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Fic: Out in the Dark (Mitchell/Sheppard, NC-17)

Title: Out in the Dark
Author: falconsheart and camshaft22
Recipient: kimberlite
Pairing: John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Not beta'd. SGA/SG1 Belongs to MGM and other holders. Just playing in the sandbox.
Author's Notes: Consent issues/dub-con/enzyme!sex. You have been warned.
Summary: Being lost in a ruin can turn your head, can it? Or do you just discover yourself?

John Sheppard paced angrily the winded stone hall, it was looked exactly like any other hall in this subterranean complex. "Great work, Landry," he grumbled, as he backtracked towards what hopefully would be a side-entrance. "It's an Ancient Ruin, Sheppard, it holds technology, we need to you to activate it." He repeated mockingly. "Only it ain't." This ruin wasn't any more ancient than Landry was. If at least he had his team here. McKay would figure out this weird place in no time, or Ronon could shoot a way out of this dratted place. While he walking towards another circular hall filled with a hovering ball of blue light, John dug an MRE out of his pocket, using his teeth to open it and chewed. He was hungry. How long had he been sitting in this pen? Too long. He looked around in the hall, but again - there was no way out. Everything was seamless, the stones flawlessly polished, the blue light illuminating blueish glyphs shimmering in the walls. Hitting his flat hand against the wall, John turned around. There had to be a way out here.

Cameron Mitchell beamed into the dark labyrinth, looking around. "Sheppard?" he asked, clicking his radio. "Sheppard, this is Mitchell, do you read?" Cam asked, hearing the radio making a whirring sound. "General Hammond, this is Mitchell, do you read?" he asked again, only getting the strange noise in response. "Ok. Well, shit. Let's hope the beacon works then," Cam walked forward, looking around as he lit his flash light, seeing the smooth stones glittering on the walls as he walked forward. Now if only he could find John so he could plant the beacon and be on his way...

The steps were loud, too loud, echoing through the halls. John blinked, disliking that ugly light Mitchell had brought here. Stalking him from behind he shadowed his movements until he reached another chamber. It didn't take more but a quick foothook and a push to topple Mitchell and for John to sit above him. "Sneaky," John growled. "finally got your ass down here - or did Landry haul you here to stay as well?"

Cam hit the floor and started fighting as John pinned him down, holding his arm down and he blinked at him. "I came to find you. You've been in here for a day. We tried dialing in, everything. Finally we had to get the Hammond up and jumped here. Something weird happened on our side and we thought maybe you were captured or something. You look alright... are you ok?" Cam asked, looking up at him. "Uh... You can get off me now... It's just me."

"A day... try a damn a week," John growled still holding Mitchell pinned. "And how do I know you are you?" He leaned down sniffing Mitchell's neck. "Yess... you smell right." But he didn't let go.

"John... Sheppard! Dude, what the hell?" Cam asked, flinching away from the sniffing of his neck. He bucked, trying to get him off him. "I'm here to get you out... now will you get off me?"

The fighting back only made Sheppard strengthen his grip. He had been stuck here for so long and now finally he had some captive. To some part of John's mind it was perfectly sensible that now that he had captured Mitchell, Mitchell was his. He duck in his knees, keeping his grip on the other man. "Why?" he asked, sniffing again inhaling the strong slightly spicy scent. "Might as well keep you..." He snatched one of the plastic restraints they used for captives from Mitchell's gear and quickly had tied his hands up above his head.

Cam felt John's grip tighten as he leveraged more of his weight down. "Why? Seriously? Because I told you too and we have to get out of here!" he told him as John knocked the beacon from his hand and tied his wrists together. "What the fuck, Sheppard?! This isn't funny, man," he said, trying to break the restraints and roll him off.

Sheppard's green eyes widened in a grin, they were brighter than usual the pupil's dilated but nearly overshadowed by the bright green. Again he resisted all attempts to shake him off with a relaxed ease. His hand shot up, cupping Mitchell's chin. "Stop lying... there is no way out. You left me here. And now I am going to keep you." He said predatorily.

Cam looked at him like he was nuts. "If I left you, do you really think I'd come for you? Think straight, John! What is wrong with you?" he asked, looking up into his shockingly bright Green eyes.

The logic of the question baffled John only for a moment. "No matter, now you are mine and I'll keep you." he announced hungrily. "I caught you." And he liked his prey. Leaning down he sniffed at his skin, inhaling the strong scent and growled. Easing off just so slightly that he could use his combat knife to slice up Cam's BDU's, he made quick work of the black material. Freeing up the skin made the smell only stronger and John more hungry. His hands slid over the exposed torso possesivly before he leaned close to bite the neck.

Cam felt his hope that John would straighten out die as he announced that he was going to keep him. He immediately stilled as soon as he noticed the knife and felt the sharp edge hover just over his skin, cutting away the fabric like nothing. He looked at John, feeling his slightly cold touch, closer than he should be as he smoothed his hands over Cam's exposed chest. When John bit into his neck, Cam hissed. "John... Please. Stop. Ok? Just stop now... No report."

"Hm... report sounds interessting," John chuckled, undoing Mitchell's belt and pushing down his pants. "General Landry, Sir... John Sheppard assaulted me, captured me and then he stroked me." John began exactly to do that, playing with Mitchell's dick, rubbing it. "until I came all over his hand. No report." he grinned predatorily.

Cam flushed red, his ears bright scarlet as John pushed down his pants and started stroking his cock. "Stop... John, just stop!" he yelled at him, going redder as his body responded to it, his dick going hard with his expert touch.

"No," John did not stop the stroken as he licked along the neck again, tracing his bite. His prey smelled good, smelled enticing. He freed up his own hard erection, rubbing it against Mitchells. "You are mine," he declared.

Cam looked at him in horror, feeling betrayed as John rubbed his hard dick against his own. "John... Please..." Cam pleaded as he was stroked harder, feeling his lower body getting tighter.

"You wanna come, do you?" John growled. "feel your hot cum shot out?" He curled his fingers around Cam's dick and played with him. "I'll let you... with me inside you." He was so hard now, he wanted his prey.

Cam looked at him, knowing this couldn't be John... it wasn't John. Please God, don't let it be really John. He hissed as John's grip tightened and his body betrayed him as he jerked up, enjoying it. "John... Please, stop. Snap out of it!" he said, seeing John's hard and leaking cock.

Part of the voice made it through to John, reminding him that he knew Mitchell. He didn't want to hurt him. Mitchell was good, even as he was his now. John rifled through his stuff, procuring a field pack of liquid soap, using his teeth to tear it up, flipping it on his fingers. Patienly he began spreading it around Mitchell's entrance, slowly inserting his fingers. "You'll like it, Cam, won't hurt." he said.

Cam saw the flicker in his eye and then felt his hope die as John merely dug through his pack and got out some liquid soap. Cam whimpered, feeling the cold substance spread over his ass. Oh this wasn't happening... this wasn't happening... Cam felt John's long fingers go up his ass as he hissed, trying to get used to it. This wasn't happening!

John heard Cam's hiss loud and sharp, smelling the sweat and slight panic from him. He went slower, fingerfucking Cam until he began to relax. "Yesss... that's it, that's good..." he whispered. "you like it, I know you do..." This was his prey, of course he did like it, but John wouldn't hurt him. When he felt Mitchell relax more he removed the fingers suddenly, leaving him empty.

Cam whimpered, closing his eyes and relaxed, hoping that maybe if he just let it happen, this would be done. He moaned out as he felt the fingers disappear, refusing to answer his statement about him liking it. Cam's eyes flew open as he felt John's huge cock sliding up his well lubed ass.

John groaned when he slid into Cam, he was tight, damn tight and he felt good. "Good... you feel good... tight," he growled, stroking him again in the rythm of his thrusts.

Cam felt him thrust into his ass as he stroked his cock. He moaned out, his eyes screwed tightly shut as he felt his body give in. "Oh God..." he breathed out, feeling him stroke his prostate. "Fucckkk!"

Cam's stronger reactions egged John on, thrusting stronger and deeper, nailing the same angle again and again, thrusting in a last time he came hard.

Cam jerked as he felt his body give, moaning as John shoved into him hard and they both came. An overwhelming exhaustion came over him and his eyes drooped, finally making him pass out, naked and debauched.

John pulled out, quickly pulling his pants up again. He was only sated for the moment. Quickly he gathered up Mitchell's gear bringing it deeper into the labyrinth, before he returned to drag Mitchell there as well. How good that he had found that room with the equipment before and prepared his den there. Bedding Mitchell on a pile of blankets he licked his lips. Mitchell was his and nobody was going to get him back.

The End
Tags: genre: slash, pairing: mitchell/sheppard

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