Alyse (alyse) wrote in sga_santa,

Executive Decision Time

Hi guys

We've still got a number of stories outstanding, and still have some authors we haven't heard from, so we've made an Important Executive Decision (so important that it comes with capitals!).

Any stories not with us by close of business on Saturday go out to pinch hit. So please don't ask for any extensions past then.

That does not mean that you can't still submit your stories if you're still working on them. The worst case scenario is that your recipient ends up with two stories, and if you get it into us quickly enough after we've put it up for pinch hit, then the pinch hitter will be given the choice of whether or not to still write a story. And there's always Santa Madness if you get it in after that :)

And since I know someone will ask what time zone that's in (apparently Pago Pago is popular ::g::), 'close of play Saturday' means 'whatever time Al and Claire get out of bed on Sunday morning and switch the computer on'. So probably around midnight-1am EST (8-9am GMT on the 18th).

Pinch hits will probably go up around midday Sunday (GMT), which is in the timezone of 'Al's been up for a while and had several cups of tea to wake her brain up'.
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