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Fic: The Natural Order of Things (McKay/Sheppard, NC-17)

Title: The Natural Order of Things
Author: admiralandrea
Recipient: mific
Pairing: John/Rodney
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1803
Warnings: Kink - bondage, spanking, blindfold, bottom!John
Disclaimer: Not mine, not for profit
A/N: A pleasure to take part in this challenge once more!

Summary: Rodney helps John to let go


John arched his back and sighed. He'd been doing paperwork all day, which was a task he hated, but there were some things he just couldn't delegate to Lorne.

Just then, his radio chirped in his ear, the special tone that meant it was Rodney on their private channel. John reached up to tap it on, "Hey Rodney," he said.

"Colonel, I need your attention," Rodney said briskly.

John felt a little frisson run through him at that. It was their code for Rodney telling John he wanted to play and that he was taking charge.

"Sure, Rodney, what do you need?" John drawled in his most laid back tone.

"Meet me at the lab I'm sending you details of now," Rodney said. "There's some interesting looking items there I want to check out." As Rodney spoke, John's tablet beeped with an incoming message.

John picked up the tablet and checked the message. The lab was in an area they'd recently cleared, but not thoroughly explored. "On my way," John said, then tapped his radio off. He headed out of his office and down the corridor to where Lorne and Teldy shared space.

Reaching the office, John tapped on the door frame to get their attention.

"Sir," Teldy said, looking up first. Lorne raised his head from his laptop as well.

"McKay has some lab he wants me to help him check out," John told them. "Don't be surprised if you don't get us on the radio, as it's in the area with the intermittent coverage."

Teldy and Lorne nodded their understanding and John gave an inward smirk. He was sure that lack of radio signal was why Rodney had chosen the area for them to meet up.

"How long do we wait before mounting a rescue if you don't respond, sir?" Lorne asked in all seriousness.

John revealed the smirk this time. "We'll check in after three hours," he told them. That would be plenty of time for at least part of what McKay had planned, he was sure.

"Yes sir," Lorne said and Teldy echoed him a moment later. "Have fun," she added, throwing in a smirk of her own.

John just nodded and turned away to head for the transporter. He would be having fun, just not the sort that Teldy or Lorne was likely to be imagining right now.


When John reached the lab, he found that he'd beaten Rodney there. John thought that might even be deliberate, knowing Rodney the way he did. Either way, he had standing orders for just such a situation, so he stripped quickly and efficiently, folding his clothes into a neat pile. The lab had the sort of table that was standard for what they'd found throughout Atlantis, but was otherwise empty. John gave a little shrug to himself, before kneeling down, back to the door.

When John had been there long enough that his knees were just beginning to ache, the door slid open behind him. He heard Rodney's familiar footsteps behind him and the door slide closed again, then the click of the locks engaging. He relaxed, head down, waiting for whatever Rodney wanted.

"Stand up, John," Rodney ordered, from close behind him.

John rose smoothly to his feet and waited, his stance mimicking parade rest. Rodney moved even closer, so that John could feel the heat from his body. Then hands were at his throat and John felt Rodney buckling his collar into place. The familiar weight of the leather was enough to relax John, even as his cock started to get hard.

"What did you tell Lorne?" Rodney asked, circling round to stand in front of John.

John didn't look up, until Rodney's grip on his chin tilted his head up. "I said we'd check in after three hours, Master," he told Rodney.

Rodney released him and stepped back. "Very good," he said. He walked away from John, who waited patiently for instructions. Sounds behind him indicated Rodney was choosing items from his holdall. John didn't need to see it, after the length of time they'd been doing this, John was accustomed to hearing Rodney rummaging inside it.

Then Rodney was back in front of him. "Wrists first, John," he ordered and John obediently brought his arms from behind his back to hold them out for Rodney. His favorite black leather cuffs were fastened in place, then Rodney was kneeling in front of him, buckling on the ankle cuffs as well.

John made a little noise, pleased with the feel of the soft lining against his skin, as Rodney checked the fit before getting to his feet again. The leather restraints helped John sink further into headspace, while his cock filled even more.

"Over to the table, John," Rodney told him, tugging him forward gently.

John followed him over and waited for further instructions. Instead, Rodney positioned him how he wanted, something that John loved and he let out a small moan of pleasure, as his legs were spread and his arms guided to stretch out across the width of the table, so that he was bent in half, chest flat against the table. John turned his head to the side, getting his neck positioned so that he wouldn't get a crick. Safe wording because he was hurt was not something he wanted to happen.

"One more thing before I tie you down," Rodney said, moving to John's side.

John looked up, seeing Rodney holding the black silk blindfold. He lifted his head enough to let Rodney fasten it in place, closing his eyes as the material was positioned. When Rodney guided his head back down again, John opened his eyes once more, seeing only blackness. He hummed as he let the feeling of helplessness sink into him, shifting slightly as his cock bumped the underside of the table, when it twitched in pleasure.

"Hold still John," Rodney instructed.

"Yes Master," John whispered, concentrating on the sounds of Rodney moving around. He heard the chink of chains and realized Rodney was attaching his cuffs to the table, so that his limbs were held in place. He whimpered at that, but didn't move. Rodney knew what total helplessness did to him and was really indulging John right now.

Then Rodney's presence was gone and there was nothing but the sound of John's heart beating fast and hard, as he waited to find out what was going to happen next.

There was a long pause and John fought not to fidget, knowing that Rodney would do what he wanted when he was good and ready and nothing John said or did would distract him from his plan. John took a couple of deep breaths, relaxing further into his restraints. It was clearly what Rodney had been waiting for, because seconds later, John heard the unmistakeable sound of a strap moving through the air, before he felt the sharp crack of it landing on his ass. For a moment, there was nothing, then the sensation hit and John let out a sharp breath at the sting. The strap was one of his favorites of Rodney's implements and he couldn't help a moan of pleasure, until the strap hit again and the moan turned to pain.

Rodney was unforgiving in this, swinging hard and fast in a random pattern, alternating between both sides of John's ass, as well as lower down, at the tops of his thighs. It was fantastic, the pain perfect as it took John up out of his head, leaving him flying on endorphins.

Then the beating stopped and John couldn't help a whine of displeasure at that.

"Sh, John," Rodney said, hands landing on John's slick, sweaty back, before sliding down to caress his ass. "You're so beautiful like this, all laid and mine to do with as I please, hurting so wonderfully for me."

John shuddered, shaking at the sensations flowing through his body, cock so hard it hurt. All he wanted was to come, let go and fly once more. Rodney's slick fingers slid down his crack, then into him and John made begging noises, trying to spread his legs further to encourage Rodney to fuck him.

"It's alright John, I've got you," Rodney told him, fingers pulling out, only to be replaced by the blunt pressure of his cock at John's hole.

John whined, trying to push back, wanting that hard length inside him, filling him up. Rodney didn't wait, pushing in with one fast, hard thrust, making John cry out in pleasure. The fucking was exactly what John needed, a brutal pace, hammering his hole and striking his prostate on every stroke.

"That's it John, take it," Rodney panted behind him, "Let me feel you. Come for me."

John cried out at that, coming for what seemed like forever, body overwhelmed with sensations once more. He was barely aware of Rodney behind him, still fucking him through the orgasm that shook his body. Then he felt Rodney's weight against his back and knew that he had come as well.

John drifted for a while, until he began to feel stifled under the bulk of Rodney's body and he groaned a little. Rodney groaned as well, then pulled away and out, making John hiss as his sensitized ass was left empty.

Rodney kissed him briefly, then moved away and John listened as Rodney made quick work of releasing John from the chains. He didn't move at first, waiting for Rodney to help him off the table and straighten up. The blindfold remained in place, as Rodney led him across the room, but John wasn't concerned. He trusted Rodney to keep him safe and followed docilely as he was guided through a door he hadn't noticed before, hearing the familiar sound of the Ancient door sliding open and then closed as they crossed the threshold.

"I'm taking off the blindfold now, John," Rodney told him quietly.

John nodded, closing his eyes as the material was slipped off. He slowly opened his eyes, blinking as he adjusted to the dim lighting in the new room. Glancing around, he saw that it was set up like a lot of the standard living quarters they'd found in other parts of Atlantis, though it had a full sized bed.

"Come on," Rodney said, leading the way to the bed. John followed once more, settling into Rodney's arms at his prodding, relaxing into the soft material and letting Rodney fuss over their position. "Sleep, John," Rodney told him. "I'll just check in with Lorne, make sure he doesn't come charging to your rescue."

John made a soft sound of amusement at that, imagining how his second would react to finding them together like this. His eyelids were heavy and he gave into their pull, letting Rodney's voice lull him into sleep.
Tags: genre: slash, pairing: mckay/sheppard

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