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Non-LJ Signup Post

This is the sign up post for people without LJs. If you don't have a LiveJournal and would like to participate, please leave your request here as a reply to this post.

Rules / dates to remember / request template are here.

If you do have a LiveJournal, then please make your request a new post.


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Sep. 28th, 2010 08:35 pm (UTC)
sga santa signup
gosh, it's quiet in here. :)

LiveJournal: none, but people call me dingochow
E-mail: dingociao at yahoodotcom

Things I'd like: Zelenka in a slash pairing or (especially) a threesome, with humor, sex and romance. Rodney/Radek/John is my very favorite thing in two galaxies, but Radek/Ronon also pleases. (Perhaps with a side of McShep?) Otherwise, a slash story involving Radek, Rodney, Ronon, John and/or Carson, in just about any combination. NC-17, whether long and plotty or PWP, first time or established relationship, as long as there are good characterizations and conversation, interesting sex, and a happy ending. AU stories are much loved, including total AUs, as is a sensible yet kickass Teyla.

Things I wouldn't like: dark fic, dub or noncon, heavy kink, partner betrayal, permanent heartbreak, character death (or basically anything too sad), genderswap, mpreg. No Ford or Keller. No heavy angst, but angst-on-the-way to a happy ending is fine.

What I can do: I feel confident with anything in the “likes” above, but I'll take a shot at most slash pairings or threesomes. Romance, humor, h/c and sex, and plots of most types (but see below). Mild to moderate kink, as long as it's consensual. And AU s are the specialty of the house. I would love a chance to write an SGA AU.

What I can't do: Everything in the “dislikes” above. Explicit het. Crossovers. Anything canon specific, or with a plot based on science or math. (I love reading the science stories, but I just don't have the background to write them.)

Pinch hitter?: yes.

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