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Fic: High Incentive (Mitchell/Sheppard, NC-17)

Title: High Incentive
Author: abrokencompass
Recipient: scrollgirl
Pairing: Sheppard/Mitchell
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything. Except for a large sum of debt from student loans, which you are more than welcome to.
Author’s Note: SG-1/SGA crossover; Post-S5 for Atlantis, Post-S10 for SG1, although no real spoilers.
Summary: Atlantis is returning home with a little extra baggage, and Ronon reveals himself as a closet-romantic cum fairy godmother, determined to find happiness for Sheppard.


While John was normally more than happy to see General Jack O’Neil, on this particular day John was tempted to kiss him. The older man was waiting for him in his office with a smug smirk on his face.

“We got the go-ahead?” John asked, knowing he failed to keep the excitement out of his voice.

“You got one better. You and the old lady will head out next week…and you’ll be taking a squadron of F-302’s with you.”

John wasn’t quite sure if O’Neil was screwing with him or not. Atlantis, the red-headed stepchild of the Stargate program, getting their own squadron of F-302’s?
In John’s experience, things that looked or sounded too good to be true….Well, they usually were, and usually resulted in him harmed or risking his life in some way.

“How did you manage to swing that, sir?”

General O’Neil just continued smirking. “I have my ways, Colonel.”

John just nodded. Honestly, the why’s didn’t matter significantly to him, just that it actually happened.

“Colonel Mitchell is going to head up the squadron, work alongside you. You’ll still be military commander of Atlantis, in charge of your city as usual, he’ll just be in charge of the squadron.”

John knew his face reflected his surprise. “Mitchell? But what about SG-1, sir?”

O’Neil shrugged. “Teal’C is busy doing his diplomate-y thinga-ma-jig, Carter is off at Section 51 tinkering with one thing or another, and Daniel is off in the desert somewhere; said he felt like he needed to get back to his roots, or something. Vala followed, for lack of anything else to do. So SG-1 is on hiatus for the time being, hence Mitchell being free for the job.” O’Neil’s eyes narrowed slightly. “That going to be a problem?”

John smiled slightly. “No, sir, of course not. I was just surprised. Glad to have him with us. I’m sure he’ll fit right in.”

And if John had to try a little harder to keep his mind blank, to keep his breathing steady well, that was simply due to his excitement at the prospect of taking Atlantis back home where she belonged.


“So are you excited?” Ronon asked as they ran, breath completely unaffected by the exercise. John hated him a little bit.

“About going home? You bet, big guy,” John answered with a grin.

“I meant about Mitchell coming back with us.”

John blamed his misstep on the uneven walkway of Atlantis, regardless of the fact that it was one seamless piece of metal.

“Sure, he’s a good guy, great pilot. Why wouldn’t I be?” John asked.

Ronon gave him his best you’re the worst liar in the world and stop avoiding the real question look. For a guy who would rather express himself through grunts or guns, his facial expressions said a surprising amount.

“Ronon…” John sighed, slowing down.

Ronon stopped as well. “Sheppard. It’s not that complicated. You like him. He likes you. He’s coming to Atlantis. Your country doesn’t have that weird law about same-sex relationships in the military anymore. What’s the problem?”

John rubbed a hand over his face as he sighed. “Leaving aside the question of how you even know about my…. Feelings,” John couldn’t help scrunching up his face at the word. “And the slightly creepy notion that you somehow know about my past-relationships even though I’ve never spoken of them, it isn’t that simple. Yes, I like Cameron Mitchell. And yes, at one point he did return that sentiment in at least some form. But that was many, many years ago. I highly doubt he feels the same anymore.

“Besides,” John shrugged. “It’s not like I really have the time for a relationship back home either way.”

Ronon frowned. Grunted. And then continued to surprise John. “You deserve to be happy, Sheppard.”

John blinked and felt the crooked smile spread across his face. “I am happy, buddy,” he assured the taller man.

Ronon merely continued to frown.

“I am! I have the best team and friends a guy could ask for. My men are some of the best, and I have absolutely confidence in them. Atlantis is home, and we’re taking her back to her home. I get to fly, any time I want. Really, buddy, I’m happy.”

“But you could be happier,” Ronon insisted.

“Maybe so,” John conceded. “But I’m happy enough right now.”

Ronon finally gave a large sigh and nodded, although he still appeared only partially convinced. John had a feeling this wasn’t over, and that Teyla might soon join the campaign.

“So can we run again, or what?”

Ronon smirked, nodded, and took off, leaving John in his wake. At least things were back to normal.


Two days later, Mitchell and fourteen other men and women were beamed onto one of Atlantis’ docks, duffels at their feet.

John caught Mitchell’s eyes and couldn’t help smiling at the glee evident on Mitchell’s face. He knew the feeling well, of finally getting back in the cockpit after being grounded for so long.

“Welcome to Atlantis, guys. Welcome, Colonel,” John greeted them, saluting Mitchell as the other man did the same.

“Thank you, Colonel,” Mitchell returned with a grin. “Glad to be here. The Daedalus should be beaming the jets into one of Atlantis’ hangers as we speak.”

“Excellent. Well, let’s get you guys settled in and we’ll give you a tour of the place, let you get used to the area. We leave for the Pegasus galaxy in three days’ time, so get any sightseeing out of the way while you can,” he finished with a grin. The new soldiers smiled back at him, and John felt something in him ease. Apparently he’d reached that level of infamy where he was no longer guided with mistrust or thinly-veiled discontent. It was a nice feeling.

The ride back to Pegasus, New Lantea, was smooth and without mishaps. Kanaan and Torren were overjoyed to have Teyla back, as well as the rest of the Athosians, and John could tell that Ronon eased up just the slightest bit once he was back in a familiar area.

The new personnel settled in fairly easily, Mitchell included, and operations on Atlantis picked back up as if they had never stopped.

And so it continued, for the next two months. John saw Cameron during meetings and passing in the halls or during meals; a few times during movie night; five times when the squadron had to come to the aid of SGA-1 who were in peril once again.

They would catch each other’s eyes every so often, and John was fairly certain he was imagining the look in Mitchell’s eyes when their eyes locked sometimes. Just like he was positive his eyes did nothing to betray him when Mitchell caught him looking. It had been almost ten years, and they were very different people. Hell, Mitchell might have been in a relationship the entire time, for all John knew. No, things were good how they were. He and Mitchell were easing back into a friendly-type relationship, and John wasn’t looking for more.

And the few times that they’d touched, John definitely didn’t feel a spark or electricity, or any of those ridiculous rom-com type things. No, it was normal flesh on flesh, and he was not affected by it one bit.

It was just like he’d told Ronon; things between the two of them had ended a long time ago, in what seemed like a different life. It was stupid to think that they could pick back up with things. Besides, it’s not like there was much to pick back up on, anyway. It had been secret, and not at all romantic, and fairly momentary in the grand scheme of things. In no way did their past encounters lead John to believe that he was missing out on an epic love story.

They were co-workers, friends, and that was how it should be.

So John contented himself with his life as the military commander of Atlantis who had the best gate team and friends around, and he tried not to think about what could have been.

Until the day what could have been, came to him.


“You’ve been avoiding me.”

John raised an eyebrow. “I just saw you fifteen minutes ago.”

Mitchell rolled his eyes. “That was work related. You’ve avoided being alone with me or the risk of any conversation of a personal nature.”

Well, that much was true, John admitted to himself. Not that he would tell Mitchell that.

“Did you want to talk about something?” Playing dumb had served him well in the past. Of course, Mitchell knew him too well to buy it.

“Cut the crap, John.”

John sighed, finally rising from the bed he’d been sprawled on.

“Alright, Cameron, what’s up?”

“You’re an idiot, John.”

John opened his mouth to argue the point because, hey, he was actually quite smart, could have been in MENSA in fact, except then he couldn’t say anything because Cameron had grabbed his face in his hands and was kissing him. Just little pecks at first, more rubbing of lips against each other than anything else, and then Cameron pulled John’s bottom lip between his lips and nibbled and after that… Well, John was only human.

With a quiet moan, John wrapped his arms around Cameron’s waist and gave in to the sensations. He teased Cameron’s lips open with his tongue and delved in, re-familiarizing himself with the taste of Cameron, better than he remembered. Now, Cameron was older and wiser, tougher, more mature and willing to take his time.

It was the best kiss that John had ever had. And then it got better.

Cameron slid one hand from John’s face, down until he was cradling the small of John’s back, and then he tugged. At the same time, he used the hand still cradling John’s face to tilt his head slightly, and suddenly the kiss went from good and tame, to amazing and wild. Cameron plundered his mouth, nipping and sucking John in just the right manner that he felt his cock harden in his pants, rubbing against the same stiffness he felt in Cameron’s jeans.

“I thought you wanted to talk,” John breathed against Cameron’s mouth, gripping the other man’s sides.

“Talking is overrated. Plus, I know how painful talking about feelings is for you, and I’d rather not witness some sort of implosion from the stress it’d put you under. I figure I can get my feelings across just fine this way,” Cameron finished with a smirk, pulling John’s shirt out of his pants and lifting it over his head.

John was inclined to agree with Cameron, at this point. This definitely seemed a better option than talking. John leaned back in, sealing his mouth to Cameron’s once more as Cameron’s hands started roaming up and down John’s chest, tugging lightly at the dusting of hair there before pushing slightly at the middle of his chest. John felt himself tip over and then he was lying on the bed, looking up at Cameron, who began to pull of his clothes in a swift manner.

“In a hurry?” John asked with a grin.

Cameron just smirked, and continued to undress. Finally, he tugged his boxer-briefs down and John had to take a deep breath as Cameron’s cock was revealed to him once again after so long. Long, thick, hard and pulsing already. John wanted to taste it. He leaned up and grabbed Cameron by the hips until the other man was standing between John’s spread legs. One hand transferred to the thick shaft to hold it steady, and then John was leaning forward, blowing on the tip softly before laying his lips lightly over it for a second. At Cameron’s quiet inhale, John opened his mouth slightly and let Cameron guide his cock inside of John’s mouth slowly.

“Jesus,” Cameron breathed, and John was inclined to agree. He’d forgotten how good Cameron tasted and felt in his mouth.

John slowly began to guide Cameron’s cock in and out of his mouth, applying suction and then releasing it at alternate times, pressing his tongue to the vein on the underside of Cameron’s cock. Cameron was rocking his hips and groaning above him, lost in pleasure. John felt his own cock begin to leak in response. And then Cameron was pulling himself out of John’s mouth and shoving at John’s shoulder again, sending him sprawling on the bed once again.

“You need to have less clothes on,” Cameron stated, before he began to tug at John’s belt and pants, working them down his legs and throwing them over his shoulder. Then his hands roamed back up John’s legs to settle against his boxers, and John was lifting his hips to assist in their removal. Almost as soon as they were off, Cameron was darting in to lick a trail up the length of John’s cock, and John had to resist bucking his hips. Jesus fucking Christ, it’d been a long time since he’d had anything but his hand, and Cameron was good.

Cameron continued to bathe John’s cock as he guided John to lie further up on the bed so that Cameron could situate himself on his knees between the other mans spread legs. John ran his fingers through Cameron’s hair as the other man began sucking on his cock, feeling as he begin to leak pre-come directly into Cameron’s mouth. He was so close already, and they’d barely started.

Cameron lifted his head long enough to request lube and a condom, and then he was diving back down to continue his imitation of a Hoover on John’s cock.

John reached into his bedside table, finding the necessary supplies and setting them down by Cameron’s hands as he felt anticipation swelling inside of him. It’d been so long since he’d done this. So long since he allowed himself to feel this sort of pleasure.

Cameron slowly pulled himself off of John’s cock and reached down for the lube, uncapping it before he spread a liberal amount on his fingers and set the tube down again. John spread his legs a little farther apart and felt Cameron’s hands push lightly against one leg as the one covered in lube found its way to John’s ass.

The sensation of a finger teasing at his opening after so long was slightly weird and uncomfortable at first, but John took a couple of deep breaths, and then Cameron laid a soft kiss to the right of John’s cock, and John felt himself relax enough to accept the foreign digit into his body.

He was tight after such a long time, but as Cameron returned to bathing his cock, he felt himself begin to take Cameron’s entire finger with ease, felt as it began to rock in and out of him at a steady pace, his second finger teasing around the rim of his hole.

“Cam,” John groaned, and Cameron looked up at him with a grin as John felt the pleasure continue to build.

“Did you need something, John?” he asked innocently, and John glared.

“Stop treating me like a delicate flower,” he ordered. Cameron gave a mock salute, and then John’s head was dropping back to the bed as Cameron added a second finger, scissoring them apart to stretch John out. John moaned and arched his back at the slight burn, but pleasure quickly replaced it as Cameron’s mouth returned to John’s cock. John felt the pressure easing up on his hole as he began to stretch out, and he had to will himself not to come.

“Fuck,” John breathed, as Cameron began to speed up slightly, his fingers moving in and out of John with ease now, and a third began to nudge itself inside. This time the burn was more intense, and John felt his muscles tensing in reply. Cameron’s free hand was rubbing in soothing motions up and down his leg, but John had to actively concentrate on un-tensing and unclenching, gradually allowing a little more of Cameron’s fingers inside of him.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the burning eased and Cameron began to fuck him with ease once again, and the pleasure was back to a crescendo.

“Cam,” John breathed. “Please.”

“It’s been a long time, John. I don’t-“

John cut him off. “I don’t care. Fuck me. I’m lubed and ready.”

Cameron hesitated for a few seconds, and then he was pulling his fingers free to grab the condom still beside John’s hip. He struggled with the wrapper for a couple of seconds, the lube making things difficult, but eventually he was able to rip it open, and then he was sliding the condom on. His cock was flushed a dark red by this time, hard for so long, and John momentarily wished that he could have it back in his mouth until Cameron came. But that was for another time. Probably.

Cameron grabbed the tube of lube and applied it liberally to his covered cock, and situated himself between John’s knees once again, the tip of his cock brushing back and forth across John’s slightly open asshole. He leaned down to press his lips to John’s, sucking his bottom lip between Cameron’s once again, and then he was pulling back and reaching down to guide himself more firmly against John’s hole.

John felt the pressure increase steadily as Cameron pushed himself forward into John, and it was uncomfortable, but not painful as he’d feared after so long. When the head of Cameron’s cock breached John’s hole, John felt the pressure ease that little bit, and that feeling of fullness come over him.

“Okay,” Cameron asked, straining to keep himself from moving too much.

John smirked and wrapped a leg around on of Cameron’s to tug him forward and into John more. “I thought you were going to fuck me, not sit around talking about it?”

Cameron smirked with a huff, and then John couldn’t think too much anymore as he felt that fullness inside of him steadily grow, stretching him wide as Cameron’s cock filled him. As Cameron bottomed out, he laid himself down on top of John and captured his mouth once more. John grabbed onto Cameron’s neck as he gave back as good as he got, feeling the slight pain in his ass ease a little bit.

Cameron pulled back, shot John a look, and at John’s nod, began to slide out of John’s hole slowly. The pressure eased, and then grew once again as Cameron rocked back into him. Slowly, Cameron picked up speed, shifting his hips slightly to a different angle and John couldn’t hold back his cry as the head of Cameron’s cock pressed against John’s prostate, and the pleasure intensified exponentially.

Cameron pulled back slowly before slamming back in, directly on John’s prostate, picking up seed on each rocking motion until they had a steady in and out motion going. John lost himself in pleasure, and he knew he was moaning embarrassingly often but he couldn’t help it. And then Cameron reached down to tug once on John’s cock, and the pleasure reached new heights. Two more tugs and John felt his orgasm building. He tried to stave it off, but he knew it was a waste of energy.

Cameron shifted his hips slightly once again, grabbing hold of one of John’s legs and hitching it up a little higher and John was gone, his orgasm ripping through him. He cried out Cam’s name as he felt the liquid shoot onto his chest and belly, and heard Cameron groan before he sped up, slamming into John at a fast pace.

“Jesus, John,” Cameron breathed, and then he was slamming himself against John one last time, holding himself firmly against John as he felt Cameron begin to pulse inside of him, releasing into the condom.

Cameron collapsed on top of John with a sigh, pressing his lips to John’s collarbone, and John ran his fingers through Cameron’s hair. After a few minutes, Cameron levered himself up and to the bathroom, returning with a wet cloth and wiping John down before throwing it in the direction of the bathroom as he settled himself beside John in the bed.

John allowed himself to be tugged up against Cameron as they shifted on their sides, in something that was decidedly not spooning, and felt himself drift off to sleep, more content than he’d felt in years.


When John returned to the world, it was hours later, as they sun had set outside the view from his balcony, the stars and moons shining brightly on the deep blue waters of New Lantea. Cameron was still beside him in bed, rolled onto his stomach with an arm thrown over John.

The source of the steady clicking noise finally registered to John, and he reached over Cameron to grab his headset, taking in the completely debauched look of the other man.

“Sheppard,” he stated as he tapped his earpiece, finally answering the call that had awoken him.

“Colonel Sheppard, I’m sorry to bother you off-duty, but two of your men were just involved in a scuffle in the mess hall and I thought you should be informed. They’re heading down to the infirmary right now,” Woolsey concluded.

John groaned. Perfect. “I’ll be right there.”

John rolled out of bed, careful not to rustle Cameron, and pulled on clean clothes as he went to take care of his bed head and morning breath. Once those had been completed, he pulled on shoes and his gun holster, heading towards the door.

“Hey,” Cameron called. John turned back around, lifting an eyebrow in question.

“I know you, and I know how your mind works, so I’m telling you right now that this wasn’t a one time thing, and I won’t let you make it one. We’re good, Sheppard, we always have been, and now that we can finally be together without fear of discharge, I plan on making sure that we stay that way. You’re stuck with me.”

John smirked. “Fine, just don’t leave your clothes lying everywhere like you used to. And I swear to god, if you’re still a morning person and try to wake me up before the sun has been up for at least two hours on my off-days, we’re going to have words.”

Cameron smiled. “Deal. Now, go deal with your recalcitrant Marines and get back here. By my standards, my dick needs to be in your ass at least twice a day to make up for all that lost time.”

John snorted and shook his head as he finally left his rooms, heading towards the infirmary. Still, he couldn’t help speeding up just that tiniest bit so that he could get to his destination faster. After all, he had high incentive to return as fast as possible.
Tags: genre: slash, pairing: mitchell/sheppard

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