-made-them-do-it to Teyla as matchmaker (better things to do! hee!); and they don't jump into bed at the end, either! I love seeing the prosaic and sometimes messy side of things like space battles and long infirmary stays. Basically this just mashes down all my buttons for gradual friendship-based romance and mashes 'em hard. Thank you very much for this!
Jan. 13th, 2010 01:13 am (UTC)
Thank you so much! I fell in love with their friendship first and foremost, so I'm thrilled to hear it came across well in this. So glad you enjoyed it!
Jan. 9th, 2010 12:23 pm (UTC)
This makes me so happy. And I loved how normal everything was and stuff flowed very naturally and it was SO MUCH FUN.
Jan. 13th, 2010 01:14 am (UTC)
Eee, thank you! I'm happy to have made you happy. :-)
(Deleted comment)
Jan. 13th, 2010 01:17 am (UTC)
Thank you very much! I've definitely loved (and probably written) most of these clichés at one point or another, but it was fun to take them apart a bit and see what else might happen. :-) Glad you liked it!
Jan. 9th, 2010 01:06 pm (UTC)
Eee~! This was deeply, deeply delightful and quite possibly the best way of wrapping up canon in my own head and just so right! ♥
Jan. 13th, 2010 01:21 am (UTC)
Oh, thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it. :-)
Jan. 9th, 2010 03:40 pm (UTC)
This is absolutely FANTASCTIC! And I love the build-up, and how everyone is so perfectly in character, and this "John." Teyla gave him a hard look. "Are you trying to manufacture situations to push the two of you together, so that you can avoid discussing your emotions with him?"

". . . No?" That just sounded ridiculous. And would've required way more foresight.
made me LOL :D
Jan. 13th, 2010 01:24 am (UTC)
Thanks so much! I'm glad to hear the characterizations rang true for you -- that's always my big concern. Glad you liked it!
Jan. 9th, 2010 07:10 pm (UTC)
Utterly delightful story! ♥
Jan. 13th, 2010 01:26 am (UTC)
Thank you very much!
Jan. 9th, 2010 10:40 pm (UTC)
Fun, wonderful, awesome story! I loved the 'it could have been' but 'it really was this way' parts of the story, they were so Team Sheppard! They made me laugh and laugh and feel warm and fuzzy at the same time. Your John and Rodney (and the way it happened) were perfect! Thank you ;-)
Jan. 13th, 2010 01:29 am (UTC)
Oh, thank you! It puts a big ol' grin on my face to know that I made you laugh. :D
Jan. 10th, 2010 07:53 am (UTC)
Fantastic. Great read - liked the 'this is not how it happened' situations and the reality.
Jan. 13th, 2010 01:31 am (UTC)
Thanks very much, I'm glad you liked it!
Jan. 11th, 2010 01:44 am (UTC)
This was lovely! :) I loved how it didn't happen and I adore how it did. Especially with Teyla refusing to play yenta. ;)

Very enjoyable read.
Jan. 13th, 2010 01:40 am (UTC)
Teyla's got a people to lead, alliances to maintain, a family to manage -- she's swamped! (Or at least a bit busy to play matchmaker, yeah. :-) Glad you enjoyed it!
Jan. 12th, 2010 08:34 am (UTC)
to . . . to . . . be horribly repressing yourself all this time, oh my god, it is true." Rodney looked at him, amazed. "That is seriously screwed up, but it explains a lot."

Heh - solid entry for the Funny 'Cuz It's True awards!

Aww, poor John, the universe just won't conspire to make this relationship thing just happen, he actually has to take initiative! But at least he does, finally. Cute take-backsies on all the cliches, and so nice that they worked it out in the end!
Jan. 13th, 2010 01:42 am (UTC)
Ah yes, the biggest cliché of all: John and Rodney have a happy ending. Couldn't make myself subvert that one! :-)
Jan. 21st, 2010 07:40 pm (UTC)
The whole thing was thoroughly wonderful, treating the source material and potential Pegasus cultures with a lot of respect, the scenes were diverting and wonderfully characterised, and the entire last scene was hilarious and adorable and perfect.

My favourite part, though, was:

"But for that to be true, you would've realized well before you joined the military and would have basically had to . . . to . . . be horribly repressing yourself all this time, oh my god, it is true." Rodney looked at him, amazed. "That is seriously screwed up, but it explains a lot."

Feb. 4th, 2010 03:13 am (UTC)
Rodney is so excited about his laser!

This is a great friendship fic, and a great romance. I love how you turned several cliches on their heads -- Aliens Want To Make Sure John Won't Be Distracted By Rodney -- and Teyla telling John he's just going to have to figure these things out for himself.

Also this made me LOL:

"Ugh, this is awful," Rodney said, looking out over the ocean.

"Yeah, sunsets are the worst," John said.
Apr. 11th, 2010 10:56 pm (UTC)
Whee, oh that was wonderfully fun and so very very THEM! In other words, they were both being so totally adorkable! Love John's slow realization! Perfect!

Also, loved John going to Teyla for advice! And her pretty much telling him to figure it out himself, so very her! Also, this line just cracked me up: "Child care providers? As you know, I have a number of opinions of your capacity for that particular role." *snicker* Oh Teyla, I do so love you! ^_^
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