Alyse (alyse) wrote in sga_santa,

Pinch hit needed

The recipient would be happy with pretty much anything - slash, het or gen, although pairing fics would be preferable. Not threesomes or moresomes, or femslash. Favourite characters are Chuck, Woolsey and Sheppard. The story will need to be with us by 23 December at the very, very latest.

If you would like to claim this and think you can deliver by the timescale, please comment below with your e-mail address so that we can forward the assignment to you. Comments are screened for ~anonymity.

The only thing is that I'm off to bed right now, so I won't be able to update the post to show we've got someone before then. So if you claim and are beaten to the post, I can only apologise and say that there will undoubtedly be pinch hits coming this weekend.

Got someone thanks!
Tags: admin: pinch hits

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