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Fic: Baby It's Cold Outside (McKay/Sheppard, PG)

Title: Baby It's Cold Outside
Author: spikespet7
Recipient: smallearthcat
Pairing: John/Rodney McShep
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: My intent is to borrow the characters to bend at my will but except no payment in return. I leave MGM and their affiliates the pleasure of making their living off all things SGA.
Author's Notes: smallearthcat’s request: John/Rodney? I mean, that’s definitely what I love best, though I could also go for gen fic centered around either one of them. I prefer canon-based stuff, first time fic, fluff, and definitely a happy ending.
Summary: John and Rodney get some down time back on earth.


The cabin looked small and confining as Sheppard carried their bag up the steps. His lover had promised he would enjoy this weekend. The fact that it was a cabin in the Colorado Mountains in early November said so much. Actions said much more than words ever could when his partner did things like this.

Sheppard looked around and noticed that unless the power lines were underground it was going to be an interesting weekend. "Then again it could be powered by a generator."

He was positive that a weekend without the internet would be something to enjoy. It also meant he would have his lover's full attention. Sheppard had planned to do some hiking, but then again maybe not.

"I hope it looks better on the inside then the outside." John heard his partner grumble.

Sheppard grinned as he stopped to peek in the window. From what he could see, they were going to be basic. It was a one-room cabin with a nice fireplace. Sheppard smiled as he eyed his lover's ass with appreciation and anticipation. Hiking was out. All the exercise he needed was going to happen in this cabin.

Rodney put the key in the deadbolt giving John a warning glare. "There had better be power of some kind. I refuse to freeze my bits."

John knew better than to say anything before they were safely in the cabin with the door closed. The last thing he needed was for Rodney to shut the door in his face. His saving grace was the fact he was carrying the backpack that had Rodney’s laptop and power bars. Except for the fact that Rodney had no clue that John had brought the laptop as he quickly followed the man inside.

"Hey, I say we start with the fire," John snickered as he dropped their bag and moved to lean against Rodney's back. "I would be a bad man if I let your bits get cold."

"That's right, and it's important you remember that." Rodney leaned back against him, totally relaxed.

"You unpack the groceries and I'll build us a fire." John realized that his lover had picked this cabin on purpose.

John kept his on jacket as he moved over to the fireplace. He did the safety checks, made sure the flue was open, stacked the wood, and get the fire started. In the background Rodney was putting away the food, beer, and checking things out. It would seem that a generator was their power source since the oven was electric and they had a small fridge.

Right now the sun provided enough light, but he was sure that the lights would flicker once they turned the generator on. It explained the lanterns scattered around the room. The only thing missing was a heat source other than the fireplace. Could be there was an electric heater in a closet, but by the pile of blankets on the bed and on the table, probably not.

The smell as the fire started made him smile, thinking back to when he was a young boy.
This weekend proved that Rodney had listened to him when he talked about going camping like this with his grandfather. His gramps would take him every weekend in the summer and tell him about flying planes.

"Anything special you want to do this weekend?" Rodney asked.

"Other than you?" John smirked as he watched his lover's approach. At sometime the Canadian had removed his coat. He was wearing the Casmir sweater John had bought him last Christmas.

"Funny and it could be I'm doing you." Rodney rolled his eyes before sitting down next to him with a beer in his hand.

John leaned in and whispered, "We can do each other over and over, and never leave this room."

"Why I love the way you think, Colonel," Rodney chuckled, and held up his beer with a raised eyebrow before taking a swallow.

"Yeah, I could use a beer," John smiled as he moved to the bed, slipping off his jacket. "I wonder how this bed feels."

"Now I’m your bartender?" Rodney asked. Smiling, he brought the bottle with him as he moved towards the bed.

"More like my waiter." John stood so he could pull down the blankets. He was happy that the top one was heavy. It felt like it might be a down comforter.

"You better tip well."

"Oh, baby I have a tip for you." John heard Rodney groan and then they both started to laugh.

Rodney handed him the beer. "Here, finish this while I go and use the bathroom."

Sheppard downed the beer and then quickly undressed, leaving on his long underwear. He hopped into bed and pulled up the covers. The sheets where cold and sent a chill through his body. He hoped his body would create enough heat that Rodney would shed a few layers of clothes and join him. It would take a couple of hours before the heat from the fire would make the room warm and comfortable.

Just the thought of cuddling with Rodney to get warm made his cock twitch. They never had the time for this back on Atlantis. The memories of this weekend would live with him forever as this would be a first for them.

"You had better have warmed things up under there," Rodney sighed while he quickly shed his clothes.

"I'm sure together we can generate enough heat to even warm you up." John teased as he moved the covers back and then quickly covered them up. "Damn, your feet are colder than usual."

"Do your duty bed warmer and warm me up," Rodney demanded as he rubbed his cold feet against his.

Both of them yawned at the same time as their exhaustion caught up with them. It had been a rough week at work what with avoiding the Wraith, the Genii, and having to rescue Lorne's team from having to marry a chief's daughters. Barely making it back to Atlantis in time to pack, then gate to the SGC to debrief and be medically cleared, and then driving here with no sleep.

"When we wake up prepare for a full frontal assault," John sighed as he moved them so he could curl behind Rodney and get comfortable.

"You're such a romantic." Rodney already sounded half-asleep as he relaxed into John's body.

Yeah, John found he liked this cuddling for warmth right now. It was a good feeling to have this chance to be with Rodney like this. He had almost lost him during the last culling, and that was something he never wanted to face again. Nevertheless, he knew with the life they led either of them could die on any given day. It was the possible outcome that they could die that made this weekend more special.

"I'll give you romance when you wake up," John promised as he pressed a kiss to his lover's shoulder before he let sleep drag him down.

Tags: genre: slash, pairing: mckay/sheppard

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