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Fic: Our lips are sealed (Emmagan/Weir, R)

Title: Our lips are sealed
Author: camshaft22
Recipient: havocthecat
Pairing: Elizabeth Weir/Teyla Emmagen
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I don't own Stargate Atlantis in any form or fashion. There is a wee bit of violence, but nothing too bad.
Author's Notes: This is an Alternate Universe story.
Summary: Elizabeth knows Teyla from their school days so she came running to help her.


Elizabeth Weir smoothed her dress suit and walked with purpose towards where the captors had requested their meeting. It had been a very tense time after they had sent the first video, saying they had captured Teyla Emmagen, young diplomat and one of Elizabeth's close friends. They had been mentored by the same man, Dr. Simon Moore and had worked together in Israel. Elizabeth had always wanted to be closer, but things had gotten in the way. Government work was often that way and with the assignment Elizabeth had just been on, she had lost touch with a lot of people. If Teyla was ok, she would make sure she was assigned there as well. She owed her friend and they needed people like her there. She carried a briefcase with purpose towards the warehouse, inwardly rolling her eyes at the cliché actions of these terrorists, freedom fighters or whatever they wished to call themselves today. It often frustrated her to know that young men unhappy with their situation turned into men who would keep people oppressed instead of taking the status quo and changing it to the betterment of all.

"Stop right where you are!" a heavily accented voice said as masked men surrounded her.

"This is Dr. Elizabeth Weir. I have come to secure the release of Teyla Emmagen, nothing else. I have what you asked for."

They roughly searched her, taking her briefcase and slid it across the floor.

"It is a pleasure to finally have met you, Dr. Weir. I am, of course, familiar with your work. You are a traitor to the sanctity of different nations, wasting your life wishing for a one world government. You of all people should be ashamed of what it has brought us. But I thought you were away? When I asked for you, they told me that you would not meet with me, being so deeply entrenched, working in an undisclosed location on a big, top secret project."

Elizabeth looked around as they kept their weapons trained upon her. The man speaking strode up to her and she recognized him as Magnus Gar, the leader of Red Fist, a group of radicals with a highly isolationist and xenophobic of the world. His followers were rabid enough to turn to terrorism to spread their ideals and Elizabeth could only hope that they hadn't hurt Teyla. If they did, she wouldn't hold back.

"You asked for me and I came," Elizabeth told him. "I brought what you asked for. Please, release Teyla Emmagen and we will leave, no harm, no foul," Elizabeth said, her voice even and calm, despite the danger that surrounded her.

Magnus Gar chuckled as two of his men grabbed her arms. "No. I do not like that idea. I think I will keep both of you. Perhaps then the governments of the world will finally listen to me. I'm going to undo all the indoctrination that they've shoved into that head of yours and you will see my ideals are right. You and Teyla will then spread my message across the globe! That it's the only way to save mankind."

Elizabeth scowled. "I don't think so," she said, jerking her arms and slamming the two men against each other, disorienting them. She struck quickly, disarming and putting down most of the men around her as Magnus Gar ran for it. Elizabeth might've been off the grid but the things she was learning were a great help here with these poorly trained brawlers. When they were all on the floor or gone, she ran to where they had kicked the case, pulling out her weapon and started moving, following Magnus' trail.

Elizabeth saw Magnus in front of her, pulling a frightened looking Teyla towards a running helicopter. "Magnus Gar, stop at once! I will not ask again!" she yelled, making herself heard over the rotors.

"Burn in hell, you goose stepping bitch!" Magnus said as he pushed Teyla in front of him and started towards the helicopter.

Elizabeth aimed and fired, dropping Magnus to the ground, one between his eyes. Teyla looked at her in shock and surprise, shaking as Elizabeth rushed to her side, hugging her close. "Shh... It's over. It's over, Teyla."

Teyla nodded. "Elizabeth... Thank you... Thank you for rescuing me," she told Elizabeth, tears rolling down her cheeks.

"I was glad to do it. C'mon... Let's go. We can go, get you cleaned up. Do you need a hospital? Did he do anything to you?"

"No. I was not harmed. I just sat there, tied up. None of them touched me," Teyla said. "Please, let's go."

"Absolutely," Elizabeth told her as they left the area.

Elizabeth listened to the shower run, letting Teyla take her time as she drafted a report and contacted her and Teyla's superiors, for lack of a better word. Teyla could use some time off before she was reassigned and Elizabeth had just the project for her to go too. That is, if she was even interested in starting something new after her ordeal. Elizabeth looked up as the shower stopped running, finishing her work and trying to be there in case Teyla needed her. It was the least she could do after all that had happened. Teyla walked behind her and she suddenly felt Teyla's hands caress her shoulders as her friend leaned down and started kissing up her neck.

"Oh God," Elizabeth breathed out. "I... Teyla?"

"I wish to thank you, Elizabeth. I've seen the way you look at me. Unless I am wrong?"

"Not wrong, definitely not wrong. Just unexpected," Elizabeth said as Teyla slipped her hands under the camisole Elizabeth was wearing to cup and caress her breasts.

"I have longed for your touch as well. I just didn't realize how much until we were separated by duty and by continents."

Elizabeth turned her head, kissing Teyla as she rubbed and tweaked her nipples. They finally broke for air as Teyla came around to face her, dropping the bathrobe and putting Elizabeth's computer aside. Elizabeth reached out to touch Teyla's breasts, leaning forward as she started to suck and lick Teyla's rock hard nipples, feeling the warmth of her skin and the slight taste of water. Teyla straddled her lap, gently pushing her down as Elizabeth fondled Teyla, taking full advantage of this moment.

They made love, taking turns licking and sucking, both coming several times as their orgasms built and ran together. They slept wrapped around each other as if afraid that the other would disappear.


"Correct me if I'm wrong, but when did you start carrying a weapon? I thought you were a pacifist?" Teyla asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I was. I am functionally... but I'm working with a group where it would be suicidal to go into an unknown situation unarmed," Elizabeth explained as they cooked breakfast together.

"Yes, but isn't that slightly... I don't know," Teyla hesitated. "Any term I could use would be cruel."

Elizabeth leaned over and kissed her. "Thank you. Perhaps, but at the same time, I can't explain it without showing it to you... there's nothing else like it."

Teyla nodded. "Then take me there. I don't want to be without you anyway."

Elizabeth hugged her close. "So... have you ever heard of Atlantis?"

Tags: genre: femslash, pairing: emmagan/weir

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