Alyse (alyse) wrote in sga_santa,

Posting will continue until morale improves...

Last day of posting is tomorrow, my lovelies! So please don't panic if you've had a 'we got it!' mail and the story you wrote hasn't been posted yet.

There's still 9 to go ::g::

On the other hand, if you haven't received a 'we got it!' mail, then we haven't received the story and have organised a pinch hitter. If you've finished the story, please feel free to send through again and we'll post it as an extra before Madness opens.

Santa Madness will start once everyone has a story posted - we're still waiting for the last few pinch hits to trickle in for tomorrow's posting. Don't forget that we've tagged all sign-ups with request: 2010: tags so you can find inspiration for your favourite pairings, or they're filed by requester in the memories here in case there's someone special for whom you want to write.
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