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Fic: Only in the Pegasus Galaxy (Lorne/Parrish, R)

Title: Only in the Pegasus Galaxy
Author: eviljr
Recipient: sexycazzy
Pairing: Lorne/Parrish
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Light BDSM
Author's Notes: sexycazzy asked for some smut, happy endings, BDSM, romance. I hope I managed to get some of that in for you! Graciously beta'd by mlevins

Summary: The plant made them do it.


Evan Lorne never saw it coming, then again he was a little distracted at the moment. His arms twisted with his body movements as the restraints keeping him in place caught. His mouth opened slightly, and eyes went wide as his body arced and his breathing hitched as he came hard. "Wow," he said to the figure on top of him.

The figure smiled. "Exactly," David replied. He was lying on top of the airman still trying to catch his breath. "It feels very surreal." He laid his head on the airman's chest.

Evan nodded, he smiled in returned. "I never thought this would happen, I thought about it so many times, playing this scenario out in my mind."

"And?" David replied lifting his head.

Evan grinned. "Even better then I imagined." Then something hit him, he tried to sit up. "Are we in your room?" he asked unsure.

"Of course," David replied. "You don't remember?"

Evan shook his head. "I don't remember coming here. "

David considered this a moment. "You know, I don't remember coming here either."

Evan bucked slightly easing David's weight off him, his arms yanking at the restraints. "What is this?" he asked looking up. "What is holding me?"

David looked at the tangled green vine wrapped around each of Evan's wrist as it wound around the back of the bed and down each side. David's voice caught in his throat. "It's a plant of some kind. I don't have anything like it in my quarters."

"Get it off me," Evan said quickly.

"Something is wrong here, off." David advised looking around. Then his voice changed becoming more panicked, he looked down at his body.

Evan looked up into his eyes, "What?"

David caught Evan's stare then pointedly looked down. Evan followed his gaze and gasped as he realized the green plant was now winding its way around the scientist's suddenly clothed body.

A blinding light blocked Evan's vision and a searing arced through his body.

Then the light was gone again and he was cold. He forced his eyes open with a startled whimper. His body was coated in a thin slime like he had been doused in Vaseline. He wrenched his body against a restraint and cursed as his attempts went without result.

David's face was achingly close to his own but the scientist's eyes were closed. Evan's stomach dropped. He tried to reach out to the man through the dark, forgetting his body was leashed by the green vine. Where in the world were they? The walls were milky white and looked veiny. It was a tight space and the scientist was just a mere breath away from him. His fear ratcheted up a notch as he realized David wasn't moving.

Evan's mind raced as he whispered, "Dr. Parrish? Can you hear me?"

The scientist groaned then his head lifted swiftly. "What, what is it?" he asked his voice hoarse. "Where are we?"

"I wish I knew," Evan replied. "Can you remember anything?"

The other man considered something a moment. "P3C198," he replied.

Evan nodded. "Yes, we were separated from the others and were heading to the gate. That's all I can remember."

"It seems we've been trapped in some sort of plant." David commented struggling slightly at the vines. "We're inside of a giant cocoon of some sort."

"Cocoon?" Evan repeated. "Like a Venus Fly Trap or something?"

David coughed, "In layman's terms, I would say yes." His voiced pitched slightly in excitement. "Quite remarkable. It seems the vines snared us, and dragged us into the lobe. "

"What about this stuff?" Evan asked indicating the slimy substance.

"It seems this plant also has some kind of secretion that causes a strong chemical reaction with the brain to keep the prey conditioned. Hallucinogen, maybe? Very interesting." David had taken to looking around the interior with amazement.

"It's a man eating plant?" Evan asked incredulous.

David sighed. "Yes, I would say it's a carnivore but I doubt it's used to such a large meal, especially two of us.

"Only in the Pegasus Galaxy," Evan commented, shaking his head. "Why did we wake up then, if this substance is supposed to subdue us?"

"As I said, Major. I don't think it's used to such a large prey, the potency of secretion was spread too thin to keep us under as long as it needs to digest its prey."

"Hmm," David mumbled. "I guess that we got lucky then."

The scientist eyes were cautious as he said: "I'm guessing we both had a very interesting dream, yes?" He asked, nonchalant.

"Yes, it was very real. Like a dream I had but brought to life." The airman whispered. "It felt so right, but I guess that's the point.

David nodded, "Same with me. Something I want, but can't have." His eyes darted away a moment, then back to the airman's.

"Thoughts on how we get out of this," Evan said changing the subject.

Before the scientist could answer he let out a yelp and vanished from Evan's view falling out of sight.

Evan looked down through a hole below where the scientist was. "Hey!" he called out in alarm.

"Major?" a voice replied and a face appeared at the hole. Sheppard's face broke into a grin. "Enjoying your stay?" he asked.

Evan was sitting ram rod straight in his chair as David entered, taking a seat at the conference table. After a brief stint in the infirmary and a much needed shower it was time for the mission debrief.

The debriefing started without preamble. He gave his account of the incident that separated the team and how he and Dr. Parrish had woken instead the plant. Dr. Weir nodded here and there as David explained the "amazing properties" of the plant.

The scientist has insisted taking what remained of the destroyed plant back for study as it had been badly damaged by the rescue option. David seemed almost sad at this turn events as a search had only turned up a handful of the living plants near where they had been caught by the menacing greenery, indicating it was rare, if not endangered species. Evan found himself staring at the scientist as he went on, taking note of his fingers as they waved around, the rise and pitch of his voice.

"Is that what you believe?" Dr. Weir was asking him, Evan blinked suddenly and looked to her. "I'm sorry Dr Weir. I missed that question."

"Dr. Parrish was stating the substance you were both covered in had an interesting side effect," she reiterated. "He believes it may be useful for medical purposes. I would like you to return with him to study some of the live plants. As you've already encountered and managed to survive it, I believe you're the best candidate for the job to escort him." She concluded.

Evan's gaze darted back to the scientist who was chewing thoughtfully on his lip and frowning as he waited for Evan's response. "Of course, I can escort the good Doctor. I'll pick two men to join us and coordinate with Dr. Parrish on a departure time."

"Very well, Major," Weir replied nodding. "If there is nothing further, I thank you for your time."

David quickly rose cradling his tablet into the crook of his arm as Evan mirrored him rising from his seat. The scientist's mouth worked, and then his eyebrows fluttered in conflict. He did a quick nod toward Evan then fled into the city. The airman watched him go with a tilt of his head and confusion in his heart.

Evan was still pondering the meaning of the David's abrupt flight from the debriefing two days later while at breakfast. The airman had attempted to contact the scientist, to arrange a time to return to P3C198, without success. Evan had a sinking feeling the other man was avoiding him.

He had gone on a handful of missions with Dr. Parrish before the incident on P3C198. The scientist had never displayed any awkwardness previously, quite the opposite; the other man was eloquent, outspoken and even amusing in his own way. Evan chewed thoughtfully on his toast thinking back to the dream he had. It was still vivid on the edges of his mind, so much so it had abruptly altered his mild attraction to the scientist to a full on infatuation.

He couldn't separate if what he was feeling was real or just a side effect of the substance the plant had emitted. He closed his eyes, flashes of the scientist crossing his vision. Making his decision, the airman abandoned his breakfast. He lifted two cups of steaming coffee from the carafe stationed by the door and went in search of the elusive botanist.

"Find anything interesting?" Evan asked.

David jumped, turning away from the microscope. "Major," he coughed, covering his mouth. "Nice to see you again."

"Is it?" Evan asked holding out the second cup of coffee.

David took it gratefully, attempting to hide his guilt. "Yes, well I do apologize. My duties have kept me busy here."

Evan nodded, unconvinced, and made a rolling motion with his hand to the microscope. "Are you studying the plant we found?"

David's face broke into a smile. "Yes, that's what I've been working on. The properties as I said are amazing. He slid onto the stool at the desk Evan was leaning on. "Take a look at this sample. I've added it to a few choice items and created a type of ointment. It's still quite potent. I've tried it a few times, with-"He paused, his neck flushing a bright red. "With a few interesting side effects like we experienced that day. They are more controlled however, and don't last as long." He coughed again reaching for the coffee cup; his hand missed and knocked it over, the hot liquid rushing toward Evan.

David gasped and wrenched forward in an attempt to stop the flow, knocking the sample Petri dish toward the airman. Evan's hands fumbled with it, the lid coming off as the contents spilled on him.

"Oh, dear, are yo-"David was saying as Evan's field of vision blurred out of focus but the rest of the words were lost on Evan.

Evan blinked eyes open, a cold sensation at his back. He was strapped to the very table he had been sitting at only moments before. His shirt, shoes and socks missing. His military issue pants hung low on his hips. He jumped startled and realized he couldn't move. Dreaming again, he thought he looked down and saw David at the foot of the table. The scientist was not clothed at all, and seemed nonchalant at his state of undress.. The scientist cocked his head and suddenly jumped onto the table and crawled up the length of his body. "I am dreaming again," Evan advised Dream David.

"Does it matter?" Dream David asked. "Is this not what you want?"

Evan's voice caught as Dream David leaned over him and kissed him roughly. "Do you not want this?" his face above the airman's.

Evan didn't deny what his mind wanted. "Yes," he whispered his lips still tingling from the kiss.

Dream David grinned, "Quiet, no talking." he admonished leaning over to kiss him again. He nipped lightly at the airman's lips and moved down to his neck trading nips with kisses as he moved. His tongue running over the trail length of hair down Evan's firm stomach as Evan moaned with anticipation.

The scientist hooked his fingers into David's pants inching them down as he worked his mouth over his swollen cock, sucking him down. Evan bucked and strained at the restraints as his mind soared with pleasure and pausing at the brink of climax as David released him and sat up moving his body to cover David's once more. He his own erection pressed between their bodies. "Do you want me?" David asked his voice husky.

"More then you know," Evan replied his voice pitching as he came and Dream David responded.

"Then tell me," David replied into his ear.

Then a dark light blocked out his vision and his mind churned. He opened his eyes once more to see David's face over him. "Major, are you alright?" David was asking. His brow furrowed.

"I do want you," Evan whispered wrapping his arm around the surprised scientist's neck and pulling him down into a kiss.

The scientist resisted the pull, and then softened into the entanglement. Suddenly, he pulled away with a jolt. "Wh-why did you do that?" he asked.

Evan looked around, and dawning realization hit him. "This is real, isn't it?"

David nodded. "You were out for a few minutes."

Evan jumped up and shook himself out. "Yes, well. I apologize for that Dr. Parrish. It seems my dream blurred with reality. I thought you were someone else."

"Right," David coughed. "I'm sorry about my clumsiness. Do you need medical attention?"

Evan shook his head. "No, I am fine. I shou-" he paused his mind reeling. "I should go."

David nodded as he watched the airman flee, his fingers touching his lips as he pondered.


Evan stood at the edge of the dock watching the water. He couldn't fully understand David's reaction to the kiss. He didn't hear the figure walking up behind. "See anything interesting?" David asked.

The airman startled, almost losing his footing and slipping off. His arms wind milled as he caught himself and two arms reached out to steady him. "Sorry," the scientist said, blushing.

"You shouldn't sneak up on someone like that." Evan advised.

David coughed, "My apologies, I knew you were off duty and I wanted to talk to you about earlier today."

Evan looked at his feet for a moment. "I don't know what to say, Dr. Parrish. I can't excuse what happened."

David self consciously touched his lips again and cleared his throat. "Can I ask you a personal question?" he continued as Evan nodded in agreement, the airman's eyes cautious. David coughed, "I don't quite know how to ask this, but I'd be remiss if I didn't. When you kissed me, did you really know it was me and not someone else?"

Evan considered a moment, his first thought was to deny it but something deep inside wanted to tell the truth, "Yes, I did." He finally admitted.

David nodded. "I have a confession to make. The dream I had, in the plant?" he paused. "Was about you, and it was very... graphic, shall we say?" he chuckled. "And I don't mean in a slasher movie kind of way. I had never had such a fantasy come to life like that. I didn't know how to react."

Evan stepped closer to him, if the scientist noticed he didn't say. "And?" he asked.

David looked into his eyes, his stare intense. "I thought about you before, in that way but dismissed it. Since that day in the plant I can't shut it off. That's why I was avoiding you. I didn't think you felt the same."

Evan laughed his smile broad. "Does this answer your question?" he asked pulling scientist close to his body. His fingers curved around the other man's face into a kiss. "Do we have a man eating plant to thank for breaking the ice?" he asked.

"Only in the Pegasus Galaxy, does that apply." David replied his head touching the airman's. "Are you going to tell me what we did in your dream?" he asked.

"Possibly," the airman replied. "I guess that depends on how you feel about handcuffs."

The scientist's eyebrows raised but he could only laugh as the silent waters around them stood witness to the kiss that followed.

The End.
Tags: genre: slash, pairing: lorne/parrish

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