Alyse (alyse) wrote in sga_santa,

Admin: I'm making a list, I'm making it twice...

Okay guys, according to the Spreadsheet o' Doom, everyone who submitted a story should now has at least one story to call their very own. Please let me know if I've missed you and you haven't got a story despite a) signing up and b) submitting your story. (If you're a pinch hitter who hasn't signed up and therefore hasn't received a story, I'll be contacting you shortly for some prompts.)

I therefore declare that Santa Madness is open! \o/

Feel free to browse the request tags and write extra treats for people. Santa Madness stories will be posted between the 26th and 31st and all stories should be sent to us at alyse or moonlettuce at

Pinch hitter appreciation post to come shortly, once I've had a chance to trawl through prompts.

ETA: Also, please consider this your official 'guess the author' post :)
Tags: admin

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